Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Not be Un-Lame

It's that time of year (apparently I have that time of year at least 73 times) when it's hard for me to be, like, un-lame.  In fact, you may have noticed that I'm extremely skilled that this not-being-un-lame thing, especially lately.  And you've wondered "Gosh, how does she do it?  Not be un-lame like this on such a regular basis?"

Wonder no more, foxes, because today is your lucky day.  You are about to learn all my secrety secrets!  You're welcome.

Supervise your husband and your son prepping the new front garden.  Yes, still prepping...in April.  If I weren't all pregnant and stuff, I'd do it myself (of course!) but sadly.....

Please note large flag pole directly in the way.

Find small adorable female child and insist that she pose with her props.  Take a zillion photos.  Post only the first one.

It's hard not to reach through the screen and squeeze her, isn't it?

Post a question on facebook about babies and due dates. Walk away for just a few minutes

Find more adorable children and force them to be photographed.
You're diggin' her homemade crocheted headband aren't you?

Saunter back to the scene of the actual digging.  

Um, what the what is going on, my friend?

Well.  So much for the atrocious flag pole.  Sweet!

Spy fourth offspring who has spied a golf ball taped to the top of said flag pole.  What the heck?
Yes, she makes this face all the time.  And look at that granny-shawl over sweatshirt combo.  Tres chic!

Pick radishes from your back garden.  In Michigan.  IN MARCH.
The clouds parted and the angels sang.

Agree that making a "quick batch of butter" using the cream from a neighbor's cow first time right before Mass is a splendid idea.  Splendid, I tell you!  Immediately post photo on blog's facebook page.

Just look at the buttery goodness that resulted.  It's like....real butter and stuff!

Hey, remember that facebook status?  Wonder how that's going....

Oh my gosh.  I have the best friends ever.  You know you wanna be their friend too!  Catch more of Cari here  and fall in love with the talented Melissa via her Etsy shop here.  Do it.  Now!

Then manage, somehow, to tear yourself away from your virtual chatting and your real life not-digging and finally put up a new post at Catholic Exchange.  It starts like this:

Twelve years ago I sat on a couch, 19 short years of philosophizing and semantics and knowing everything under my belt. She asked us to close our eyes, to open our hearts and to listen. Then I heard the story of a Man who sat down to eat dinner with His very closest friends. His traveling companions. They trusted one another in their darkest moments, lifted each other up in times of uncertainty.  
Por favor to be clicking here to read the rest...

And there you have it!  Top 10 Ways to Not be Un-lame as a blogger.  You might wanna print this out for future reference, ya know?

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

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  1. Replies
    1. Yours too? Wow. Weird how everyone seems to be having that problem!

  2. I always learn so much from you :)

  3. Yay for the demise of your flagpole, your new garden, and adorable kids!

    Oh and that butter looks delicious. Btw is that a butter bell you have it in? If so, aren't those the best inventions ever? (I feel a little like Paula Dean with all the butter talk, sorry about that.)

    Radishes? In March?? Yup, send me the mutant radish I don't care what it turns my family into (but the Incredibles would be nice.)

  4. I want to weep when I see your soil. Oh Michigan soil, how I miss thee.
    In fact, if I weren't on the way to read your article at CE, I would compose a haiku about it. Better yet, if I didn't just realize that my 4 year old had stripped off most of his clothes and was now knocking on the neighbor's door, I would write a whole sonnet about it.

    Busy busy busy over here.

    1. Remove ALL the clothes!

      (imagine one of those wacky stick figure drawings in pink and yellow)

  5. "Wonder no more, foks, because today is your lucky day."

    Did you mean to write this to foxes? <;-)>

  6. The butter looked delicious. Was it indeed? And you know your audience, we are a bunch of foxy foxes!

  7. Please don't confuse me with using double negatives. I don't have the mental capacity for it.

  8. OMG, that Facebook conversation has me cracking up. My boss just asked what I'm laughing so hard at, and she started cracking up too. I want your friends to be my friends. Does that sound too needy?

  9. Margaret just finished reading all these comments and said, "People just go crazy on Aunt Dwija's blog."

    1. Because everyone knows this is a crazy friendly zone!

  10. Strangely enough, my printer is also out of ink. And it it hideously expensive to replace. Fortunately, I had enough ink to print our mortgage interest statement for our tax preparer.

    Great post (again) Dwija!

  11. Only ever post the first picture I take too. What's up with that? Perfect vision the first time? Or does it seem from a fear of inadequacy at the moment when we're taking the pictures? Hmmmm . . .

  12. Awesome list!! I will have to remember this is I ever find myself slipping into the lame category. LOL
    First pictures are usually the best.

  13. Okay, we are too similar, even in our writing styles. And I learned something from you today ... that it's okay to post Facebook stuff as long as you white out the last names ... how did you do that? Like screen capture then photoshop it out? I love it! Oh, the things I could blow apart posting Facebook screen captures of my Facebook inbox messages ... I signed up for an email sub to your blog ... love love love it, my new pal! If only you lived in Kansas ...


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