Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday- Goats and Annoying Homeschoolers

This day.  It just completely got away from me!  I mean, almost 5 o'clock already???  So I will be super speedy in that super speedy way that is super speedy.  Because hubby has been working outdoors all day IN THE RAIN and when he comes home I want to at least have an idea of what's for dinner.  So I can pretend to be a good wife and all.

Ready?  Go!
We made delicious pies on Saturday at a friend's house- and just look at how serious and cute my little nugget is.  Matching rolling pin and everything!

Oh, and then the girls picked these wild oniony chive thingies from the woods.  And we ate them.  And they were so good.  Chopped 'em up with tomatoes and cucumber- added salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.  Yum!
And then the goats tried to break into our house.

Okay, Rebecca at Shoved To Them is hosting an awesome fundraiser for Reese's Rainbow on her blog.  And in the end you'll be left with not just a sense that the world has been made a better place, but also with jewelry.  It's a win-win!

So click and enjoy.

I absolutely adored this post by my friend Cari: On Being Open to Life.  She is the bees knees, yo.

Speaking of posts, I've got a new on up at CE all about why homeschooled kids are so dang annoying.  You know das right!

Oh man.  That's all I've got.  Loves ya.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. The picture of the goats is amazing, won't you let them come in? you can see they really want to! :)

  2. Ok, when we finally get to meet IRL (do people still use that acronym anymore?) you have to teach me to make pies. Or Cecilia does. I'm awful at pie making. Like, my kids won't even eat one I've made if I've starved them for 6 hours and bribed them with ice cream after.
    It's making me doubt my entire existence.

  3. I loved, loved, LOVED the annoying homeschoolers article!!!!

  4. Happy weekend! And love to your munchkins AND the goats!

  5. I'm so glad it is Friday! I really like this super speedy post! It really was super speedy and fun too. Woman, your life seems pretty exciting. Wish I had some goats! I found you on cafemom. thanks for posting.

  6. Fun - and how did your girls know the onion thingys were safe to eat?

    1. I'm actually the one who found them and told them to pick them :) We ate them all the time as kids!

  7. Aw, I miss my old goaties trying to break in! Don't those animals have the funniest personalities! Sounds like a great week and a great start to the weekend.

  8. How did I not know you had goats?!?!?! I raised an orphaned pygmy when I was a little girl, so I long to have an urban goat farm in my life (after we leave NYC, of course). :-) George can't understand my obsession. My grandmother has two orphans she is now raising and I feel like they are the dolphins of dirt. Always happy and jumping around. :-)

  9. Thank you for the homeschooling article. :)
    Seriously. Thank you. I, too, was that kid. And I am sure we'll encounter the "socialization" critiques as well...

    1. You're so welcome, Shelley. Clearly you turned out to be an awesome adult (I perused your blog to make sure ;) ) so you're just proving my point! :)


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