Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 1 Year Bloggiversary to Me!

One year ago today I clicked "publish post" on my very first entry on this blog.

I had a plan.  A very small, one dimensional plan.  I was going to tell our friends and family about fixing up this house.  Making it livable and not getting electrocuted in the process.  Because when they found out that we discovered snakes in the walls of our kitchen, they thought for sure that we, and our children, were thisclose to death by venom.

But then one morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and I had something to say.  It wasn't part of my plan.  It had nothing to do with this house.  But it felt good to say itAnd that's when blogging changed for me.  When I realized I could really say anything I needed to say.  Those thoughts that swirl in my head at 2 a.m. could go here.  And maybe they could speak to another person's heart, too.

It's been an incredible year.  We decided to make the leap to homeschooling.  We got ourselves some chickens for the very first time.  We lasagna-fied our garden.  And then....we got knocked up!  And since we're already homeschooling and home-fixin', why not try out a little home birthin' while we're at it?  And I even wrote a bunch of totally unrelated stuff that people liked, which you can find in that there Top 10 Posts tab.  And it really changed my life.  Sharing all of this and spilling my guts and reading what you've written, filling my heart with joy and gratitude.  It made the world so much smaller and kindness so much bigger.

Which brings me to this- this blog wouldn't be or mean what it is or does it if it weren't for you.  My friends.  I want to do something to celebrate and thank you guys for all your kindness and support over the last year.  So here's the deal-

1. Leave a link to your favorite post of YOURS (from your blog) in a comment, and I'll tweet the link out sometime within the next week.  If all my friends can become friends with each other, the world will be a better place.

2. I'm gonna send you a present!  I don't know what it is yet, because I don't know who won yet.  I don't wanna send you something you won't like, ya know?  So a week from now I'll choose one comment randomly and the lovely commenter will receive a snazzy personal present from me.  It might be homemade, it might be antique, it could be a book I think you'll love.  You'll just have to wait and see!

So thank you.  Thank you for hanging out with me here.  Thank you for saying and doing all that you do.  Have a fabulous 2012!

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  1. I will start. :)

    Happy blog-versary!!


  2. Yay! One year! I hit my one year a while ago and did nothing for it (although that's probably because even now, way past one year, I still have not very many readers), but I'm so glad you're doing something to celebrate!

  3. Congrats on bloggiversary! I love reading what you write. Thanks for sharing it.

    My favorite post of my own has been: What do Catholics have against Birth Control, anyways?W

  4. Happy bloggiversary! It's been so fun reading!

    and since you are asking... I think my favorite post from my tiny blog would be http://mamasgonecountry.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-friend-sink.html

  5. Wow, only a year! I'd have thought you'd been blogging for ages :). It becomes you! I've so enjoyed reading about your adventures and getting to know you a little bit along thte way. Congrats!


  6. Happy blogiversary! Or is it bloggiversary? Either way is triggering my autocorrect. But then again, "autocorrect" is triggering my autocorrect, so now this comment field looks like all my 9th grade English essays.

    Anyway, I can't put one. Can I be a rebel and put two? One serious, one silly? Kthnxbye.

    The serious one
    the silly one

  7. Happy Blogiversary!


  8. congrats on one year! :) I'll think about my fav and come back here with it. :)

  9. I've enjoyed popping into your blog. I especially liked your background story. In my family, Grandma N. had a house on Northlawn in Detroit, and Grandma R. had a house on Prest. I grew up in the 'burbs of Detroit, as did my hubby. All our siblings are spread around Redford, Bloomfield Hills, and North Branch.

    Mostly I write about the joys and trials of motherhood. This post meant something to me, and I hope it encouraged someone else: http://inthesheepfold.blogspot.com/2011/10/twenty-five-percent-less.html.

    Happy anniversary!

  10. Happy Blogiversary! I moved out of MI about two years ago and I still miss it! I write about motherhood, books, poetry, personal growth, marriage and more. I think my fave post is this one, I wrote about marriage on our tenth anniversary last year; hope you enjoy and thanks for letting us link up and share!


  11. Well, I don't think my blog is of the elevated character that your readers expect in a blog and it's mediocre at best but I'll put in my Bobby Bouffant post because it took a lot of work to pull those darn photos! I won't be offended if you don't tweet me : http://dallasdoesdallas.blogspot.com/2011/11/bobby-bouffant.html

  12. Happy one year Dwija!!

    I am SO happy I found your blog this year. It's been so delightful. Thank you for sharing your gift of words :) Here's a post I wrote about a life event that changed forever my faith in God and His miracles:


  13. Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy your blog, and today I especially liked your five history posts. I'd love to hear more, especially about your faith journey.

    It's hard to pick a favorite post, but here's one about marriage that I'm fond of: http://lesliesholly.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/lifelong-marriage-not-for-the-faint-of-heart/

  14. Reading your blog has brightened my day many many times, wishing you a very happy blogiversary!

    my favorite post (true childhood story)

  15. It's been a wonderful year!! I remember the day Bernie recommended your blog to me...I'm SO glad she did and SO glad I can count you among my friends now. Happy Bloggiversary! And here's to another amazing year!!

    My favorite post of my own is: http://www.chickennoodlegravy.com/2011/06/dear-that-girl.html

    PS~ VERY cool way to celebrate your bloggiversary! Love you, girly!

  16. Oh Your blog has become a daily stop for me, Dwija Thank you!

    Here is one of my fav. posts from my blog. http://ramblingfollower.blogspot.com/2011/06/baseball-and-borrowed-treasures.html

  17. Wow, happy bloggiversary!

    One of my favorite posts has to be this one

    Hope you like it too!

  18. Happy blogging anniversary! It's a fun community to belong to, isn't it?

    Here's a link to one of my recent posts:http://www.kissingtheleper.com/2012/01/caught-in-gaze-of-christ.html

    Please visit www.kissingtheleper.com

  19. I have seriously loved raeding your posts and about your journey. You always make me laugh. I'm so happy to celebrate your one year annversary! Congrats!
    My most recent favorite post is http://jessandrichard.blogspot.com/2011/12/year-2011-in-review.html

    But really there are too many to choose from

  20. Happy Anniversary, Dwija! I can't believe you've only been doing this a year. You seem like an old pro blogging. So glad I found you. You always put a smile on my face. :-)

    And what a fun idea to share your readers links! I'm not sure what my favorite would be so I'll just post this link with the top posts of last year. http://revolutionoflove.stblogs.org/archives/2012/01/7-quick-takes---7.html Thanks!

  21. I'm happy to say that your blog is in my never-miss-a-post list! When I read this blog, I honestly can relate to your personality and your family, and how you deal with situations. You inspire me to be happy with less "stuff" in my life and how to be joyful about everything. Thank you for blogging! :-)

    My favorite post: Children Are Always Blessings: http://bit.ly/rorvYk

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  23. Here is mine! Happy, happy anniversary, Dwija! You are a gift in my life!


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  25. Happy bloggiversary! I stumbled across your blog via a friend's twitter feed a few months ago and I'm so glad I did. You bring a voice to the ups and downs women face today, and add a touch of humor. Thanks for the great posts!!

    I don't have a favorite post from my own blog, but this one is the most read:

    Will Your Marriage Survive? http://bit.ly/AdrfRg

  26. Happy Bloggiversary! So happy to have internet-met you, Dweej :)


  27. Happy Bloggiversary!!! Here's to many happy returns!!!

  28. Happy blogiversary, Dwija!!! (Mine is on Friday... how cool is that?)

    I am so glad I found your blog. Such a bright warm spot on the internet. I have really enjoyed getting to know you in the past year and look forward to many, many more years of good reading here.

    My favorite blog post is not exactly a happy cheery one, but it's the one I always pick when asked that question so why change now: Some Thoughts on Motherhood.

  29. Happy blogiversary! Can't wait for what's to come :-)

    My favorite would probably be my year in review...Kinda silly, but man, it's been a crazy year and looking back was kinda fun haha


  30. It seems as if I've been reading your wonderful posts for years...Happy Blog Anniversary, Dweej!!

    Hard to pick one post where I didn't rant about something, or someone but...this one seemed worth sharing...


    Thank you!!

  31. Happy blogiversary! So much fun when you realize you've been at it for a year or more! :) I am not too regular with the comments (I feel kind of overwhelmed with comboxes at times :) ) but I really enjoy your blog.

    How sweet of you to help us all get to know each other! (I think I know some of your friends :) )


    Have a great day!

  32. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!


  33. Hey, Happy Blogiversary! I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog. It's been fun getting to know your family. Here's one of my favorite blogposts: http://.ourfieldoflittleflowers.blogspot.com/2010/06/who-is-gloria.html

  34. Happy Blogiversary, lovely lady! How glad I am that we are getting to know one another in a little, virtual way.
    One of my favorite posts is This Thing That I Fear, where I talk about the pro-life rhetoric vs. actually having a special needs kid. Reading it again stings because I still carry a lot of those feelings with me, despite the amazing outcome, but it also drops my jaw because the truth was that James was fine - we just didn't know it.

  35. Happy bloggiversary!
    Funny how things happen...you were meant to start this, I think. And I'm glad I found you.
    Considering I've electrocuted myself in the past year, I'm very impressed with all you've taken on and achieved. Bravo!!

    Hm. As for a favorite post? It's not one of the most popular, but I choose When Tea Parties GO Very, Very Wrong (LINK: http://wp.me/phY0m-Pe ) because it made me LMAO when I was doing it, and I still giggle when I see it today.

    I can't wait to meet some of your friends. :)

    Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2012!

  36. This is my favorite post (and also my most personal and probably longest as well) from the past year: Open to Life. You didn't mention what your favorite blog post was!

  37. Happy blogiversary!I'm so glad your world changed and you entered the blogosphere. You have that unique, strong, soulful, caring, positive Christian voice that can uplift and make the world a better place. So thank you for all that you have shared with us blessed readers.

    My favorite Minnesota Prairie Roots blog post is not just one, but rather a series that I published over several days. I'll link you to the first few, all posted on the same day. Here's the link:


    I wrote about residents of two small Minnesota communities who were impacted by September 2010 flash floods. Their emotions were raw, their comments honest and heartfelt. My journalism experience kicked in and I pulled together what I consider some of my best posts.

    Additional posts were published on Oct. 13 and 14, 2010. The series garnered attention from Minnesota Public Radio. I continued to stay in touch with the flood survivors and published numerous follow-up stories later, as they sought to rebuild their lives.

    I came to admire the strength of the women I featured and was honored to share their stories.

  38. Hey D! Your blog is the only blog I read sooooo...http://www.houseunseen.com/2011/05/pro-life-means-pro-child.html I think that was one of the first blogs I read and was HOOKED. My second favorite is http://www.houseunseen.com/2011/08/5-reasons-my-marriage-comes-before-my.html just because I can totally relate to it! ld

  39. Yay!!! Congrats on one year!!! Here's one of my fave posts... A letter to my sister! http://www.trulylovelyblog.com/2011/08/my-letter-to-kayli-or-things-you-should.html

  40. Hi Dwija!
    Blast from the past in O'side.....so happy I found you again! I love reading about your new life in Michigan, the beautiful additions to your family and the one in the making...
    I like all your posts, but if I had to choose it would probably be 'If you buy your spouse a house'...so creative and so YOU.
    Love to all from us all.


  41. Happy 1st Blogiversary, Dweej! Finding your blog was one of the best things that happened to me when I first started myself. Thank you for being you, my friend, and for sharing you.

    Here's my link (what a great idea!)


  42. Happy Birthday Blog!

    I don't know why but I just assumed you had been blogging for ages ... you just seem so seasoned ... in a good way. You have your blogging act togetha.

    My favoritish post would be:

    Something I'd been wanting to write about for a long time but didn't want to sound ... crazy or mean!!!

    Hope you guys are celebrating in the new fancy room with some of Tommy's fancy cooking tonight!

  43. Happy one year! Thanks for sharing your heart with us, and your adventures. It is always a highlight of my day, catching up on your posts. Looking forward to your new year of blogging!

  44. Aw, Happy Bloggiversary, sweet friend! So glad we've "met". :)

  45. Yay! Happy bloggiversary! The internet is a MUCH better place with you in it!!

  46. Happy One Year to you! Blogging surely has opened our worlds, hasn't it?

  47. Your blog is my absolute all-time favorite. I buzz with anticipation everytime I see that you have a new post. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I love you, Dwija! <3

  48. Happy Bloggiversary to You! So glad to have come across your blog. Still enjoying it and your adventures.

    An oldie...but still one of my personal favorites:

  49. I love your blog! I read every post! Since I've been harassing my husband to move from orange county, Ca to Michigan since Summer, I've been reading to my husband too. Don't know how you feel about being a weapon in my husband harassing arsenal, but there it is. I don't know that he would say he loves the blog quite as much as I do :) my favorite post is the one that was on the Pure Michigan site. It makes me cry, because it sums up perfectly my feelings about how beautiful it is there. Apparently, it was also effective, because we will be making a house buying trip for St. Patrick's Day!

    1. Kristina, oh my gosh...I am so happy for you! Life is just better here. It really is. My girls don't feel pressured to be busty blondes with short shorts and extensions and fake nails in 6th grade and I feel so NORMAL. It's cool if I don't have a tan all year. It's cool that I got married in my 20's. It's all just fine. And it didn't feel fine back there. For me it definitely didn't. And don't even get me started on how the change of seasons keeps life fun and interesting. Can you tell I'm excited for you guys?!?!?!?!?!?

  50. Happy one year blogoversary! I have enjoyed your blog in the months since I discovered you through Twitter. I hope that you'll have many more successful years. My favorite post at the moment: http://www.mommyhoodnextright.com/2012/01/sisters/

  51. I've been doing the happy dance ten times a day since we made the decision! I will be holding my breath praying nothing goes wrong until school lets out at the end of June. 5 more months of not fitting in, and feeling like a total weirdo with my pierced nose, in my jeans and T shirt, and (gasp!) size 14 body. My 10 year old asks me, "mommy, why do the other girls not like me?" she's like your girls, not caring about clothes or makeup. I'm glad she doesn't fit in here. She couldn't care less about having seven jeans. She is most excited about getting chickens and goats!

  52. Happy Banniversary Dweej!!! (Yes I just made up that word. For fun. Sorry, it sounds kind of like a 70's deodorant brand ha? Or like someone is celebrating being banished a year ago... I just wanted to be different. But I think I've already got the whole "different" thing down pat, don't I? ;) Oh well I know you love me anyway.)

    You should know that you are my blog heroine (not like the drug, that's sans the "e" of course, but your blog IS still totally as addictive.)

    I somehow came across your blog way back when you only had like 40 (More? Less?) or so posts; I remember because I was instantly hooked and literally read ALL of them in one night.

    And I can still proudly say I have read every one since. I say it proudly because over the year you have become such a dear, dear friend and I am HONORED to know you. Your blog is ALWAYS my first and favorite stop when I read through my faves. (That means you are my favorite of the faves. See? Heroine.)

    Thank you Dwija for exactly 365 days of absolute, total, awesomeness!!!

    And also P.S. Thank you for introducing us all... Now I am going to get started on my new OCD-fueled project and go "meet" every, single, ONE! (But, you might want to warn them about what they're getting into.) ;D


    Love, Countless Blessings, & HUGS!

    1. Please, at least tell me I win some sort of prize for being your longest ever commentator? Oy. :P

  53. Congratulations on your Blogoversary! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and all I can say is WOW! You guys have some moxie for sure. I have been trying to convince my hubby to do something similar (although not quite so extreme as buying a house off the internets sight unseen) because we both want to move back to Michigan (we are originally from there) and raise our kids there. We don't really feel "normal" either anywhere else we go.

  54. http://www.dudeandsweets.com/2012/01/i-like-control-thank-you-very-much.html

    I have found so many new, wonderful blogs through you recently. And they're all NICE. butttheads don't seem to flock to your site. Anyway. Happy year.

  55. Dwija, I have to say, having everyone put their favorite posts was an amazing idea! I've loved absolutely every one you've tweeted so far!

  56. Happy Anniversary Mama!! :) It's been a pleasure to be here and grow along with you! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings for you and yours!

    And here's a random post from me. Couldn't pick a favorite, but I like it very much :) http://rubsomedirtblog.com/2011/10/tagging-butterflies/


  57. Happy Blog-o-versary!! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much the last year. Can't wait to see where God takes you this year!


  58. Happy anniversary! Yay! Looks like a lot of us all started around the same time :)

    After much consideration, and your advice to close my eyes and point, I chose this post:


  59. Happy bloggaversary! Here's one of my favorites about Dickens, Chesterton and the Pope!




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