Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

The hubby hates it when he can't find his tools.  Lordy, lordy, it is not pretty, no sir.  Luckily I'm pretty much the world's most awesome wife and found the caulking gun in the basement and the staple gun in the barn.

Also, it's a good thing you can't see my house or the state of the laundry.  Oy.  The weekend always makes a huge (literal) mess of my life.

Poor Cari.  Saturday was her due date and in-utero baby is still so very much in-utero.  Join me in stalking her, will you?

Speaking of feeling sorry for people, Tommy had to dump out 40 bottles of home brew this weekend

Something about too much sugar causing bottles to explode?  And the beer to taste like...well, it was full of sugar?  It was a sad, sad day.  Sad day!

Okay, I just heard someone say "Oh gosh!" and then Cecilia say "But I wanna be naked!"

And they're all outside.

Peace out, my homeys.

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  1. A whole case lost? Oh man. That's bad. Convey our condolences to Tommy. Ken had to throw out a whole case once because it got infected somewhere in secondary fermentation or whatever.


  2. Oh my! Quite a weekend, for sure!!! :-)
    It sure stinks about the beer. :-(

  3. Shame about the beer!!

    So, tell us the story about the kids outside - did anyone take their clothes off?

    1. She was in a partial state of undress. Pics tomorrow! :)

  4. Oh no! Not the beer! I feel the same way about weekends.

  5. Pfff I'm already stalking Cari, though I don't think that I've ever actually commented on her blog so I hope she doesn't get creeped out if she reads this :)

  6. Hahaha!!! Hope you rescued your naked child ;)
    Leave it to the wife to find the husband's stuff. I think it is a mandatory requirement of marriage.

  7. Funny: half-naked toddler outside

    Depressing: ruined beer

    Annoying: that my house also contains multiple loads of laundry in various stages of the process. Argh.

    Creepy: stalking Cari (I assure you, I haven't visited her FB page more than 14 times in the last 24 hours. That's under the stalker limit, right?)

  8. I almost cried at the beer picture, and I don't even like beer. I can't even imagine going past my due date...poor Cari!

  9. Sad for your husband about the beer... and you are too good, finding his tools for him, unless you are the one who made off with them. Otherwise...
    my husband gets SO MAD when he can't find his tools, but that's all HIM! Frustrates me, too, so I keep my own hammer, screw drivers, pliers and other essentials hidden away. I don't let him have them, either, because he will lose them!

    And as a girl who has been as many as 13 days overdue, I can sympathize with Cari - hope she goes soon!

  10. Saddest beer story ever: my husband had just finished making his first batch of home brew and it was resting in the basement, getting all mellow and awesome, when he was diagnosed with a wheat allergy.

    So, so, so sad. :(


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