Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Internet, I guess we're on a break...

A few weeks ago, when I promised to celebrate Lent with a "yes", I didn't really...well, I kind of didn't expect that it would mean something so harrowing, so excruciating, so counter-cultural as what I've been experiencing.  And that shocking thing is (insert drum roll here): hours and hours on end of no internet usage.

I know.  I KNOW.

On Friday, I didn't even check my email until 6 p.m.  Six o'clock!  In the evening!  Not a single moment of internet usage in any of the a.m. or early p.m. hours.  Craziness, I tell you.

So here is the really good and exciting news that makes all of this doable and even pleasant- Tommy has been working for a friend from church who has his own landscaping business.  Yay!  Thanks to the early springing of spring here in southwest Michigan (can you say shorts and tank tops in the beginning of MARCH?  It's wild, yo), his business is flooded with business and he needed help.  So he asked Tommy and Tommy said yes, and then I said YES!

But as it turns out, the reason I was able to do all my interwebzing in the past is that a) my prayer life was pitiful b) my house was a wreck and c) my husband was at home to pick up the slack.  And then I went and vowed to get a) and b) under control this Lent.  'Cause I'm a fool.  Why couldn't I just give up sugar or something?

Anyway, so there I am trying to pray more AND clean more and suddenly my back-up slave helper guy is no longer at my beck and call at all hours of the day and I'm trying to be all good and homemakery and say "yes" to all the seemingly-unimportant important tasks that are asked of me (cleaning goat poop off the kitchen floor, anyone?), and children need to eat, like, multiple times every single day and then suddenly I look at the clock and I'm like "SIX????????  I haven't even checked my dang email!!!!! For the entire day!!!!"

Oh, and also, I took a nap.  I took a NAP instead of checking my email.  Or facebook.  Or twitter.  Or writing something.  I slept on the sofa while the toddler slept in her bed and the big ones hitched a ride to their ceramics class and the boy played with cars and periodically asked me if he could eat things in the living room.  To which I, of course, mumbled "yes!" because um, hello?  Whatever it takes to catch those winks when you're pregnant and have a yard full of livestock.  Am I right?  And do chickens count as livestock?  I'm pretty much the awesomest mom in the world.

So between the lame and the boring and the normal and the NAP and the more boring and the additional lame, I have been sorely absent from internet.  But for a good cause!  All for a good cause.

Now the sun is shining through the trees and the birds are chirping and the frogs are singing their morning song.  Breakfast is on the stove.

Life beckons.

And I'm saying "Yes!".

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  1. I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo. Sorry for putting a Jungle Book song in your head. But seriously, I am putting my computer away for the day. Cause I stink at Lent.

  2. Chickens BETTER dang count as livestock, otherwise there is no excuse for their stink.

    We're painting the chicken coops today so we can finally move those god-awful smelling things OUT of the schoolroom.

    Betty Duffy write an excellent piece on using things like the Internet to avoid the pain/annoyance of the present moment and saying "No" to Jesus. It's like the flip side of this post!

  3. I am on a internet break, too. I can't believe how absolutely breathtaking it is outside. I dug out some of summer wear, too. Maybe not a tank top (uh- clinging to those winter weight pounds- ugh.) but morning yoga on the porch with birds chirping and ducks waddling by was perfecto!

    Enjoy this abnormal Michigan weather, chica. Life does beckon, indeed.

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  5. Woops, just wanted to say good for you! I read recently that Mary spent most of her days in "ordinary time" her feast days were few and far between, but mostly she spent it in the day to day grind. If it is good enough for her I guess it is good enough for us. (sigh)

  6. Seems like you have your priorities in order!

  7. I wish I could be that productive in a day!!!! I do nap whenever I can... but thats about it... proud of you for being the kind of mom I dream of being while I am napping!

  8. Oh goodness. I thought you were giving up blogging for Lent, and I was going to send someone over to check out your mental state. But if you're giving up those things for those other good things, then all right.

    1. I was afraid of this as well. I'm glad you're feeling more in control of your internet usage and also that you got a nap in. You deserve it!

  9. Ah, you're so much better at Lent than me... this is calling me on though, thank you!

  10. wow..good for you!! 2 yrs ago I gave up hot showers..oh..did I miss my relaxing showers!! and since I gave up minesweeper 3 yrs ago..I never went back !!!
    happy lent!

  11. I can't imagine not checking email until 6pm. I know, sad!

    But if a nap beckons, then yes, bed, here I come.

    Good for you, Dweej!

  12. Oh, you never fail to make me laugh. The goats. I just can't get past the goats. LOL!

    Life has to be lived. Naps need to taken. Good for you!

  13. Wow, and I felt deprived for giving up beer! Kudos for you. And could you take a nap for me tomorrow? I already feel tired and I haven't even finished with today! Thanks for the funny post!

  14. Whaaaat? If I get off this computer my house will be clean!! :D


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