Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ridiculous, y'all (TT)

I bet when Cari hastily chose the word "ridiculous" for today's Theme Thursday, she wondered if maybe the very idea was itself a little ridiculous.  Well guess what?  No.  That was not ridiculous.  Because today IS ridiculous.  I mean, is it really Thursday?  Wasn't yesterday Sunday or something?  Why is it completely white outside?  What time is it?  Do they really expect to eat three entire meals today?

I'm so confused.

So here ya go-

Ridiculous baby eating other people's scraps from ridiculously messy table:

Ridiculous toddler doing her precious gluing and cutting whilst attired in her favorite costume:

Ridiculous 7 6 year old (see what I mean?  I'm losin' it) wearing a cap he got for his 2nd (SECOND) birthday:

Ridiculous amounts of laundry demanding my attention:

And most importantly, ridiculous way to instantly make your cheap beer fancy:

(going through my photos to choose the 13 for the end of year post, I found that the weeks I participated in Theme Thursday had so many more fun pictures of random things than the weeks that I skipped.  Today maybe it feels silly to take  a picture of a boy in a tiny hat, but in 12 months I know I'm going to love it.  So there's my tip for you: play along even if you don't fancy yourself a photographer or aren't that into being given a theme.  You won't regret it!)

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  1. Gabriel saw that picture of Paul, gasped, and yelled, "THERE'S PAUL!!!!!!!" You've got yourself a rockstar there.

  2. I love your children... I have a feeling Spiderwoman and I would just get along SPLENDIDLY.

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

  3. So I'm thinking that my standard practice of pouring wine into a juice glass is the antithesis of pouring beer into a wine glass. :)

  4. My laundry room is way more messy than that!

  5. Oh! Mary! And Paul! And Cecelia! You have the cutest little kids!

  6. That is the most muscle-bound toddler I've ever seen! Lol, I love her style:)

  7. Thank you very much for alerting me to the fact it is only Thursday. You want to know ridiculous? I have been in my pajamas for so long, I got all messed up and put my 7 quick takes up today. Then wondered and worried why no one else did. I actually thought something was really wrong with Jen and I didn't know it. Cari wants ridiculous? I have an endless supply.
    Anyway, I love the silly photos.
    And sure, there's a lot of laundry, but when it's in such a fabulous room, no one even notices! :)

  8. Mary is the baby (at least for now!) and when you're the baby, you have to eat when/what you can. You never know. And I hope that the latest blizzard conditions do NOT end with you having not power again! Stay safe and warm up there in the hinterlands!

  9. I love the Labatt photo - we don't have it in IA, but it always reminds me of my first home in NY. Cecelia in the costume is the best ever. It's so ridiculously perfect. (see what I did there??) (not funny)

  10. Ha! I love everything about this post.

  11. Such beautiful ridiculousness! These people around here keep expecting to be fed too...

  12. All I can say is, at least Mary is eating scraps off the table and not off the floor :P The twins like to drop food on the floor during breakfast so that they have an automatic snack as soon as I take them out of their high chairs... And you know what, if it's just cheerios I let it slide!


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