Friday, January 10, 2014

A flag cat, Chesterton, and 18 week belly pic (7qt)

Earlier this week, Mary got in "trouble" for the very first time.  Little Miss Thang (18 months old) acquired herself a crayon, see, and designed for us a we bit of wall art.  Totally age appropriate, fo sho.  But since I caught her in the act (suweeeeeeeeeeet), I was able to grab her hand, kneel down to her level and say "NO." Firmly.  You know, the thing that mom's gotta do sometimes?

Well.  WELL.  WELL!  Mr. Paul B. was not pleased.  No sir.  Not pleased at all.  Big Brother of the Year immediately burst into tears, stomped his feet and shrieked "You are being so MEAN to your baby!  You can't talk to her like that!!!!!"

Preshy preshy precious.  Oh that boy.  What a sweet heart he has.

Here's Ceci, modeling a cat mask sample that we made for co-op today.  Except co-op was cancelled so we had friends over to the house instead and made only two new masks instead of ten and there was great rejoicing in the heavens.  Sorry.  Tangent.

So I'm gluing on the orange ears and she goes "Hey!  It's like an Irish flag cat!"  Close.  So close, sweetie.  #greennosenextime

Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things posted this great quote from G.K. Chesterton earlier this week:

"Just now there is a tendency to forget that school is only a preparation for the home, and not the home a mere jumping off place for the school."

Chew on that bit of greatness for a while, my friends.

We made Snow Ice cream a few days ago and after I posted about it, everyone was simply CLAMORING to know how they could make it themselves.

Okay, no.  Like, maybe two people asked.  But for all two of you who wondered, here's the link to the recipe. But a word to the wise: don't call it ice cream.  The purists among your family members will balk and perhaps mutiny.  Instead call it Snow-puccino or SnowKiddingThisisGreat or OhSnowYouDidn't or, you know, something equally awesome and not at all dorky.

Do you know Marie from Joy Beyond the Cross?  She made a wonderful, amazing, fantastic announcement this week!  But y'all, she could also use your prayers.  Can you pray for her?  Pray for her and all expectant mamas who are anxious to meet those babies here on Earth?  Thank you so very much.

Hey, wanna stalk us tomorrow?  We'll be at the Kzoo Air Zoo for something called The Girls' Engineering Challenge.  Basically I'm envisioning some of my kids riding indoor rides while the older ones fight about whose idea is better and then both of them being superdy duper angry if their team doesn't win.  Sounds awesomely fun, doesn't it?!?!?
And for those of you on torso watch, it's been two weeks since my last bit of baby photographic evidence, so let's do it:

 In two weeks or so we'll find out the gender at our very first, and hopefully only, ultrasound.  What do you think?  I'm pretty sure it's a......well, I don't want to taint your guesses, now do I?

Hop over to Jen for more lists of unrelated things hastily thrown together!

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  1. Looks like a girl to me, but so far I'm exactly 100% wrong. So boy.

  2. And your kids are the sweetest really. Mary has such a great protector!

  3. John Paul and Cecilia get SO upset when I discipline the other child, and both of them freak the heck out if a baby gets disciplined! Gotta love the compassion, but it's the last thing I need when I'm trying to put someone in time out... "No, Cecilia DOES NOT NEED TO GO ON TIME OUT!!! SHE WILL APOLOGIZE!!!"

  4. You baby is 18 months and just now getting into trouble? Too cute about big brother protecting her. My son does the same thing when his baby sister gets into trouble (and unfortunatley she started writing on the walls before 18 months).

  5. Number 5, oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing her heart wrenching story and giving us the opportunity to lift her up in prayer.

    I say girl, but I've only been right half the time with my own!

  6. Where would I obtain this "snow" you speak of?

    Jill in Central Florida

  7. I'm going with boy, but I'm biased in that department. And my youngest brother is 10 years younger than me, and he was MY baby. My mom used to have to send me to my room whenever she had to punish him because I would cry and beg her not to be "mean" to him.

  8. Oh Dwija, you sweet friend. Thank you so much for including our baby in your quick takes. We are so humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love and support. We literally are taking it moment by moment, but as I wrote to a friend earlier today, every moment is grace, right? Please know of my prayers for you and your babe as well. I won't evev guess on the gender because I am usually always wrong. I was 100% convinced my daughter was as son. So much so that when she was born and my husband got to announce the baby (we didn't find out ahead of time), he said "Marie we have a daughter." And for all the people in the room to hear, my very first words upon having this baby after we had suffered 2 miscarriages and 3+ years of infertility was "Are you sure?". My husband replied with a smile on his face "Marie, I know what I am looking at." (Of course, I was ecstatic either way, I just couldn't believe my mother's intuition was so very wrong.) God willing this new baby is born alive here on earth, I hope to have something more profound to say at the birth.

  9. You look great! Oh, and our baby (16 months) is starting to act up too. He's giving me a run for my money. You know, because he eats quarters and stuff.

  10. Oh how super sweet of B! Sticking up for his sister at all costs, even with his mom! Sweet.

    And since some commenters are placing their gender bets, I'm thinking boy. But really, I know nothin'. =)

  11. I just really want to come and hang out with your family one day. :)

  12. That is so sweet about big brother wanting to come to Mary's rescue. Those moments of sibling solidarity are precious.

  13. I did not know you were expecting and am so excited for you! Prayers. I now resolve to stalk you more often, so I can keep up with these wonderful happenings.

  14. I'm voting you've got a baby boy in there :) And you should name him Tobias because it's my favorite boy name ever and I already used it once so I can't use it again ;) Just sayin...

    The story of big brother rescuing Mary from getting in trouble is so sweet! I love it :)

  15. Voting for boy! And I just pinned that snow ice cream recipe since I'm sure this winter will strike again.

  16. My vote is girl (because I always root for girls) ... oh, and HI! New to your blog but lovin' every minute of it. I linked to your "He says it 'cause He means it" post in my quick takes today. ( Loved it! PS Your bump is totes adorbs. ;)

  17. I vote... Well, you know my vote. :) I expect to be notified immediately! First! Before everybody else! ;) I could send you my phone number and you could text me! :) (apparently I think I should be THAT HIGH on your radar. ;)

    Ahhhh Chesterton. (Insert contented sigh)- and thanks for the link. :)

  18. I'm going for boy - but probably because I think that's what my ultrasound is going to show. And our sons could hang out, except that I live all the way in NC. But you never know. Or should I hope you have a girl and two nice Catholic kids from across the country would get to meet...


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