Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Problem with Reincarnation

For those of you who are looking for a little bit of pretty and an update on the family and our quasi-farm, stop by later and I'll have a "Top 10 Photos of the Last Week" to share with you here.

Until then, fill up your brains with this brainy goodness....


When you are raised believing in reincarnation, it seems so natural.  So fair and logical.  And when I say "believing in" I mean to say that it was a main component of our faith system.  It was integral to the theology.  It wasn't some vague notion of having been someone awesome in your past life which thus makes you somehow more awesome by some kind of cosmic association and then will you please pass the carrots.

No.  It was, everyone was, quite serious.

When you are raised believing in a loving God who created a unique you, with all your marvelous talents and delicious quirks, your precious individuality that could never have existed and will never exist outside of you, that you, personally, are inherently worthy of respect and love merely by virtue of your existence, and you know it and believe it and love it, you will look at your mother with wide, incredulous eyes the first time she tries to explain the concept of reincarnation to you and you will say "that makes no sense!".

Yes. You will say it and you will mean it.

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