Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Favorite Family Gifts

Before I start: thank you for all your amazing prayers starting Saturday evening and going through Monday.  We heard a beautiful 146 bpm heartbeat yesterday afternoon and there have been no further frightening events.  Whew.  Y'all are good.  So good!

Alright, on to the favoriting of the things.  This week we're doing a gift guide so I can double link up with Hallie , for five faves, and with Mary Kate, who is hosting a gift link-up (and it is so handy.  Really, I was stumped on a couple of kids and now I am READY.  So get thee some ideas, fo sho.)

I'm not smart enough to divide my list by age group like Mary Kate did, so I'm going to list 5 gifts that have been favorites of my kids' over the years and let you decide who would love these things.


One year, we got a keyboard as a group gift for the kids.

The one we have is basically like this one.  Every kid loves it.  All the ages!  The ones actually practicing piano can use it and the ones not can bang on it.  When Tommy wanted to show Paul what he meant about different notes sounding higher or lower, he used the keyboard.  Easy to move around and not that big if a deal if someone puts some glitter glue on it or whatever.  Winner group gift right there.

This is probably too dorky for most people to get for a Christmas present, but Paul (he was 5) srsly BEGGED for a globe last year.  I don't know, guys.  My kids are weird.

12" Blue Ocean Globe with Steel Base

This is the one we got from Hobby Lobby.  With one of their 40% off coupons it was a great deal.  Gosh, we use that thing All. The. Time.  History, geography, science, reading, time zones, grids....the globe is for all the things.

Lizzy was on a weapon kick for a few years.  Last year she was 10 and got this compound bow archery set under ye olde tree.  It is super neat.  I wanna say that after reading the reviews Tommy got her some different or extra arrows, but don't hold me to that.  This gift is fun because, well, it's fun, but mom and dad can have fun with it and you can keep having fun with it as you get older and isn't girl or boy specific.

Earlier this year, Charlotte sent my kids a care package.  One of the things in there was this adorable cookbook:

The Cookbook for Girls looks VERY girly, but the recipe we've loved most in there were for these burger patties that include cream cheese.  Even if that doesn't sound good written down, they were the freaking bombdiggity.  Yum.  So yum.  A cookbook is a gift that makes err'body happy!

And if you have a non-reader who finds electronics and "fancy stuff" to be infinitely wonderful, here's an affordable gift that was a for my own fancy pantsers: My Own Leaptop from Leapfrog
If you connect it to your own computer with the usb cable, you can personalize it so it says your child's name.  They have only pre-programmed names, so you can't make it say "poop face" or anything (not that we would try something like that.  no.  nonononono, no one would do that.) but mine totally loved it when she heard them say her name in her "e-mail".

And there it is!  Our five fave gifts in recent years.  Make sure you go link up your own lists with Mary Kate, m'kay?  Hey.  Her name is also MK.  Give me props for that, MK, m'kay?  

Yep, okay.  Stopping.  Me stopping now.

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  1. My 11 year old asked for a dictionary this year. Not like we don't have 2 or 3 or 7, but because she wants her own. See...your kids are totally normal.

  2. I have that cookbook! I love children's cookbooks :) I will have to try that burger recipe now :D

  3. About the Cookbook for Girls? I just want to go on record as saying that I think it is WRONG to cook and eat your daughters. Or anyone's daughters. I think a careful reading of the Catechism would support me here.

  4. One year my kids (then 2.5, 5, and 7) asked the Knights of Columbus Santa for a new toothbrush, pickles, and paper. We were embarrassed, but every year now each of them gets their special item. My daughter is 12 and still loves getting a new 500 sheet pack of copy paper for endless creativity, and my son (10) just reminded me he'd still like a jar of pickles in his stocking.

  5. My son has wanted a globe sine he was two. Not weird.

  6. My brother once asked my parents for a 200 ft. orange extension cord, a mechanic's cage drop light, and red and green light bulbs. That's it. He is also the child who decorated the attic in Christmas lights while he was sleepwalking. Now he is a super genius computer programmer/engineer.

    All that to say: Paul is not weird.

  7. Wow, you give great gifts! Love these. We've toyed with the idea of a keyboard. Maybe this is the year. (No, I haven't done one lick of shopping yet. What of it?)

  8. My parents are thinking about getting my girls a keyboard but it sounds like too loud of a toy! Also, a girl I work with really wants a globe. Now I know where to get one!

  9. We almost got that Leap Pad for V this year! I thought she was still a little too young for it. Maybe for a birthday present? Hopefully by then, they'll have the technology to make it say "Poop Face". Not that we'd do that, either.


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