Friday, January 24, 2014

Nail polish, army dudes, cute kids, and other things (7qt)

Right now, this is what Mary looks like:

 NB: monkey footie pajamas; fairy costume sized for a seven year old girl; MiMi (small blanket without which we cannot even consider sleeping);super stylish hairdo; favorite thumb snack.

Obviously we are getting going bright and early today.  Ahem.

Speaking of fancy hair, Cecilia never disappoints.

17 minutes later

My husband is so fun.  After playing a sweet game of  "army dudes" with Paul (everyone's favorite scenario is when one of them is a librarian at the world's worst library and the other ones are all applying for a job there and mayhem ensues.  But I digress), he set up this mini-scene and took a photo with my camera all stealth-like so I would discover it at a later time and be entertained.

 Good times, my friends.  Good times.

My January Birchbox arrived yesterday and in it were many treats, including this nail polish.
Now I don't know if you can read them little words right there, but they say "color changing nail polish."  Color changing????

 True story.
I should probably be embarrassed by how excited the idea of this makes me, but I'm not.  I do, however, have an important question for all y'all.  On a scale of 1 to What the H is wrong with you, woman?, where does a "33 year old mother of many small humans who wears hot pink indoor nail polish" stand?
Basically I can't wear this, can I?  Especially with olive skin?

Oh, and after yesterday's many discussions about my belly size, let me go on record as saying that I personally am pretty confident there is only one baby in there but I'm sporting a larger size due to the fact that: a) I've already gained 25 lbs (ain't got no secrets) and that poundage gotta go somewhere, m'kay? and b) I'm probably due for my first 10 lb baby after so many average sized regular babies in a row.

Note to self: stop eating 2 hardboiled eggs + 4 waffles for breakfast.

Also, Bonnie at A Knotted Life has worked super hard to bring together so many fabuloso blogs from all over the internet.  Hop over there and find yourself some new-to-you reads to get the year started off right, will ya?

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  1. So here's the thing, lady. 2 eggs and 4 waffles aint no big breakfast. Whatever.
    Also, hot pink polish are totally what toes are for. Otherwise, they're just lint traps. My sister got me a 3 month birchbox subscription as a present and it was so fun. SO FREAKING FUN. I'm completely outnumbered and convinced i'm going to out do that family in michigan or wherever that just had their 12 or 13th boy or something, so I'm totally doing this just as soon as we have a little more fun cash. And lastly, I think you're shorter than me, but 10lb-ers aren't all that bad, and they eat and sleep really well, and with pushing out all those kids already s/he'll probably just slide right out, or at least, that's what i'm hoping for over here too.
    Yay for 20 weeks.

  2. That army dude is one supa fly motherfather. And I love the library twist!

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  4. Pull up your pants, dude! Gosh, teenagers these days.

    Do the polish on your toes first, it'll just be your fancy secret and then you'll love it so much you'll go for the fingers. My little tip for unconventional nail polish colors is that you must keep your nails short. I'm 34 so I obviously know more than you in this department :)

    1. Good tip, Colleen.

      And Mary is so cute.

      And thanks for the shout out. :)

  5. Love the army dude's bling. Very true to life- all army dudes love pearls, let's be honest, kay?

    I'm pretty sure Cecilia's hair is far more fashionable than my own. Hands down.

    Color changing nail polish is truly the best. I love it just for being what it is, unlike my cousin who only likes it for what it can do for her- namely, she realized that it changes with temperature (at least her kind did) and put it on her four-year-old when they went to the beach so she knew when he (yes, HE) was getting too cold.

  6. Goodness gravy. Your belly be like perf.

  7. Your pregnancy breakfast sounds like my regular breakfast. *weeps in corner*

  8. I got that same nail polish and immediately put it on my thumb because I was so excited. No sun though to change it's color.

  9. I say you should wear the hell out of that nail polish. Start with your toes if you want, but it will brighten your day. It will be fun in the summer!

  10. The army dude librarian is great, love the stealth photo bombing :)

    And I am so voting for twins, someone has got to have twins on all these Catholic blogs, right? I've been following everyone for a few years now and lots of babies but no twins yet.

    1. I know three Catholic bloggers with baby twins. Oddly, all the babies are girls. Here they are, from oldest to youngest:
      Abbey at, with two-year-olds
      Rosie at, with 14-month-olds
      Adele at, with twins born less than a month ago

    2. And Sarah at She got two boys!

  11. You still look FAB!

    (On my sixth go round this past November, I gained less, looked worse, and am still recovering. Pregnancy just quit looking"cute" after number, but the baby sure is.)

  12. Cecilia's hair. Oh my. We would get along so well.
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: March for Life, 2014 →

  13. I am oh so happy that you are being upfront about your pregnancy weight gain. If I hear one more 20-weeker utter, "I've already gained 10 pounds!" (gasp) I think I'm going to puke!

    I'm well over the 20 pound mark at 22 weeks with baby #8. I've quit looking at the scale and don't worry about it unless my doc thinks something is wrong.

    Let us know what the color changing polish is all about, would ya!


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