Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Preventative Measures

Last year, February totally kicked my butt.  It was like....like I sat around all January enjoying the excuse to stay home, and by February, when there are still mountains of snow all over the place and a thick sheet of ice in your gutters, I was all irritated that it wasn't spring that I had already sat around for a whole month and now what am I supposed to do?

Obviously this is not reasonable behavior, but not many have accused me of being as such, so I think I can safely stop explaining right there.

Now it is January again and the Goliath of February looms before us, which I've read drives every homeschooler, no matter the climate, to declare they are quitting.  Every. Single. Year.  And all of a sudden I was like "I gotta do something.  I gotta do something BEFORE I start moping around and actin' a fool."  Take some, you know, preventative measures.

I'm thinking that planning some special outings is going to be the key.  That way when the weather is lovely again, I can just kick the children outside and not feel guilty about not taking them places whilst I wait on pins and needles for NewBabyWhoseUltrasoundWeStillHaveNotScheduled to arrive. 

So, today a trip to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum (free) for a show in their planetarium ($3 a ticket).  Paul was FILLED with questions the entire time and even exclaimed "Space is my favorite thing, you know." 

Luckily our group (three moms and all our respective children) were the only ones on hand for a Tuesday afternoon viewing because we are geniuses, so the babies ran about freely behind the snazzy lean-back seating while the English speakers enjoyed the show and all was right with the world despite today's high temp of 11 big degrees.

On the docket for the future we've got a a girls' engineering even at the Kzoo AirZoo (rescheduled from the last time I mentioned it.), a performance of Oliver, produced by a neat group called Homeschool Performing Arts, AND, exciting but true, a media conference JUST FOR GROWN UPS that I'll be ruining with my loud mouth attending along with some other fine folk from our parish.  You should absolutely watch the video in that link there.  It looks super duper informative and professionally put together.  I can't wait!

Am I crazy for thinking that 3 schoolish obligations per week plus the above funny funny fun activities will keep me from falling into the pit of despair again this year?  Probably.  But Imma try it anyway.
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  1. February really is the worst, isn't it? Every year I swear I'm going to quit.

  2. You need to take up skiing. Or something. I love February!! And your blog. Ahem.

  3. I think your preventative measures are a great idea but the sound of three outings per week plus field trips makes me tired just hearing it! Thanks for the reminder that I need to mentally prepare for February, though the upcoming ultrasound and two kid birthdays should enliven the month a bit for us.

  4. The ONLY redeeming thing about February is ... it's ONLY 28 days long. (This is my mantra every year ... and I have no children to home school.)

  5. I keep telling myself: February is a very short month, then it's spring; February is a very short month, then it's spring; February is a very short month.....

  6. Well, I've been homeschooling for 13 years now, so it's a little different for me. I first decided to quit homeschooling this year back in...September? Yeah, mid September. By February, I plan to be drinking heavily.
    Your plan may be a better approach.

  7. That conference looks awesome. I wanna go. :)


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