Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Redo a Room for $250- Part 2

Remember I redid our bedroom so that our soon-to-be-born baby won't have to be born in a hovel?  And because I had a $250 Amazon Christmas gift card from An Old Friend (Old Friend, I sure hope you read these and see what a difference you made in our lives!) I could do it essentially for free?  Free!  I love free.

Anyway, after telling you all about how I got from point A (gagging at the sight of my own budoir) to point whatever-the-7th-letter is (having a painted room ready to accessorize), I promised I'd chat all about the cheapo beautifiers that we used to beautify the room.  'Cause you gots to have the beautifiers, folks!  Well, promise is about to be fulfilled.

First, imagine a newly painted, empty yellow room.  Now, here are the curtains and curtain rods we I chose.  'Cause let's get real- the hubby had no say, and he liked it that way.

I couldn't just repaint the old curtain rods, sadly, because they were just too short.  I was so out of it back when we first bought them that I only measured one of the windows I think.  Or I didn't measure at all.  Yeah, probably that.  Just went to Meijer or whatever and bought the first cheap thing I saw because we were that desperate.  It was just short of a disaster.  So we had to buy new ones.

2 metal curtain rods, 44"-108" in black: $49.93 (price + shipping)
2 pairs striped rod pocket window panels, 40"x84": $39.98 (price + shipping)

Then it was time to think about linens, but my budget was starting to run REALLY low.  Nothing I liked was under $30, except things that weren't in stock.  So I dug around in our linen closet and lo and behold- a duvet cover and shams we already owned might just be perfect!

For those of you shopping for a new duvet cover, I highly recommend  Here is the exact set I ordered a few years ago.  Not currently in stock, but so reasonably priced ($34.49).  I love it all over again!

Oh my goodness, have I forgotten to mention the light fixture?  Dude, the old one was just...well, you remember:
So I happily put "new light" on my must-buy list.  But if you've been keeping count, I have now spent $184.13.  Oh, plus $13.87 on more paint brushes and roller covers.  So make that $198.00.

What????  $198????  See, money goes fast even when you're being careful.  That means I have exactly $52 to get a new light fixture AND a new mirror and anything else to pretty-fy our room?

Challenge accepted.

I gave up the notion of a ceiling fan and I found this beauty "used"

on Amazon for just $13.75. With free shipping.  I KNOW!  I totally high-fived myself.

We've now spent $211.75, leaving just $38.25 left.  So I basically gave up the idea of having a mirror in our room for the time being.  Big mirrors that actually have frames are expensive, yo!

And then it happened.  As we walked through Menards on the very day I planned to finally finish the room, Tommy spied them.  Big, beautiful mirrors on sale for....$14.99!

And we've still got $23.26 left to spend!

So let's talk accessories.

First, you need to know that my husband has the bad good habit of picking up neat, interesting, pretty things when he goes to thrift stores.  So I was literally able to go into the workshop and dig through his stash of "someday" goodies to find every. single. decorative item I used.

For example- plates on the wall?  Check!  Purchased at Goodwill several months ago for pennies.  Cost counted for this redo: $0

Large ceramic pitcher for the dresser discovered in the workshop?  Check!

How about an adorable country-rific basket for jewelry and old, red, coffee pot for brushes?  Check!

Then I snatched my red dress-form from the craft area and put one of my own necklaces on her.
Just add 5 homemade pillows, sewn from fabric found long ago at the thrift store (old sheets, table cloths and curtains, anyone?) and you're ready to rock and roll!

I did need to buy the plate hangers and a hanger for the mirror, though.  Those came out to $8.97 for three.  Plus $2.29 for 1.

Which brings our grand total spent to (drumroll): $238.00.  Boom.  $12 under budget.  I know!

p.s. If you like our furniture, we ordered that from Overstock, too.  6 YEARS ago.  Back when we had enough money to buy stuff new.  Man.  Time really flies when you don't know what the heck is goin' on.

end tables used as night stands

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  1. wow you are doing such an amazing job!!

  2. Doesn't the price of curtain rods make you want to vomit? Seriously, I wonder if I'm not missing out on some other service they provide, beyond being a stick to attach fabric. Surely, a $50 set of sticks must do something more, right?

    Every time I see the boys mistreating a curtain rod, I want to go ballistic. It cost more to bring the rods home than it did the kids.

    1. It is out of control. And those were seriously the CHEAPEST ones I could find that were the right size. Gah!

  3. Wow, you did a great job! Thanks for the recommendation, I have never tried them.

    1. They really are great. Always fast delivery and cheap shipping, too!

  4. I may have said this before but the room came out GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks! I do owe it all to the Old Friend and to my hubby of the awesome thrift-shopping skillz :)

  5. That room just looks so happy now.

  6. Y'know, you could do this for a living ;)

    1. But all my clients would be too poor to pay me! Or, I could get the $12 that we're under budget, maybe ;)

  7. Gorgeous! I need to redo our bedroom. It is currently featuring a bad 1980's version of Grandma chic. Ruffled lace curtains, turquoise, grey and ORANGE striped/flowered wall paper and border, turquoise carpet.Blech. We have good furniture, just need to take the time/money and make it into a haven. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  8. Looks lovely, happy, and darn it I'm a little jealous of your pitcher.

  9. Love it! And Overstock? Best thing ever!

  10. I love Overstock!! Well done on all the deals you found!!!

  11. Wow! It looks fantastic, and what a phenomenal budget. I am beyond impressed. I have a deep love for Overstock myself, but I can't seem to frame a photo without spending $100 so this tight of a budget is the really amazing part.

    What's next? You should take up donations via PayPal for budget room makeover blog entries, max it out at $250 per room and see what you can do.

    I bet it's so fun to have the new room!

    1. Oh my gosh....that is kind of a brilliant idea! 'Cause lord knows my girls' rooms are in a similar state of yuck-tastic-ness.

  12. Love the colors, the look, your thriftyness. Well done.

  13. Hey Dwija,

    My mom's business is could host a party and invite friends/family, use the hostess benefits to get more great stuff for your room or home! Just an idea.....

    BTW, the room turned out beautiful and love the cheery color choice, never outta style!


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