Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Gorgeous Pile of Poo {p.h.f.r.}

I've been waiting all day for naptime (just like every other mother on the planet) and thinking about what I might say in this post.  But I can't think.  You wanna know why?  Because every time I get to the "real" part in my head, my brain says "It's gettin' REAL in the Whole Foods parkin' lot....".  And if you don't know what I'm talking about, I am fixin' to MAKE. YOUR. DAY.

Which is my (typically) long winded way of telling you that I've got nothing planned.  I'm just gonna roll with it, baby.  But first, I'm going to smack myself for saying that.  

Okay. Ready.  

Just look at all that gorgeous poo.  Sigh.  I heart it and it's dungy smell.  Our down-the-road neighbors/fellow parishioners who do NOT sell us raw milk from the cow which does NOT come in adorable glass gallon jars that we do NOT pick up twice a week know that we're kickin' our garden up a notch this year and offered to bring us this deliciousness for our soil.

And then I squeeled.  And paid them with a dozen eggs from our fat, free-range chickens.  'Cause it's gettin REAL in the Borobia's rural plot! 
Please, let me explain.

We had this old piece of fencing that we weren't using any more and Lizzy begged Tommy to let her have it.  And she made it into this totally durable house with a "place to hang my sweater" and a "storage shelf".  So no, she is not in a cage.  I swear!

And then the goats went into her cottage, which also made her happy.  Because she is cute like that.


She also drew this for me (and of me) the other day.  She says it's a picture of what things will look like when the baby comes.

Just look!  I'm already back in that snazzy red mini-skirt and that yellow halter top!  But I'm still sportin' the signature under-eye bags.  Because that girl knows me, yo.  

p.s. that's the laptop over there on the bottom left.  Because, like I said...she knows me.


At least she's honest about her feelings, right?


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  1. Ha! Ha! So funny. So that's how you get around paying $80 for six things: agree to take someone else's poop!

    And, love the drawing.

    1. I should mention... my husband's extended family ALL work for Whole Foods, including a general manager of one of the busiest stores in the country. Expensive, yes, but the food at family get-togethers is AWESOME.

  2. Am I seeing a pattern here with kids in cages? No really I love that your daughter is building her own cottage, my son called his a shelter.

    1. Hah! That is the EXACT same piece of fencing that Paul trapped himself in. We're recycling the fun ;)

  3. So funny. I esp. love your sweet daughter in a cage. Do you think maybe she could make one of those "houses" for my children to play in? And thanks for reminding me of that splendid song. I think that "It's Gettin' Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot" will be a fabulous substitute for the "Oats and Beans and Barley Grow" that has been stuck in my head for, well, forever.

  4. looooooove her art.

    Might I commission her to do one of me and my precious young?


  5. I second Grace. Love the art.
    Loathe the Whole Foods Parking Lot. But I have forgiveness issues.

  6. OMG, you gotta make that Lizzy art your avatar for something, stat! That is genius.

    1. She really is so talented....even if she does think math is stupid ;)

  7. Haha! My dad brought over a few pickup loads of cow poop last week and I was so excited. Then thought how crazy to get excited about poop... Only a gardener would understand!

  8. love the funny pic! i can"t believe she got the bags under the eyes
    also math IS stupid!!

  9. Are your arms purple?

    Perhaps you should draw a few preteen girls in there doing some of your chores, so you can spend more time on the computer!

    (Really, fun drawing!)

  10. She is one smart cookie with that drawing! It should make you feel good that she sees her mama as someone who can do it all!

  11. So, do they all love the raw milk? I am interested in pursuing this for our family in the future.

  12. that video made my WEEK! I love it!

    80 bucks for 6 things... so TRUE!

  13. You guys are just living the good life! I am so happy I get to peek in on your adventures!

  14. Awesome! LOVE her picture and the "Math is stupid." Totally something my daughter would write!

  15. That drawing rocks. So I think I have it almost all deciphered. I see a frying pan, dusting, hairdryer(at least you get to pamper yourself a bit), laptop, spray bottle, drink, list, laundry, and shovel? I just can't figure out those lumps...I keep thinking meatballs... She has read my mind, though. One of my heaven questions will be why do we not grow another arm with each pregnancy? Seriously, makes sense, no?

    Some day I need to post the picture my four year old drew of our home birth...

    Love the Whole Foods video...You'll have to check out the second video I posted today. For some reason, I think you will appreciate it.

    1. I'm thinking the lumps are dust clouds and that fork thing is a feather duster on a shelf :)

    2. No, no, the arm underneath the dusting arm...the meatballs!

      BTW, thank you for causing my entire day to be lived with "It's getting' REAL in the Whole Foods parking lot..." running through my head. You're the best.

  16. Who cares about math when you can draw like that?!?!?! Seriously. That picture needs to be framed!

  17. Hilarious video. Loved the "can't even hear the motor". When we occasionally find ourselves at Whole Foods we joke that someone will find out we have more than two kids and drive a minivan and throw us out ;)
    And totally agree with the other posters about the picture! Fantastic, witty, and, perhaps, accurate(?) drawing? LOL

  18. "Math is stupid." Truer words were never written.

    I'm so totally in love with your life, Dweej. It looks like a blast everyday.

  19. @Jamie- the funny thing is that my girls help a LOT around the house. Honestly, I was surprised that she has that perception of how I spend my day. I thought it would be me in pajamas with a laptop eating ice cream or something.... ;)

  20. I am LMAO this morning. Can we come live with you? We and our kids would get along fine, and I think our husbands would get along fine b/c they put up with it :-) Thanks for the giggles! Math is stupid! At least it didn't say STOOPID.

  21. Math is stupid...word. LOL You guys are non-stop entertainment. I swear. I'm fairly sure that picture is an accurate depiction of what's about to happen when our baby gets here..oh boy....or girl...not quite sure about that yet.

    Oh, and awesome video. If you're looking for an equally hilarious vidoe along the Whole Foods/ Trader Joe route, watch this vid. Please ignore the fact it's Hitler and perhaps some of the horrible language. Those things aside, one of the funniest things ever...:)

  22. Must be rough trying to figure out what your daughter is thinking ...:)

  23. I'm new to your blog, but I had to write and say how much I love your daughter's drawing! I also laughed out loud about her honest feelings on math. hahaha!

  24. That drawing is awesome! As is the fort.

    I'm pretty jealous of that pile of poo. Not even going to lie. Do you need to compost it before you can use it?

  25. That picture she drew is absolutely hilarious. Please keep it until the end of time :)

  26. I used expensive diapers up until 6 months or so, but all of the sudden I started getting regular leaks. I've had very, very few since I switched to honest. I tried expensive ones at the beginning and they were terrible. My daughter is long waisted and on the thin side, so that may account for the discrepancy, but that's my take.
    honest diaper

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