Monday, January 27, 2014

Bad guy

This morning Tommy got up at his usual o'darkthirty to get ready for work.  Brewed his coffee.  Checked his email.  Opened up the front door to let the dogs out for their morning potty break....and the storm door wouldn't open.

Piles and piles and heaps and drifts of snow, my friends.  AGAIN.  Holy moly.

Luckily (or unluckily), he had brought his work computer home with him over the weekend and was able to log on and work from home whilst waiting for the plows to come and free us from our Prisone du Blanche. 

And it was cold, so very cold.  He was even cold inside the house.  So cold, in fact, that he put on an actual knit cap to try and warm himself up, about which Paul gleefully exclaimed "Daddy, you're wearing a bad guy hat!!!!"

Oooooooooh, super scary argyle sweater man.

Is it spring yet?
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  1. We've had to leave our faucets dripping so often our water bill was ridiculous last month. This month isn't looking too much better, but I guess it's better than a busted frozen pipe. Sigh. When is spring again?

  2. I keep listening to the wind howl outside. I have never experienced such a cold/snowy winter here in the Mid-Atlantic and I have lived in this area for 98% of my life. This is crazy insane! Stay warm my friend.

  3. Well, he does look somewhat bank robber-esque.
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: Winter Wanderer // a Photoshoot →

  4. You are hereby excused from any guilt associated with complaining about this miserable winter. St Paul complained about being betrayed, St Teresa about landing in a mudhole, John of the Cross about being unable to bathe.....sometimes you just hafta say, Basta!

  5. Come on February! It's gotta be better than this right? RIGHT?!!

  6. In Montreal, we are praying for an early spring!

  7. TheresaRita-- you're awesome. I don't feel so bad about (constantly) occasionally complaining now! :) This isn't just cold, its stupid cold. Just.... stupid.

    And I reserve the right to complain when its 110 in July without having someone point out how much I wanted out of this winter.

  8. I went to sleep last night thinking, "This weather is putting me in a bad mood. A whole month of bad mood." And then I just turned it over to God, who is obviously showing us that He's in control and we are not. (Need to remind my mom of that, as her flight back to Atlanta just got cancelled.)

    1. Also, my husband wears a balaclava to shovel sometimes (and I call it a baklava), and he always looks like he's about to rob a bank. With a snow shovel. Our husbands would make a nice and dorky band of thugs.

  9. Oh, Lake Effect, how I hate thee....

  10. HOw can it be? we a re litteraly melting down here in Rio de Janeiro. So scourching that we take 2 howers a day and try not to move too much during afternoon, so we don`t sweat even more.

  11. So OVER this MICHIGAN weather!

  12. Candlemas is halfway through winter - not that the weather always cooperates with the equinox. Hang in there.


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