Friday, December 13, 2013

Faux crunchiness, not-faux other things, and Mama Mary (7 qt)

(1)As I'm writing this, Cecilia is hollering "Paul!  Make me into a sandwich!"  Your guess is as good as mine.

The other day we got a decent snowfall during the night and the sun was shining during the day.  What kid could resist?  Well, "any kid who can read a thermometer" would be my guess because it was 7 degrees out.  Well, at first it was 7 degrees.  Then Paul begged enough that I agreed he could go out once it got over 10.  Degrees.
I present to you "Snow Play at 12 Degrees Fahrenheit"

No I did NOT go out and take this.  Are you on drugs?  Out the window photography, baby.  Unlike those two, I am not insane.

Eeek!  I keep forgetting and I really want to do this because I love this image of Mary.  Mary at Better than Eden is hosting a link-up where we all share our favorite images of Our Lady.  If you've been reading for a while, you already know this, but I don't care!  I'm saying it again!
The Polish Madonna.  I can, and have, just stare at it for hours.  I can see it from my chair at the dinner table and gosh it absolutely warms my heart every. Single. Time.

Oh!  Yeah, this is kind of sort of huge-ish.  But not really. I'm slowly trying to weed grains out of Paul's diet.  And maybe beans and nuts, too.  The gluten for celiac-ish type symptoms and all the other things to try and fix his teeth.  The best tip I got I think was to start with one meal.  Just try and do one meal a day.  So I've been focusing on dinner so far, and it is actually not as hard as it seemed.  Turns out that the protein and veggies are what everyone likes most at night.  Winning.

Also, I feel like a complete crunchy-poseur because I'm not really actually very crunchy (it seems.  I mean, I don't feel like it) but I ordered cod liver oil, coconut oil, and coconut flour all on the same day.  Anything fo' da chil'rens!

Hey, do you remember when I asked on the fan page about freezing potatoes and apples?  Can you see how lovely these sliced apples look?  Not brown at all!  After I peeled and sliced, I tossed them into a bowl of sugar water.  Then I pulled them back out, shoved them in the zip lock and threw them into the chest freezer.  They were GREAT in the apple pies for Thanksgiving.  Highly recommend it next time you find a killer price on apples.  You year.

Belly pic time!
I feel comparatively less enormous this week than I did at 12 weeks, but I'm also wearing maternity clothes both on top and bottom in this shot.  Make of that what you will, friends.

p.s. You're lovin' the extra super snazzy hairdo, I know it.

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  1. I got a crazy deal on apples this week - you might not have to wait until next year to use that tip!

  2. Good luck going gluten free! I thought I would die when my husband told me no more grains (admittedly we do still eat white rice and quinoa (not really a grain, but whatever. I think of it that way)), but once I got the hang of it, it was okay. Now there are so many resources out there, it's awesome.

    And your belly is so cute!

  3. I love baking with coconut flour because you need to use a ridiculous amount of eggs and it's the one way I "trick" my kids into eating eggs. Bwahhaaaaaa

  4. Look at you with that cute belly!! Your kids are like Alaskan kids - if it isn't snowing sideways and zero visibility, go outside and play!

  5. Look at you with that cute belly!! Your kids are like Alaskan kids - if it isn't snowing sideways and zero visibility, go outside and play!

  6. Breakfast is the next easy meal to convert. If Paul is an egg eater, that is. If so, you're set. You can even make "muffins", really personal sized crustless quiches, that will keep a few days for quick meals.

  7. Breakfast is the next easy meal to convert. If Paul is an egg eater, that is. If so, you're set. You can even make "muffins", really personal sized crustless quiches, that will keep a few days for quick meals.

  8. You look lovely! I love baby bellies. Amber has a crunchy mama scale at It is hilarious.

  9. great idea with the apples. I may have to try that. love the belly shot! love it!

  10. You look so cute! And now I'm curious about the connection between teeth issues and grains?!?! What do I not know?

    And Jesus' bare bum in that pic is the best. No blessed virgin freak out over dirt on God's bum. I can take a cue :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. I'm curious about the connection between teeth and grains too.

    2. I started researching "remineralizing teeth" and "reversing tooth decay" and saw that the ideal diet would eliminate grains, beans AND nuts. So we're trying to slowly weed them out as we also add in other things. It is a little bit extreme, obviously, so I'm not going cold turkey. Just trying to see what I can do a little at a time.

  11. Take this recipe. Make it into muffins. Toss a few chocolate chips in each muffin. Thank me later.

  12. Ahh, you have the cutest baby bump!! And my kids are the same way, total eskimos when it comes to playing in cold weather. I was the same way as a kid. The rule is if no limbs are turning black then you're A-okay :)

    And I love that picture! Mary has a good point, no freak-out over dirt on God's bare bum, I should keep that in mind next time my kids are running around naked...or the next time they want to jump in puddles outside (hopefully not naked)

  13. The Polish Madonna is my favorite!

  14. The Polish Madonna is my fav too and I keep forgetting to link up with mary, but now I know she's been linked.

  15. I love the polish madonna, she's in my kitchen and she helps me cook dinner every (okay, some) night(s).

    You look so gorgeous in that picture! Love that cute belly. :)

  16. I think I mentioned this before, but my Mama is holding on to a copy of that image for me. My grandma got it for me when I graduated college but it didn't really "speak" to me back then. Now? Lordy, I need that image in my life daily.

    Your belly shot is to die for. You're such a cutie.

  17. I need more freezer space for crazy deals

  18. Cute cute cute! We've been using coconut oil for a couple years now - mainly in the homemade deodorant and when I'd saute veggies for stirfry. But just this week I started adding a teaspoon to my morning cofee (in an attempt to feel full longer) and IT IS YUMMY. Really. The extra virgin stuff has a coconutty flavor and scent. It's just good!

  19. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :D im waaayy behind but promise i have good excuses. And you are now officially driving the crunchy train :)

  20. A couple of things - going one meal at a time is a great idea. And dinner IS the easiest - my people don't miss the starch at all and even if I make something every once in awhile, most of them don't want it now. Breakfast is the next easiest, I think. On the coconut flour - you CAN'T sub that one-to-one in baking, so find a substitution chart or actual recipes that call for coconut flour. It needs a different amount of liquid than regular flour or almond flour, so just beware of that. Costco (if you have one close by) has the best price on coconut oil - I buy a big tub there for $17 - it's a ton and lasts a good while.

  21. I love your belly. I just love it. hearts hearts hearts


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