Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Radish and a Link

Our very first veggie from this year's garden...

ready to eat in MARCH!

And you know what? It. Was. Delicious. The entire thing- greens and all.

Are you a spicy radish lovah' or a spicy radish hatah'?  Confess!

For something a little more meaningful (if you're in that kind of mood), check out my new article, Exhausted, on :

On Ash Wednesday, simultaneously so long and not at all long ago, we sat in our pew during the evening Mass surrounded by 8 grade levels of CCD classes. I was tired and pregnant and hungry. I felt disheveled and drained and not at all ready to embark on the arduous journey of Lent.  
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  1. I don't eat radishes but now I want to ;)

  2. I like radishes and I really liked your post over at Catholic Child. I was just reflecting last night on how I think I majorly failed at Lent this year. No increased prayer time or devotion this year. Not much fasting and I have only made it to confession once since Ash Wednesday. But one thing I have been is exhausted almost every. single. day. Exhausted. So maybe this year I am working out my lenten sacrifice in simply continuing to put one foot in front of the other every day and every sleep deprived night of this adventure. I certainly hope that God is working away quietly in my soul while I have been dealing with illnesses and moving and too much time in the car and too little home cooked food and little ones who aren't sleeping and are acting up and teething and wanting to go back "home" and not be where we are. I am definitely feeling a whole lot more like Martha than Mary this year but after reading your article I have hope that there is value in my sweat and tears even if I am too tired to pray about it.

  3. Nice radish. Waaaaiting for our TX garden to produce some... but maybe its been too hot. Yours germinated later than ours and are already ready! Thanks for the great post on Catholic Child. Just what I needed today :) Now I just have to close the computer...

  4. Exciting stuff! I'm not a radish lover or hater, but won't be growing any this year because I didn't save any room in our limited garden space for veggies I'm apathetic to.

  5. Count me in as a hater...well, not HATER, that's kinda strong. As I make my kids say "I don't care for that." But even so, so exciting when the first homegrown produce is picked for the year!

  6. isn't it just perfect? and soo easy to grow we eat them if we don't like them.

  7. How embarrassing is this? I never, ever, in the history of my life have tried radishes. What would you compare them to??

  8. I can't handle raw radishes, unless they are paper thin in a salad, drenched in ranch (so that's pretty much a NO on the raw, lol), but love them sauted. I add them to lots of things, like Potato Leek soup and pastas. I buy them at our Farmers Market, because organic, fresh radishes are a hundred times better than the ones I get at the supermarket. I bet yours was delicious!

  9. I'm a spicy radish... lover. I love Love LOVE radishes. They may be my favorite vegetable. And when we have own garden I intend on growing them. However I doubt Michigan will ever be THAT warm again in March. lol. So I bet I'll be eating them another month.


    1. Usually they're ready a lot later, that's true...BUT they're one of the cold hearty veggies. So they'll be your first every year!


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