Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spray paint before/after

World's Ugliest Mirror before...

World's Trendiest Mirror (hello? grey + chevron = totally hip) after...

Just a little sneak peek into Cecilia's pre-Nugget mini bedroom-cheapo-redo.  You're welcome.

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  1. It's amazing what a can of spray paint will do.

  2. I love spray paint!

    For painting.....let's just be clear about that.

  3. Totally rad! I've been inspired! Watch out world, I'm going to get me a can of spray paint! :)

  4. Wow - much better! I would hace done pink or something silly and msde it worse!

    1. I was about to make it worse by painting it white (I know) but decided to put the grey primer on first....and liked the way it looked so much I just left it that way!

  5. well done!
    and I now hate my bathroom mirror :(

  6. Love it!

    Also, twenty years ago some chick was probably like, "This is the world's ugliest mirror. I think I'll sponge-paint it! Now it's trendy!"

  7. For real, I'm about to attack some things with spray paint around here. Everyone should be terrified.

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