Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes- the boy is clearly a genius

Gosh I was such a mess yesterday.  Thanks for putting up with my whining and offering all your delicious tidbits of wisdom.  Not only did I take a nap (!!!!!) after writing that post, I also went to bed before midnight.  And so today I'm all

as opposed to yesterday's

Oops, did you miss the part about my emotional instability?  My husband and kids super love it, lemme tell ya.

Speaking of kids, my little Paul (he'll be 5 in August) has been having the most precious conversations with us lately.  For example, he was asking questions about Tommy and me before we were married and then he got all emotional because he wasn't born yet and he would miss us if he couldn't live with us:  

"But where was I when you were in Greece, mama?"
"You were safe and happy in God's heart, getting ready to meet us."

So today he was asking about our retired bachelor neighbor.

"Mr. M. doesn't have a family?"
"He does.  He has a mom and brothers....."
"But his kids...are they safe and happy in God's heart?"
Bless him!


He's also learning to read and write, which is awesome and slightly astonishing as I haven't actually made a concerted effort to pre-school him very much this year.  His favorite out loud/with magnet letters/with pencil on paper word to spell is p-o-o-p (capitalize on their interests, that's what I say) but the other day, of his own accord, he did this:

Reading from left to write, bottom up, it says "secor", which clearly means "soccer", complete with illustration of boy and soccer ball (above his head, because naturally he is a freaking rock star out on the field).  A vowel after every consonant!  Be still my proudy pride-filled heart.

Anyway, before I give you all the juicy details I do need to go back through my lists (lists!  I hear lists!), but I think we may have all of our books and lesson plans for the next school year and I am SO EXCITED.  Instead of just using what we could get our hands on, like we did this year, I made, like, choices.  And the choices are good.  And the books are lovely.  And the information is interesting.  Even the kiddos are excited.  I think Katie's read half her history book already and done the first lesson in Saxon 8/7.  By choice.

Buncha nerds up in here, I tell ya what!

In case you like some of the more seriousish thought-a-rific stuff that comes out of my brain every now and then, you can take a gander at my most recent posts at Catholic Exchange: this one about how I came to embrace the fact that boys don't have to get to be pregnant and this one about, well, how doing stuff that's actually hard is harder than doing stuff that isn't.  And how that kinds sucks, but in a good way.


And seriously, how cute are these two? Biggest sister + little brother = love.

(yes, the tarp is chic.  The dog drinking out of the trough/baby pool.  The boy outdoors in his pajamas.  We're straight kuntry now, yo!)
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  1. First! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture. My sweet oldest girl is 8 years older than her first little brother and when the two of them get together to play or read or hang out, I absolutely melt!!! LOVE. IT.

    And how cute is your boy with his poop and secor? I love that, too!!!

    I don't think I have told you lately...I love your blog. :)

  2. Ahhh, Saxon, that's a name I haven't heard in a while...LOL Now that I'm an adult, I can appreciate school and then run far far away from it...and math. Your kids are too cute. Happy Friday, lady!

  3. Such a good picture....makes me excited for when my little boy (and hopefully more children) can play outside!

  4. My little man used to call it "woccer" He had a serious speech/language issue but I still thought it was godawful cute.

  5. Another advantage of homeschooling! Learning by osmosis! I didn't teach my daughter anything this year either. Whenever my son was doing schoolwork I just threw a coloring book at her. She was always watching him do his work and wanting to do his book. Then one day my husband had her sign a birthday card, thinking she would just scribble as usual. She wrote her name! Isn't it nice when they make our job easier by learning all on their own?

    Can't wait to see what books you have decided on for next year. I'm trying to get everything nailed down here too. This baby will come right after school starts. I figure I'll get a nice routine going so it can all turn to chaos with the baby's arrival!

  6. And this...this a prime example of why I follow a blog geared mainly toward pre-pregnant, pregnant, post-pregnant, and biologically-able-to-become-pregnant humans even though I fall under none of those categories (I'm a dad who will never have to, I mean, get to, become preggers (does anybody use that term for realz?). Thank you to Catholic Exchange for pointing me in Dweej's direction! :)

    1. Well thanks, Anonymous Man. I think there are 4 others of your kind. Y'all should start a club or something!

  7. Happy weekend Dweej and family!

  8. I'm so jealous you guys already have it all lined up for next year!!! Today was Em's last day of school and Liz still has 2 weeks, but I am already feaking out about next year! Need to review prior posts about your textbook website gems. Your kids are so precious!

  9. The dog is my favorite feature of that pic. hehehe
    My 4, almost 5 year old, is starting to write and read too. It's miraculous. I'm no good at even teaching my kids old enough to do those things...whew!
    Oh man. Pregnant hormones are so fun, eh? I hope you are feeling better. I was going to comment yesterday, but you had so many I figured there was no need to add mine. lol I don't have any special wisdom, I just like you and hope you feel better!

  10. Oh yes. Go with the interests. Poop reigns when it comes to my little guy's favorite topics.

    Choices!!! Fun!!! I want to see what you've chosen, my dear, so get on that would ya? ;)

    One unstable gal to another: have a great weekend. :)

  11. How cute!

    Thanks for interpreting the "soccer" for us - I'm not sure I would have got it otherwise.

  12. Your Paul sounds super sweet, and smart, obvi! I think he needs a brother, so maybe I can send you a boy (whomever is being the naughtiest at the moment) and you can send me your baby girl when she arrives, deal?

  13. Saxon math is the best! We started out with Mortenson Math (ugh!) during my homeschool days, then switched to Saxon, then I ended up taking math through my high school diploma program. I think I'd be a much better mathematician if we'd stuck with Saxon all the way.

    P.S. He totally is a genius.

  14. I love nerdy home school kids! My #2 took his math book to bed with him last night to read. To read!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like torture to me, but I'm not complaining.


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