Thursday, January 09, 2014

Projects and toys and bare things (phfr) (tt)

 Lizzy made this candle yesterday on a whim. 
Now before you go thinking we're running a regular homesteading convention up in here, lemme tell you that it took 17 minutes.  Because it's just shortening mixed with food coloring and some vanilla extract for scent.  We had bought a packet of wicks of off Amazon over a year ago and they appeared in her closet.  So voila!  They actually work.  It's so weird.

We also made that snow ice cream this week.  You know, the one you've seen a thousand times on facebook since SnowFestIceDeathColdnessInsanity or whatever they're calling it started.  And you know what?  It was pretty good!  Way yummier than I expected.  Cheap and fun, too.  The trifecta of awesomeness.

 Offer to let a three year old girl try mama's camera and this will be your subject.

Bare.  Bare, bare feet in the dead of winter.  In Michigan.  How do they survive, these people???

Linking this last one up with Cari's Theme Thursday: Bear/Bare and the whole shebang up with Auntie Leila's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Tomorrow's Friday already?  Zoinks!

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  1. Lizzy is just such a pretty girl!

  2. Mine are always barefooted too! It drives my MIL insane to see them in pictures with bare feet in the middle of winter. Insane.

    Ceci's picture is actually pretty amazing.

  3. I love socks way too much to be barefooted in the winter. Or in the summer, for that matter. And I feel like I have a roll of film (gosh I'm old) somewhere with undeveloped pictures of my favorite toys... I should find that....

  4. Bare feet here get fussed at by Grammie, but we still do it. I love the tiara on the chef's head! So much cuter than one of those tall hats!

  5. I have a friend who gets stopped by people because her sixth (in the space of 8 years) always takes his socks off, no matter the temp....I think he just likes to make her look crazy/overwhelmed :)

  6. Yep. Mine takes his socks off all day long. Then my mom's all "Why doesn't he have socks on?" On the coldest coldest day I put him in footie pajamas just to try to combat the lecture, but then it was "Why didn't you get him dressed?"

  7. My kids, too! Those bare feet, they must stop!

  8. We aren't in MI, but it's still too cold to go around barefoot like my kids do. I don't understand...

  9. At least the 3 year old is taking pictures of objects -- The 1.5 year old ran off with my iPhone and voila, 48 close-up pictures of bedsheets & the floor plus 2 bonus pictures of toddler toes.

  10. I want to try snow ice cream!! Cupcakes kept wanting to go bare foot during freezemaggedon and I don't understand it!!


  11. Our snow is too old and dirty to try the ice cream, but I'll file that away for when we inevitably get more. Remember those candles for gift ideas!! If I burned candles I'd be alllll over that. Cece's photo is the best ever.

  12. We used to make snow ice cream in elementary school all the time! We were in Alaska though, so we had plenty of good, clean snow :)


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