Thursday, April 05, 2012

Practicing for the Beauty Pageant {p.h.f.r}

Can you believe Easter is THIS Sunday?  Lord knows I can't.  Because a) 25% of my children still do not have anything to wear and b) our cupboards are embarrassingly bare.

Also, clearly I am a poet.

So what does one do when they are not at all prepared for Easter and have tons of work work they're supposed to be doing?  And may or may not have forgotten to put on a bra?  Yes!  Share photos with bloggy land!  Yay!


Just look at them!  Those are our turnips (having ALREADY harvested our first batch of radishes. Yes, I'll give you a moment to scrape your jaws off the ground) with the peas coming up on the left.  

The miracle of real food springing from the ground after we drop little tiny specks of something into the dirt will never cease to amaze me.  Fer serious.


Okay, this was like something out of a movie.  A movie about awesome stuff.

Awesome movie moment time!

Turn off your cell phones!

So there we were peacefully eating lunch, the small people and I, when the big brown truck of happiness (that's UPS to those of you not familiar.  In other you live in Zimbabwe?  In other other news, I bet they have UPS in Zimbabwe) pulled up.  Out came a gigantic white box. So heavy and gigantic that my two big girls had to carry it together to bring it inside.

And we opened it and the trumpeting of angels was heard throughout the nations.....


A fabulous Easter gift from friends we haven't in years and years and years and years but who are sweet and kind and generous and loving.

Ack!   I keep looking into the freezer to make sure it's real!

I went to our room to make the bed and found this:

She must have been veeeeeeeeeery tired.  Couldn't make it out to the barn for her nap.

And then I did some practice smiling for the beauty contest I'll be entering at half past never:

Cecilia looks enthused, yes?

The last few days have been rough in internet land.  As in, I've had very patchy internet service at my house.  Which is French for "Dwija was having a heart attack".

So I finally called the phone/internet company (despite my allergy to verbal communication via telephone) and they were all "we'll send someone out!" and then 3.7 seconds later he showed up.  It was crazy.

And when he was here working (replacing our entire external phone box and installing a new jack and running a new phone line, btw) Paul was stuck to him like white on rice.
The guy is SO nice and actually even let the boy help, which was, honestly, the best thing that's happened to him all week.  Don't let his stoic face fool you.  The child was ecstatic.

Oh, and because it's Holy Thursday, I'll point you to my Easter post at Catholic Exchange, in case you wanna get your Jesus on.

See ya Monday, friends.  Happy Easter!

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  1. I can always count on you to put a smile on my face. What a fun post. :-) And I looove the way God has shown his Providence a number of times through the generosity of your family and friends. :-) Just shows how much you guys are loved! Have a blessed Easter!! xo

  2. Great post - what wonderful friends to send you great treats! Molten chocolate lava cakes?!??! I'm in!

    Happy Easter to you and all the family!

  3. Happy Easter, dearest Dwija!

  4. I'm sorry, but the horse in the bed had me laughing hysterically. Movie dork that I am, I immediately flashed back to the original Godfather film and the "horse's head in the bed" scene. So sorry. Your take on it was MUCH nicer. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

    1. Me, too!!! I was going to say thank goodness it was the WHOLE horse. Surely that means something so much better!

  5. You may have empty cupboards, but you've got a nice and full freezer! Awesome! Yay for working internet! A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you and yours!

    1. Yes! I was just thinking about how and when we were going to remedy the lack of food in the house (it is hubby's birthday today too!) when the box arrived. It was crazy!

  6. PEPPER JACK RISOTTO CAKES??? Um....yes please!

  7. I wish I had friends who think about food as often as I do and are as generous as yours!

  8. This was my favorite blog post of the day. :D

  9. Awesome post and I share your allergy of talking on the telephone. So does my hubby come to think of it...

  10. Yes, those risotto cakes caught my eye, too! :D

    Have a Happy Easter.

  11. Does the donkey know that a horse is sleeping in your bed? I bet he'll be jealous!

  12. Mt kids love to hang out with any workmen who come to the house. I am always torn because I think it is so cute, but I am kind of embarrassed to cause I don't want them to be annoying the guy, you know?

    Also- I must tell you how inspired we've been by your blog. My kids and husband love the Donkey Guy, we're itching to buy some crazy property and try to electrocute ourselves and, biggest news of all, have moved Michigan up 4, maybe 6, notches higher on out states that are almost as good as Georgia list.

    I hope y'all have a wonderful, joyful Easter and seriously, God bless you for sharing your House Unseen adventures. It really gives me pause, like hey- maybe I *could* do that, why not?

    1. Really????? I love hearing that, Tracy. People always act like I'm crazy when I tell them that they can totally do XYZ, but the truth is that I REALLY DO believe it! I mean every crazy thing on earth was done by someone, right? Who was that someone? Just some regular person, that's who. Not that people have to do insane things, but if you WANT to do insane things, go for it! Just go for it :)

  13. Happy Easter, dear friend. xo

  14. Yay for internet and for the guy actually letting Paul help. It's great when adults actually get kids. Happy Easter weekend, Dwija!!

  15. Wow, that's some service from your internet/phone company. And what a guy to allow Paul to "help."

    Have a most blessed Easter!

  16. Adorable pictures as usual! :)

    Happy Easter, Dwija!

  17. lol I love getting my Jesus on! Happy Easter to you and yours!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  18. For some reason I was thinking of you when I cleaned out my baby girl's closet today. I thought, "Isn't it amazing to be a mom today? You can blog about your life because a.) we have internet and b.) we don't spend 12 hours at a time doing the wash." Which made me think about your washing machine not having hot water, and how beautifully grateful you seem. So glad I found your blog!

    1. How did our poor grandmothers LIVE without the internet??? I feel so bad for them, I really do. I'm so glad you found me too, Mystery Mighty Mighty :)

  19. Um, the horse in bed made me think of the Godfather movie...and I've never even SEEN the movie! But that's a thing in there, right? A horse's head in someone's bed? I think that's why I've never watched it!


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