Monday, December 09, 2013

Mommy blog it up, y'all

I go back and forth between wanting to just completely embrace my mommy-blogger identity and post nothing but photos and updates on the kids and shunning the very notion of being a mommy-blogger at all.  Because I am a woman of extremes!  Can't just be a little of whatever, oh no sir.  Gotta be all adamant and over the top.  Tired of the clutter in my house?  Sell it and buy a new one!  Get frustrated with a zipper?  Never purchase another article of clothing that features a zipper ever! 

You get the picture.

But of course that is totes d-u-m-b.  So I'm swinging the way of the mommy blogger for a bit, fighting the need to reevaluate my entire life philosophy because of it, and starting to post a pic of week of each of my kids.  You know, this being my digital scrapbook and all.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you'd think that would be super easy and not involve me yammering.  Hah I say unto thee!

The first few worked out pretty well...

(these two. lawsy. This sweetness right here is reason enough to have a baby while you have pre-teens in the house)

But THEN I tried to get photos of Paul and Cecilia.  EL. OH. EL.

baby and bedhead photobomb.  Also, shirt on backwards

ridiculous jig self-photobomb.  Also, tounge in lower lip.

another baby photobomb.  bedhead.  sparkly scarf. teeth over lower lip.
That's it.  I'm out of time.  No good pics of those middle two.  Sorry folks!  Maybe next time.  Maybe next time.....

p.s. I have an appointment at my midwife's office today at 2:30 to make sure everything is okay with baby after a scare on Saturday night. Will you remember us to Our Lady at that time? Thank you!
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  1. They're awesome just the way they are. So sorry about the scare and I'll be praying!!

  2. Still praying. I have asked Fr. Jim to speak to the Blessed Mother about it. Tomorrow is his funeral. The vigil is tonight. Your baby's health will be my intention today and tomorrow.

  3. Precious babies. And I will pray extra hard for you today.

  4. Will be praying!
    Weekly pictures; may very well be stealing that one for 2014!

  5. Your kids are beautiful, and Paul has the most gorgeous eyes. Sorry for saying that, since he's a boy and might not love gorgeous as a descriptor, but it's so true. Plus, baby photo bombs and funny outfits are just par for the course, right? ;)
    I remembered you and tiny baby at Mass yesterday! Hope everything goes well today!

  6. You should definitely post more pictuers of your kids. They are beautiful! And I started praying for you as soon as I saw your post on Twitter. Keeping you and your little one in my prayers!

  7. Love the pictures. I have a couple that move too fast to capture, so I empathize with the futility of photographing some children :) Prayers for a reassuring appointment today.

  8. And someday those will be your favorite pictures because of all the personality in them. :)

  9. Praying for you still, and I enjoy the kid photos so much. Keep changing it up around here, mommy blogger, sharing blogger, the change is actually very you and I love it!

  10. Reading this by happy accident right at 11:31 am my time, 2:31 pm your time! Praying for you.


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