Friday, December 06, 2013

dolls,books,yummies and a belly shot (7qt)

I know today is St. Nicholas day, but I'm sure err'body's gonna lead with that , so I'm gonna throw y'all for a loop and come out of the gate (how many idioms or metaphors or whatever they ares can I use in one sentence?) with this high quality ipod photo of....
Naked barbies!  Yay!  Wholesome!

Paul and Cecilia, as far as I can tell, were the master and mistress of some sort of spa swimming pool hair salon.  Many many soggy washcloths all over the bathroom are required for this game, of course.

Okay, here's something that really is wholesome.
Lizzy made these scrumptious cranberry muffins today because I was all "Hey, you don't have to do school work today if you don't want.  And we have this bag of cranberries."  That's all it takes, my friends.  That's all it takes!  If you wanna make some of your own (approved by all ages of Borobias), the recipe is here.  The baking powder quantity made her nervous, so she only used 1 T and we had no nuts, so she skipped those.

Nomnomnomnomnom, delicioso!

Okay, now it's safe for me to share a St. Nick's thang, yes?  HaleyfromCarrots (that's her new name) sent us this gorgeous book.  We are smitten.
The Legend of St. Nicholas
The pictures online do not do it justice.  Snatch it up for your collection!

Speaking of Haley, have you entered to win her new book, Feast?  Hurry!  The giveaway ends on monday, Monday, MONDAY.

Oh, I forgot to mention that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we scurried out to pick up our tree.  Choosing and cutting the tree down is the only way Paul and Cecilia remember getting Christmas trees, and they love it.  Katie and Lizzy remember when we used to have to choose our tree from the half dried selection piled up in the parking lot of Lowe's, so they love it even more.

yes, we sure did ride in that wagon.  my kids are lucky.

Anyway, we're trying something new with advent this year.  Instead of having a special advent tree and then having a separate Christmas tree, I thought it would be nice (read: easy) to try and use the big tree AS the Jesse tree.  So we put the tree up and the lights and garlands, but no ornaments and no star on top.

Every night after we do our reading, we put a Jesse tree ornament on the Christmas tree.  Then on Christmas Eve, will put up ALL the decorations and top the tree with a sparkling golden star to the triumphant sounds of trumpets blaring and it will be GLORIOUS!

But probably not.  So far I'm the only one who really thinks this is a great idea.  People balk when you mess with their traditions, you know?  They're used to decorating all at once and Mommy McChangerson is kind of messing with their little heads a bit.  But whatever.  I'm the boss.  It'll be fine.  They will survive!


Wow, these takes have been pretty dull, huh?  I think I need a shower.  The grease in my hair is interfering with the joke-telling section of my brain.  Which should be code for "here comes something funny!"  But it isn't.  Surprise!

Instead I'll close with this, which was taken one week ago on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which makes me 12 weeks and 1 day in this shot.  Nononono, you misheard.  Not TWENTY weeks.  Just TWELVE weeks.

Yeah.  Clearly that was the last day of wearing normal shirts.  Send the award for biggest first trimester belly right on over here folks!

(Today I'm 13 weeks and already bigger than that, but I like even numbers, so Imma do the belly on even weeks only, okey dokey?)

Forgive me for all that dullness.  Go ye to Jen's!

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  1. Congrats! Are you going to find out the sex?

    1. Yes, we will! But apparently that's like, a zillion years away. Despite appearances.

  2. We're using one tree for our Jesse Tree and then adding the rest of the ornaments on Christmas Eve. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

  3. You have a cute belly! And, I'm apparently a bad Catholic blogger because I didn't mention St. Nick at all in my quick takes.

  4. Ummmmm, cutest 12 week belly ever. Plus, it WAS the day after Thanksgiving, so you gotta chalk some of that up to holiday bloating.

  5. Oh my look at that baby bump! I really should start snapping pictures of mine. I feel huge for being 18 weeks along but my husband says I'm crazy. I've been wearing maternity tops since I was about 12 weeks along since I felt like Gus Gus from Cinderella in most of my tops. We managed to find out the sex of our baby at 14 weeks by going to one of those fun ultrasound places. They reconfirmed the gender for our little guy last Friday. This is the first time we've been able to find out the gender so early.

    1. Gus Gus from Cinderella! That is exactly what I look like. Hilarious.

  6. Ohhhhhh Dweej. Yes, yes I think so. You look radiant!

  7. Your bump is so cute!! For realz. Please don't tell my husband about your real tree. I think he's a little sad inside every year because I insist on a fake one, because I'm a mean, mean wife who HATES cleaning up after the real thing, even if it does smell amazing.

  8. Yummy muffins! Bathroom Spa! Cute Baby Bump!
    That's the definition of anti-dull!!

  9. I have been wearing maternity clothes since about the same time. I think I held out till thirteen weeks, actually. Now I'm 29 weeks, and I'm 41, and this is my eighth child. My neighbor, who is around 24 and 31 weeks pregnant with her third hardly looks pregnant at all. Which is all to say that I'm very happy to see your 12 week baby bump, because I don't feel so alone anymore. Happy St. Nicholas' Day

  10. Yay for baby bumps! We do the same thing for Jesse/Christmas tree--started last year (granted we have a not too big fake tree as our tree). We put up white lights and purple ribbon and the Jesse tree ornaments. Then we take the purple ribbon off on Christmas Eve and put up the rest of the ornaments!

  11. Your belly is super cute. I have lost my normal shirt wearing ability, too. It's only bad this go round because I only own summer mid-maternity wearing gear for this stage in pregnancy... and it's snowing outside. Whoops.

  12. You look gorgeous! My baby bump has come with gigantic thighs and an even more gigantic a$$...but you look as if you have been spared those extra special gifts!

  13. Happy St Nick day!!
    Your baby bump is precious.

  14. Dweej, you are all cuteness. Adorableness. Keep sharing, okay?

  15. Well…if that ain't just one of the cutest bumps I've seen!

  16. Your tree-decorating idea is actually kinda old-school. I was reading about some English traditions from about 100 years ago, and they didn't decorate the tree at all until Christmas Eve. Because, you know, it's a CHRISTMAS tree and not an ADVENT tree. And of course it stays up until Epiphany (we have that fight every year! the manger is the compromise).

    Your bump is super cute! My sis is pregnant with twins and maybe looked like that around that time, so of course I just thought "hmm, maybe it's twins??" Sorry, that probably wasn't helpful and mildly offensive.

  17. My belly looks like that and I'm not even pregnant!

  18. My belly looks like that and I'm not even pregnant!

  19. Yay! What a cute baby bump! I am totally supposed to be getting Sadie ready for ballet, but then I read "belly pic"...

  20. Love that St. Nicholas book. And that first story about him standing up in the bath and praying the day he was his mom, I would've fallen over had I seen that! So awesome!
    Cute belly!

  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds soggy washcloths all over the bathroom.

  22. This is ABSOLUTELY shameful that it has taken me this long to say how excited and happy I am for you. My phone has been refusing to post comments on anyone's blog, and it's taken me a whole week to get to a laptop.

    Enough of my first world problems - CONGRATULATIONS. and you look amazing. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that you're feeling well.

  23. We never put up our tree and ornaments until Christmas eve. Of course, that was more because our house was a mess and never got space for the tree until Christmas eve, but hey.

    We definitely never did a Jesse tree. I don't think I realized that was a thing until recently...

    And your bumpity bump bump is cute! Your body just remembers what to do. :-)

  24. Okay, I'm going to send you a pic of my belly, because clearly we would tie for the biggest 13 week belly in the history of the universe!! Seriously, 6 minutes after peeing on the stick, I was showing. You look amazing. We are going to add you to our night prayer intentions - the boys will be so excited when I tell them you are expecting!!


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