Friday, January 06, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Priming and Cravings and a 2nd Christmas

Holy mackerel, folks.  It is a sunny 50 degrees in southwest Michigan today.  In January!  I even have the windows cracked in the bedroom where I'm painting.  If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be rockin' an ice cold beer right about now for sure.  It's practically the tropics 'round these parts.
Painting?  Did I say "painting"?  What I should have said is "priming".  Because "painting gives you the impression that soon I'll have an "after" picture to show you.  And when you say things like that it makes me go hahahahahahahahaha!  Because have you ever had a 4 year old and a 22 month old help you do renovations?  It would honestly be faster if I was standing on one leg with an eye patch over my good eye and was forced to speak in only iambic pentameter whilst I worked.

So we're priming.  But priming is good!  Priming means I got those heinous mirrors off the wall and patched all the holes in the walls and cleaned every square inch of that hovel.  I mean budoir.  Bam!

Speaking of Bam, we got to have Christmas all over again yesterday.  Thanks to the clever and generous Grandma T., happy kids and grown ups were all OVER this house!

Yes, she sent all this stuff.  It. Was. Great!


Everyone was so excited.  Thank you, Grandma T.!

Completely unrelated, does anyone have a yummy/easy recipe for Tom Kha Gai?  Or any other similar thai soup?  The chances of us going to a thai restaurant in the near future are some number less than zero, and mama is CRAVIN' her some soup.  Show me the soup!

Oooooh, I also made a Pinterest board of bedroom redo ideas.  I still haven't chosen bedding (not sure we'll have enough $ left over when we get to that point, but just in case....) so go there  and tell me which patterns and colors you like so far.  Remember, we've decided to go with pale yellow walls and bright white trim.  The floors and furniture will still be brown wood.  Muchas gracias.

And if you didn't read about Tommy's interview yesterday , it would be awesome if you'd take a gander and throw some prayers in our general direction.  Thank you so much, my prayer warriors!

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  1. Argh! Phone just erased my whole comment! Basically I complained that you were showing a fellow preggers those unnaturally perfect yummy gorgeous juicy oranges... whilst talking about delicious soups. ;D
    And I told you I'm praying for you...
    And good luck with the priming...
    And I guess I'm going to go cook me up some chicken-flavored Ramen noodles now! Mmmm... (Come on, play along with me here. It's all I've got!)

  2. No judgin' from me, E. I ate emergency Ramen before bed last night!

  3. Dwija, I just posted a yummy Thai soup yesterday. Enjoy!

  4. I have no recipe but I sure relate to the cravings! I'm about to put pork roasts in the oven and nuke a baked potato for myself now.... butter. REAL butter. I even have a choice of butters between salted and unsalted.... just perfect!

  5. I see the words 'yellow' and 'wall' and it makes me happy. And Thai soup.

  6. Fruit and booze? God bless Grandma T. Now for forwarding this to my mother. :)

  7. Off to comment on the Pinterest board! ;) Good luck with the rest of the reno!

  8. Mmmm Thai soup! Share whatever recipe you find!

  9. Oh, and I loved the weather today too! Such a break this time of year.

  10. Grandma knows how to treat you right! Although technically I guess you can't have the booze. But enjoy your warm weather. It'll remind you of your 75 degree Cali winter days. :D

  11. I love second Christmas, Grandmas are so cool!

    btw love soup too, you might try this, it's a mock of the original-close enough i hope, it can be used a base and they you can build on it, very simple.

  12. I wish I had some christmas presents sent to me today:(

  13. Dweej, I love the pale yellow with the light blue...beautiful! I'll keep you in mind in my decorating travels. You never know what I will see ;)

  14. Okay, I am not a pinterest initiate just yet. I am going to make a version of these roman shades made from cheap mini blinds. I remembered your blog entry when I saw these so I thought I'd pass it along. I am going to alter this project a bit by using backing fabric (probably a nice, cheap muslin) and sewing pockets for the mini blind slats to slid into rather than glue them.

  15. Dwija--are you only craving Thai soups? They have really yummy curries and laksa packets here that I could send to you...

  16. You are too sweet, Tracy! You don't have to ship me food across the ocean, lovely girl. Seriously. Unless you're in Chicago right now, in which case....come to my house!!!!!!!!!

  17. Standing on one leg, wearing an eye patch, speaking in iambic pentameter and painting is... just pretty much the best visual EVER!

  18. It was warm here in IL too! Yay for wine!! :o)

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