Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff for tights-loving dorks (Five Favorites, WWRW, & TT)

This is my favorite new project going on in this house, the fact that I'm not doing it coming in a very close second to the fact that my Katy (she's switching back from "Katie" to "Katy," fyi.  I try not to ask too many questions) is so stinkin' talented.

(linking this bad boy up with Cari's Theme Thursday: Craft)

Cecilia has already claimed the future bear as her own and if you know Ceci, you know that nobody argued with her.

Which brings me lickety split to my WWRW submission: Itty-Bitty Toys: How to knit animals, dolls, and other playthings for kids

This was one of her favorite Christmas presents for sure, and now that real toys have started to take shape, it's becoming one of everyone else's, too.

While we're on the topic of books, do you have the ibooks app yet?  We use it on my ipod and it has been a favorite for middle school literature reading lists.  A free app with free books?  Yes please.  A few short months ago we were bemoaning the lack of unabridged classics at our library and now we have an entire library of them at our fingertips.  Katy is currently reading the original Peter Pan, about which she exclaimed "It's crazy how GOOD this book actually is."  Self-fist-bump.

Hey, Imma go ahead and continue with the theme of "dorkiest 5 faves ever" by suggesting that if  you or your children are over the age of 10, immediately to be ordering Jeopardy for the wii.

Level one is multiple choice, so is great for easing into the game and for the chil'rens to be leaving you alone when cabin fever takes over their poor little brains.  Levels two and three require that you type in your own answers and boy- that gets tricky fast.  But fun!  Tricky and fun.  The funnest.  I mean, if you're willing to admit that you're as dorktastic as we are.

Hey, something not brain related!  At Christmastime I decided that there was nothing more I needed in life than a pair of opaque maternity tights.  Can I even explain to you my frustration with the crotches of tights sagging down to mid-thigh?  Over. It.

But guess what?  The only pair I could find in my size and in a color I wanted cost $25.  $25 for a single pair of tights?!?!?!?!

Anyway, I took a deep breath and ordered anyway and lo and behold: worth every penny.  They actually help to keep my legs warmish.  They are supportive.  The grey color is perfect (can be worn with brown or black.  Honest).  And the belly actually feels comfortable over the belly.  I am smitten.

Clicky here for maternity tights of glorious glory.

(the black, navy blue and burgundy are ALL on my want to git list, fo sho)

Okay, friends.  That's all I got.  Hop over to see Cari for more craftiness, to Jessica for more good reads, and to Hallie for more lists of things you didn't know you couldn't live without.

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  1. My kids won't play Jeopardy anymore with me, since I always win. I'm challenging Katy to a match.

  2. I love the colors on that bear. I want to learn to knit. In all my spare time, of course.

    It took one Sunday mass wearing ill-fitting tights to make me swear off of tights while pregnant completely. I'm glad to know there are viable options out there.

  3. THANK YOU! I have been needing maternity tights and I was getting frustrated only finding black ones. $25 is steep but if you say its worth it I trust your judgement. Soooo it best be worth it. ;)

  4. Oh, I will take this moment to say how much (how much!!) I love maternity tights…when I’m pregnant that is. Really, I do love them. So glad you found a pair to swoon over as well ;) Unrelated to this post…I love all those belly pics you are posting. Always praying for you!

  5. We watch Jeopardy as a family. Except my oldest son is crazy smart and on academic quiz bowl at school, so he knows all the answers. But it's still fun anyway! Glad you found some tights.

  6. Did Katy teach herself how to knit? I'm desperate for a new craft (or any craft for that matter...we won't talk about how many have sort-of-begun and fizzed out), and I'd love to know if she has any suggestions for favorite how-to books for beginners or anything of the sort!

    1. She DID teach herself. We started with 2 kids knitting books: and this one . She just took off from there, so I would recommend them. Also youtube tutorials! Super helpful for visual learners.

  7. I love tights regardless of pregnant or not, I'm a dork that way.
    I have that knit book, I'm so glad she enjoys the projects. I still need to start on some!!!

  8. I can't knit, but I love people who do - especially those who give me (and the kids) knitted things. Ahem.

    And maternity tights? I don't remember ever wearing any. The last pregnancy, I was in to leggings. But if there's ever a 4th pregnancy, you can bet I'll be looking into those tights - unless, of course, it was summer. Heh.

  9. I would totally play Jeopardy with you guys... I'm definitely dorky in my love of trivia!

  10. I haven't tried too many, but I like the Berkshire brand maternity tights - I think when I just bought some on amazon they were only $8 a piece. I have them in both sheer and opaque :-)

    1. I saw those and so badly wanted to order them but they don't have grey! Darn me and my single-minded focus on silly things....

  11. Okay and one more thing . . . those tights are called Intimate Portal??? Excuse me while I giggle like a 15 year old (my husband did, too, for the record)

  12. dear, i have a very deep question for you: how can you manage all of this, by yourself? a house, food, many kids, homeschooling, laundry...? how come, how come? I have 3 kids (1,3 and 5 yo), and they are on summer vacation (i`m in the bottom half of the planet), and i can`t put them 3 together to do any-thing together; not even listen to me, not even get any rules... how can you homeschool, AND cook AND clean AND do laundry ANd embroyd, blog, craft....? AND BE PREGNANT? how come??? :-) anxious to know about the baby - and the name you`ll choose for him/her.

    1. Oh Mari, isn't that always the way? It seems that everyone else is doing so much more than we are. Luckily God doesn't compare us to anyone else and He doesn't ask us to do it by ourselves. We have each other and, most importantly, we have HIM! I neglect too many of my duties each day and all I can do the next morning is pray that He helps me a little bit more. Hugs!


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