Monday, March 05, 2012

10 (11?) Questions Answered. You're Welcome.

Um, so I have not seen the memo about this, but apparently blogs about blogging (really?  You can't think of one story to tell?) have declared that list posts are for lazy bloggers.

Well if that's the case, sign me UP, friends!  I mean, everyone already knows I am a lazy turd and most of you know that I love me a good list of whatever.  I mean, hello?  7 Quick Takes every dang Friday?  You know das right.  So when when Leslie tagged me to answer 11 questions that she made up out of her very own head, I couldn't resist.  Except I also love Monday Listicles, which is only 10 questions, so Imma cheat little.  'Cause that's what lazy turds do.  Am I right?

p.s. I'm also not following ALL the rules because I don't have the wherewithal to write 11 of my own questions and tag a bunch of people.  So basically I'll just answer Leslie's questions, okey dokey?  Minus one, of course.  Here goes...

1. When did you first get online and what did you do back then?

Okay y'all this is a true story.  When we first "got the internet" in rural North Carolina, the only thing we knew about was America Online and chatrooms. We were 13ish years old and we'd go into chat rooms and pretend to be ridiculous Indian men.  From India, not Native Americans.  And unless you were born and raised a Hare Krishna, you would TOTALLY not get anything we were saying (e.g. "A woman shall have hips like that of a curvaceous elephant" or perhaps "Uncover your head, mataji, so that I may see your luscious locks of hair."  So painful.) but we...WE thought it was hysterical (my hilarious friends and I) and spent many an hour tying up the phone lines with our shenanigans.  I mean, aching sides, mouth wide open, silent laughing, gasping for breath hysterical.  Especially at people's reaction to us.

So embarrassing.

2. What faith do you practice and why?

This is the one I'm gonna skip because y'all already know the answer to the first part and the answer to the second part could fill up 649 blog posts all by itself.

2. What have you or will you do differently with your own kids, compared to how you were raised?

Oh my lordy lordy. I should have read through these before I started answering them!  Um...

Deep breath.

Holy cow, this probably requires several hundred posts, too!

Okay, here's the deal.  I'm pretty awesome, right?  And my kids are pretty awesome, right?  Clearly this is evidence that it kinda doesn't matter how a person is raised and that God and temperament and geographic location can overcome so many shortcomings of imperfect parents.  So, yes, my kids are being raised in a much different family and faith environment than I was.  But y'all probably knew that already.

3. If you could relive one day in your life so far, which would it be?

The night I was baptized and was received into full communion with the Catholic Church (Easter Vigil, 2000) holds a very, very special place in my heart.  Everything I do and say and have and care about exists or matters or was made better and more meaningful by that day.  Even now, if I think about it too hard, I can't keep the tears from spilling down my cheeks.  And there they are.

Either that, or the day I first ate Danal's salsa.  It's kind of a toss-up.

4. What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house, and why?

Dude, you KNOW it's our super fantastic, enormous, incredible table that we found at Goodwill for only $15.99.  Check it!

5. What is your favorite vacation you ever took?

The one and only true vacation we've ever taken as a family was a spring break trip to San Antonio, TX before Paul turned 2.  Man that trip was fun.  Real airplane rides and an awesome time-share extended stay hotel and children's museums and yummy food and goody goody goodness all around.  Loved.

6. Do you like the city/town you live in? Why or why not?

I'm thinkin' you can't really call this a city or a town.  It's more like  Yeah, it's a place.  Not close to much, but not very far from anything.  And yes, we like it.  It's definitely rural, but still has reliable high speed internet access.  We can have our gardens and our animals and until the weather gets better, we can have a tarp over the roof of the in-process play house.  Even though it looks straight ghetto.  After the irritations of obnoxious HOAs and zero lot lines and high speed car chases ending at our cul de sac and turnign into high speed foot races through our suburban backyard, we are diggin' the freedom and the privacy.  Fer realz.

7. Who is your oldest friend?

God's pretty old, right?

8. Share a childhood memory featuring a grandparent or an older relative.

I wrote a  bit about my grandma when I was doing my history series.  You can read it here if you want.  She was pretty great.

9. If there was one thing you could get your children to really understand, what would it be?

That God created them out of love and will continue to love them no matter what.  That they, themselves, that very Kathryn and that Elizabeth and that Paul and that Cecilia, are special and unique and incredible.  God created them and loves them, and so they should always treat themselves, mind, body and spirit, with love and respect and insist that others do so as well.

And also how to properly fold a dang towel.  Is it really that hard?

10. Is there anything about you that you think other people consistently don’t get or misunderstand?

I used to wonder and think and worry about this a lot.  As if other people getting me or understanding me is, I don't know, important.  But mostly when I worried about this it was really because I didn't get or understand myself- my role in this world.  Now I'm so at peace who I am and what I was created to do that whether or not other people understand what I'm about doesn't even occur to me.  Does that make sense?

And if you made it through all of that, 25 extra points for you!

If you wanna play along, please do.  Answer these questions or 10 (11?) that you make up for yourself.  I'm not picky.

Thanks so much to Leslie for these awesome questions and to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles!

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  1. 1. Love it!
    2. high speed car chase-turned foot chase through your yard? love it!
    3. Rural Michigan. Love it.
    4. If list posts are lame, what are list comments?
    5. love it!

  2. Would you believe we didn't have internet until 2003? Not kidding.

    I think your table is MY favorite piece of furniture! I remember when you scored that baby :)

  3. Thank you for playing! Love your answers. Funny, just yesterday at our weekly prayer group my husband mentioned what I had told him was the best day of MY life--the Easter he was received into the Church. :-)

  4. You crack me up Dweej! Love your message to your children. And can you imagine if they served salsa with Host? Perfection...

  5. I really like your answers, especially about the towel folding, after that beautiful statement about God's love. It was perfect and made me laugh.

  6. What difference does it make how a d*mn towel is folded?? My wife insists that it be done in a certain way which is highly frustrating.

    1. Mayhap I will have to devote an entire post to the subject, Matt. For the sake of particular housekeepers (both male and female) everywhere!

    2. I would absolutely appreciate that, Mrs. Borobia. Some of us want to do things in a certain way, but can't figure out exactly what that certain way we can drive those around us crazy!

  7. I"m VERY particular about how towels are folded too!!

  8. That internet story is great. AOL and chatrooms! So true.

  9. Wow, you were an early internet user! I've always been way behind the times when it comes to tech stuff. I wasn't on the net until '97! I can guess who your "sleezy Indian men" buddies were ...well, one of them at least. I don't think I could have joined you in your crazy shenanigans. My guilty conscience would have been screaming at me. :o)

    1. I had 2 "sleezy Indian Men" buddies, and yes, I'm sure you know who they both are!

  10. Ha! I just finished explaining to my husband (for the 3456774th time) how to properly fold and hang a towel. I am the only one in my house that is capable of performing this highly complex procedure. Also, I am the only one who can change the tp roll. Apparently it is that hard.

  11. I really don't know how I ended up on this Blog ... just clicking away. It's a good read.

    God bless.

  12. I did not realize you converted to Catholicism. That is so neat!

  13. Where do I cash in my bonus points?


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