Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Truth about Toddlers and Church

You know, after almost 11 years of parenting, I’ve finally got it down. My kids all do their chores without complaining and each and every one of them, particularly the toddler, loves to participate respectfully throughout the entire Mass every Sunday and…

Oh, I’m sorry. Hadn’t you heard about today being opposite day?

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  1. Ever since my son (now 3) was 9 months old, Mass has been...well...a challenge. They tell me someday he will be able to sit through Mass quietly, but the little guy is just a SQUIRMER and a TALKER. A friend of mine told me, "When you're walking in the narthex, you're praying with your feet" and I recite that to myself so I don't totally lose it when we've taken him out for the third time. Also, your kids are adorbs.

    1. He WILL, Haley! Our son is 4 and can practically participate in the entirety of Mass. It is so sweet and SO unexpected. As with everything else, experience is the best teacher :)

  2. Until my son was about 4 ... okay, still sometimes... it was a good Mass if we got to the door and greeted the pastor and he said "I didn't hear you today!" Of course the pastor would also laugh on the bad days and let me know that he was just as much of a terror when he was that age. That made me feel a little better, cause he's a really good priest. :)


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