Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: St. Joseph is not a Leprechaun and More

The kiddos have been on a roll these days with the saying of the things that make no sense or make us laugh.  Usually both.  For example, on Thursday afternoon as I leaned over the dining room table to clean a spot on the other side, Cecilia ran up behind me and started tugging at my jeans, cheering gleefully...

"Booty-wicious!  Booty-wicious!"

Sorry y'all.  I got this mom-of-the-year thing IN. THE. BAG.
One good bum take deserves another, yes?
I was standing in the kitchen the other day and suddenly I felt Paul behind me.
"Did you just lick my butt?"  To which he responded.  "No.  You HAVE pants on."

Okay, last one.
Paul: Daddy, why did the t-rex walk to Jesus?
Tommy: What?
Paul: The red t-rex...
Tommy: And Jesus?
Paul: Yeah. With the red t-rex.  Why did he walk to him?!?!?!?
Tommy: Does anyone know what's going on....?

Clearly, no.

 Totally unrelated, have you noticed the fun #iuseNFP badge on my right sidebar?  It's down there under my button grabbin' code.  Anyway, the gal who thought those up (she has a whole collection on her blog.  Check 'em out.) is launching an IUseNFP website soon and I think you should totally hop on board.  You can follow them on twitter or like them on facebook while keeping your eyes peeled for the full site launch.  Right now it's just a snazzy "coming soon" page, but I'm seriously excited about this whole venture and I think you should be too!

Oooh, and por favor to be checking out my new-to-me stash of newborn sized cloth diapers.

The lovely Lady of the Lakes, who has just moved here to southwest Michigan (primarily to live closer to me.  And maybe also because her husband got a job here.  But mostly it's because of me, I just know it.) stopped by during the week with her 2 adorable children and dropped them off.  Tons of them!

Now we just need to get some hot water running to our washing machine and we will be R-E-A-D-Y.  Oh, have I forgotten to mention the lack of non-super cold water to our workshop/laundry room?  Well there ya go.  For almost 2 years now.  This house, man....

Oh, and I gots me a new post up over at Catholic Exchange.  It's called St. Joseph is not a Leprechaun (yes, for real) and I think you should read it.  If only to find out why I may have once thought he was, you know, a leprechaun, right?
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  1. Yaaaaay! (My Kermit arms are flailing!) Cloth diapers!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

  2. OMG hilarious stuff your kids say!

    For the record, yes, you are booty-wicious.

  3. 85 days to go and you already got the diapers ready. You are officially super mom :)

  4. Yes, you win mom of the year. And your kids are so funny.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! We're so excited about getting it up and going! Thanks for all of your help! :)

  6. Well of course St. Joseph isn't a leprechaun. He's a unicorn. :)

    Good luck with your diapering adventure! Let me know if you figure out how to do them with hard water and not have leaks. All I know is I have to strip mine about once a week.

    Love the kid sunglasses. I like her style.

  7. Booty-wicious. I love it!

    Have fun with cloth diapering! We do it, too, and really like the switch.

  8. HI there...I love your sacraments and beer tagline...and share the sentiment!

    Very fun post, your kids are hilarious. "You have pants on" made me laugh out loud. And just to share a Easter gem from one of my five kids (welcome to that club!), explaining Easter to her little sister: "So, there were these people, who put Jesus up on a cross because he wouldn't punch his pilot..."


  9. Do I see wool diaper covers??!! Lucky! And they look hand-knit... you have some great friends, Dwija!

    1. Says the original diaper sender..... :)

      And yes, I DO have some great friends!

      I'm rollin' in the awesome free goodies these days, it's true. And yes, they are wool diaper covers and she gave me all sorts of information and a pattern for making my own diapers if I want to try that someday and all sorts of fabulous things.

      Good times.

  10. Those diapers are so tiny and cute!

  11. OMGoodness... I just saw the button for the NFP... awesome. I love it.

  12. LOVE the NFP button - I so need that! good luck figuring out the hot water situation to your laundry. I LOVE cloth diapering; it's so worth it!

  13. I need to know the punch line to why the red tree walked up to Jesus . . . You have one of the funniest blogs out there. Glad to be your Catholic, nfp practicing, cold beer drinking (after lent) sista.

  14. Those itty bitty newborn diapers are making me swoon :)

  15. I echo Colleen. I want to know the punchline. :)

    If I were to ever have another little baby in the house I would do the cloth diapering this time around. It is one of those mommy regret things, but what can you do, right?


  16. I LOVE the world through the eyes of kids! I LOVE their minds! LOVE!

    Those itty bitty cloth diapers are just so cute!!

  17. Ahhhhhh! I LOVE the quotes. Remember those, always. You have already won the "mother of the year" award by sharing your joy with your children. They are so lucky! Also, just how precious are they? Even...when...they...lick...your pants...!?


  18. Your kids are too funny and sweet. Hooray for cloth diapers!!

  19. How awesome someone gave you all those diapers!! Holy cow, how generous! Love me some cloth diapering over here but we're using prefolds this time around.

    Love the NFP button...SOOO true. I know so many who don't get how crazy it is to be on the pill and then eating all organicy and hormone-free...

  20. The dinosaur comment CRACKED me up!!!! I want to be friends with your kids. And you.

    Also, yay for cloth diapers! They're so sweet and girlie!!!

  21. Cloth diapering and hanging laundry on the line ... i feel so very unworthy!


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