Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 Photos from 2013

So there's this girl hosting this photo link-up but she didn't even put any photos on her own post.  ZOMG!  Who does that?!?!?  Clearly not someone who's been blogging for more than five minutes.  Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.................................


Anyway, obvi I never got back around to adding my 13 photos from 2013 into the link-up post yesterday, so I'm going to post them now and then link up to my own link up.  Because this is my blog and I do what I want.

Hey, did you notice that I set the links to appear in Procrastinator's Delight order?  So err'body gets a chance at the number one spot, my friends.  Err'body.

 Mama got her big girl camera and took this very first, unedited kid portrait of cuteness.  Beginner's luck!

 If you're imagining that February is almost spring up in here, imagine something else my friends...

Just a baby. With a unibrow.  

 Then the sun was shining and the grass was green and the chickens were laying and laying and laying!

 Helping in the garden.  Read: demanding to know when the food will be ready and why is this so boring?

 Somebunny turned 1!

We made it to 22 weeks before God called our Nicholas home. 

 So many good friends buoyed us with their love and laughter.  So many.  We are beyond blessed.

Maybe next year I won't let them pick out their own first day of school outfits, hmmmmmm?????

Even though it was technically finished in September, we spent October swooning over the new laundry room, another miracle made possible by all of you.

Even a difficult year, or maybe even more the difficult years, gives us so much to be thankful for.

And the snow is back!

Happy New Year, friends.  I'll be eating lots of chocolate and falling asleep at 10:17 p.m.


And a sneak peek bonus photo for 2014: newest baby due June 12th!!
And even though I have words and not just pictures, I'll link up with Christie, who linked up with me, because great minds think alike but mostly because her photos are In. Cre. Dib. LE.

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  1. I love your blog. Thanks for doing it!

  2. Fabulous photos!! Love you 16 week bump (and super cute shirt!)

  3. Love your pictures (and your blog!), Dwija! Happy New Year!

  4. I was waiting for a picture of the new baby bump, and there it was at the end! Good way to jump into 2014.

  5. I just love all of these! And yes, I did notice that when I linked, I took the numba one spot! Yay procrastinating!!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous and capture the emotions beautifully! You're almost inspiring me to start taking more photos of my own. (something I've always secretly wanted to do, but don't seem to have the talent to do it)
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with these images!

  7. Wow beautiful photos! I love the idea of summarizing a month with a picture… going to check when this link up closes now… :)


  8. I just found your blog. Love it. Love you. And, my birthday is June 12! Yay. Happy 2014

  9. So glad I found your blog in 2013!! Happy New Year!

  10. Love this. We have family birthdays June 2,4,5,6,11 and 12 :)

  11. Okay okay...I gotta do another link up. got it. :)

    You look wonderful. Many prayers still coming your way.

  12. Ohhh that first is such a beautiful shot - never ever can she look at herself and think she's not beautiful with that picture as evidence!

  13. I had to just come back and comment on the fact that I'm glad to see the finished laundry room--hurray!

  14. Gosh your kids are gorgeous. And you DO make pregnancy look great. It was a hard year for you, but you still made it through with joy in your heart.

  15. Love these pictures, Dweeja! The uni-brow is amazing, and Mary's dimples are so cute!


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