Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas pagaent. Elf Twitter Party. Cute pictures. The usual.

Oh my gosh, we needed a day like today.  I know lots of people thrive on doing stuff and going places every single day, but we are just not those people.  After going somewhere pretty much every single day for, like, 6 days in a row, including having to actually wake people up in the morning (so not good.  If they're not waking up on their own, they're not sleeping enough, ya know?) to get to wherever on time, we are finally just staying at home today, entertaining ourselves with whatever, eating snacks, and possibly, eventually, doing a bit of school work.  Maybe.  Don't count on it.

Okay, it's mommy blog o'clock, yes?

This about captures how last night's Christmas pageant at our parish started out.  So much happy!  Such squealing! Very doves!  That's Cecilia, bringing up the rear there.

Lizzy was in the choir and was the narrator for the show, so no costume for her....but how stinking grown up does she look in that purple cowl neck?  Make it staaaaaaaaaaaahp......

And Paul.  Oh boy.  How can a person be SO difficult to photograph?  I mean, it's basically impossible.  Granted I was Official Child Wrangler yesterday, so had little time to force him to look at the dang camera, but seriously.  Y U NO LOOK AT CAMERA?
Anyway, so there he is.  King Paul and his bottle of frankincense for the baby.  (Men all over the world have no idea what to buy for newborns, huh?).

Some things I do like about that photo: Paul's friend Katie (as Elizabeth) standing next to him with her hands on her head.  She and I are kind of soul mates, y'all.  Also, shepherd with his face totally covered by his cloak.  And tiny cow picking her ear on the left right there.

Katie signed up for stage crew this year.  I think she loved it.  Feeling like everything would actually fall apart without you?  I mean it's not true, but you FEEL like that.  And she loves to feel like that.  Anyway, I didn't catch a photo of her last night (I suck.  What can I say.) but she wears the exact same thing every day of her life so look!  This really is precisely what she looked like hauling scenery around:
(there is no article of clothing any human has ever loved more than this girl loves this sweatshirt.  I have to pry it from her freakishly strong fingers just so I can wash it once a week.)

Who am I missing?  Oh!  Mary!  Sorry Mary.  She is too diaper-clad to be cast in the show, so daddy was on baby wrangling duty.  Here, this happened this morning: 

Nota bene: baby has unzipped her footie pajamas.  Hair is completely covering her eyes.  Toddler sister has climbed in for early-morning dance session

Voila!  I did it!  Two weeks in a row with the weekly photos of the chil'rens.

Hey, you're not busy this Friday evening are you???  It's time for the 2nd annual ClanUnseen live tweeting of the world's greatest Christmas movie: ELF!!!

More details to follow, but if you don't own a copy, you still have time to get one.  Target?  Amazon Prime?  You pick.  Just do it.  Then meet us on Twitter at 9 p.m. EST for the watching and the loving and the glee.  Woohoo!  #ClanUnseen

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  1. Your kids are just the sweetest - wish we lived just a few (MANY!) miles closer! I love them all, but per these pictures, Mary is to-die-for-scrumptious and your Katie is absolutely beautiful. And, yes, coolest sweatshirt ever.

  2. May I just say that your use of internet memes makes me feel less loser and more trendy?

  3. How did I not know about this Elf fun on Twitter two things I love coming together... swoon!

  4. I seriously was just thinking that there needed to be another Twitter movie party. So weird. Funny thing - my husband used to be a designer at the place that makes Katie's sweatshirt.

  5. So gorgeous, your kids! Katie? BEAUTIFUL!!! Lizzie? Ditto! And on and on! Paul? Cecelia? Mary?

    So infinitely blessed, you are. Wishing you all the grace and magic and peace of the holiday season. oxo

  6. Yay! I've been waiting to watch Elf in case you and Cari were going to do this again. I'm excited.

    Also, what lovely young women you and your husband are raising.

  7. Katie is insanely beautiful. I mean, all of your kids are lookers, but she is looking so mature and lovely!

  8. Katie and Lizzy both need to stop growing up. They are too beautiful for words. Your others are adorbs, too. And watch Elf again with you? Sign me up. It'll be the first anniversary of my Twitter account. I might forgive you and Cari... someday.

  9. I loved all the pictures from the pageant, the little cow in glasses caught my eye right away - how cute is she. The Angels running down the hall is priceless and oh my goodness you have the cutest kids and your older daughter is becoming a very pretty young lady.
    We do LOTS of theater and those stage crew people are so very important, she is right about being needed because a competent stage crew can make or break a performance.

  10. You have gorgeous children. A perfect blend of you and Tommy!

  11. Please continue to Mommy Blog it up! I love these posts. I love how cool you are with being yourself, letting your kids be their funny selves. It makes it so much easier to look at my own kids with a "new lens".

  12. Can we talk about how absolutely beautiful all your children are? Sheesh.

  13. Wow...your girls are young women!?! Which is so awesome. Our family ranged in 19 years from oldest to youngest and it is pretty cool. Except if you are the 5th and a wallflower...then you are just the target of all the older kids ;)


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