Monday, January 09, 2012

Prego Pic and Bedroom Update

Yesterday, I posted this photo on the facebook page...

because I am feeling exactly like a torpedo has been strapped to my torso. Oh my goodness, the comment thread that followed was SO FUN.  Good times.

But the big question is: am I or am I not having twins?

Answer: probably not.

-Insert sigh of relief-

But why I am all large and in charge??????

Well, I'm measuring right on target for 16 weeks, but my upper abdominal muscles are separated which is causing everything to spread out more.  My lovely midwife told me that once the baby is born, she has a whole set of exercises and things we can do to get them back together the way they're supposed to be.  Have any of  my previous doctors ever told me about this or offered that?  No way.  I love having a midwife!

And we heard the tiny little heartbeat!  140 bpm and just sweet as can be.  Just like his/her brother and sisters, this baby is quite a wiggle worm, so she did have to chase him/her around with the doppler wand, which had us all cracking up.

Oh, and another reason that I love having a midwife?  I freaked out that I've gained FOURTEEN pounds already and she was all "What are you worried about?  Everything looks great.  You're growing a person.  It's just 14 pounds."  Have I mentioned that I love her?   Love.

And for my partner in redecorating crime Cari Donaldson (read her blog.  She is the kind of friend everyone wants.  And funny funny fun fun.), who has been hounding me for an update, photos of the current disastrous state of our bedroom redo.

Brace yourselves.

That's all primer, folks.  Not even a lick of paint up yet.  I did try to take a picture toward the closet, too, so you could see just what a mess we're dealing with, but the camera's battery died at that exact second, so we're out of luck.  But I'd bet you'd like to sleep in there, right?  Like an oasis!

Oh, but the paint did arrive today.  So sunshiny and happy.  I can't wait!

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  1. OMG you are such a cute pregnant person! I can't beleive it's 16 weeks already!!!

  2. Yay for midwives! I go in tomorrow, my first non-midwife appointment and I'm dreading what they will say about my weight gain. Pretty sure I got your measly 14 pounds beat!

  3. Please know I'm totally not lying when I say that the room looks better already. There is nothing in the world (minus a total gut job) that makes fake wood paneling look better than a coat of paint.

    Or a million.

    Congrats on the clean bill of health, I'm now suffering from midwife-envy.

  4. I wish I was up there to help all X+14 pounds of you paint those walls. I'm glad to hear that it's not twins. Separated abdominal muscles? Does that hurt? I have a friend who is TINY and had to have surgery to repair torn abdominals. Not the same thing, right?

  5. It's a boy. You're carrying the exact same way I did when I was preggers with my son.

    You are pregadorable, Dweej!!

  6. Ugh, separated ab muscles. You can look in Spiritual Midwifery to get an idea of the exercises she'll be giving you. Also, chiropractic will be able to help you, as well. Both my mom and my sister had this and it really can be fixed.
    OK, I'm still saying twins, though! :)
    Yay for a good, strong heartbeat!!!!!!!!

  7. How did I miss that you're pregnant?! How exciting! So happy for you!!!

  8. The primer alone is an improvement over those brown walls. Just keep reminding yourself how much better it will look after it is finished.

    You look good. I gained more than that early on with this pregnancy and I do not look cute!

    I loved my midwives too. If I were not high risk I'd be back to a midwife ASAP! Instead, I do like my OB. She is rather more regular doctorish, but she answers questions directly and is supportive of rooming in with the baby.

  9. You know what they say..paint covers a multitude of sins and paneling. Lovin the bump!

  10. Ok how are you getting the primer/paint to stay on the paneling??? We have that ugly wood paneling in our office and so we primed and painted it and the stuff immediately started peeling off!! We tried to sand the paneling first like all the websites recommended, but it did nothing. That fake wood was as smooth as ever. Any suggestions?
    Emily C

  11. Sorry, I agree that room looks so much better even with just primer. I was huge with my pregancies at least you look pregnant I looked just chunky until around 4-5 months. Maybe because they were girls?

  12. I think you've already made fabulous progress with that room! What to go. Ooo, but twins sure would be exciting, wouldn't they? ;)

  13. @Emily- I think different primers have different adhering properties. I'm using a water-based primer by Zinsser that specifically says it "sticks to all surfaces without sanding". But different paneling is also slicker than others. This one I would call "moderately slippery". I hope it doesn't start peeling when I put the paint on!

  14. Dude, you are cute as a button at 16 weeks and NOT AT ALL LARGE. I'm only on pregnancy #2 and I was larger at 16 weeks (and no I'm not having twins either).

    So excited about your room makeover!

  15. Everyone thought I was having twins my 3rd go round too....I had changed OB/GYN and this one finally told me I was so large because my stomach muscles were separated. Um - why was that not mentioned before? And oh, she says, don't do crunchies after baby comes - that's the worse, it will make it look worse.
    Crunchies were exactly what did do for the time between baby #2 and when I found out #3 was on board.
    Now...I just blog and eat Kit Kats. the chunky ones.
    Room does aleady look better!

  16. You look great! No worries for you! I hope you have a peaceful uneventful pregnancy!

  17. I love belly bump pics! You look WONDERFUL! I always loved being pregnant...

    So happy to be following your blog. Great stuff ;)

  18. You look awesome. I looked bigger, earlier with each child so I can only imagine what I would look like with baby number 5. (Let's hope I never, ever have to see what I would look like.)

    I can't wait to see your bedroom transformation. Isn't this the room you're doing on an insanely small amount of money. It's going to be awesome.

  19. Dweej, you are so darn cute!! You look awesome! And I gained 14 pounds in the first 3 months of my pregnancies (50 altogether), so I'd say you're doing great!! And the muscle separation, I had that too. I'm not sure my belly will ever be the same again.

    Good luck on the room, can't wait to see the after pics :)


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