Thursday, May 10, 2012

She needs to...sniff her armpits? {p. h. f. r.}

Yesterday via twitter, my friend Mary Kate tried to ruin my day by telling me that cloudy weather was headed our way.  I told her she better watch what kinds of lies she's trying to spread (literal quote: "You hush your mouth, Dempsey!").  And just look at who was wrong:

Not a cloud to be seen in southwest Michigan today, my friends!  Cari, you best bring that new baby of yours and all her doting siblings to see us, stat.

Can you even imagine how many frig-fraggin' fresh peas we're gonna have in few weeks????
Git the trellises up, honey!

This morning my two eldest children went on a field trip.  Apparently they thought that in order to be picked up at 7:45, they would need to leap from their beds, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE A.M.  Only after insisting that they get their sleep deprived hineys back in bed for another hour did I find this little gem on the door of one of their rooms:
Item #4 is of particular interest to me....

Right as I started this post, this happened:
Danger 6,587 of being 8 months pregnant: much larger surface area upon which to spill one's beverage.

Gosh, I'm so well-bred.

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  1. Oh Blah blah blah..... God's on your side and whatnot.... Dwija is Queen of the Weather! Happy now? LOL

    1. Hahahahaha! Just for posting this, God's totally gonna smite me with a hail storm or something...

  2. Bahahahaha! I love that there is no follow up to sniffing armpits. Just gotta sniff 'em. Also, I have pea envy. Please read that correctly.

  3. My favorite is, "Be a stink butt!"

  4. lol...I'm with Rhonda on the stink butt item, too funny!

    I live with an armpit sniffer/sock sniffer. What can I say?

    Oh how I remember having blackish lines from our station wagon steering wheel on my growing preggers tummy. Had to have the seat up so I could reach the pedals..wasn't much clearance between baby and wheel.

    Mmmmmm...I have pea envy too. Not envying your need to pee around this stage of baby, though.

  5. I've heard that occasional showers are the cure for a bad case of smelly armpits and the stink butts! ;)

  6. Totally love "lounge if there is time"...ahh girls after my own heart! They could streamline if while lounging they sniff armpits and be stink butts. A true lesson in multitasking.

    Baby belly looks sweet and beautiful...even when spilled upon!

  7. "Be a stinkbutt" is on my daily list, not just my Thursday one!

  8. Smelling one's armpits is always on everyone's list, you kids just have the foresight to write it down..LOL Never underestimate it.

  9. Haha...the list is so funny...and spilled beverage or not..that is a beautiful belly and the droplets look like golden jewels.=)

  10. "Lounge if there is time." Hahahaha! How . . . pragmatic?

  11. I am SO putting Be a Stinkbutt on people's To Do lists around here.

  12. I love your kid's lists. It's like a mullet - business and party all in one!

  13. Love the list - just too funny - I especially like that smelling the armpits appears to be part of the hygiene routine...
    And you're entitled to spill on the belly - otherwise you would have had to bend over and mop up the floor, or use a dishtowel with your toes... we wouldn't want you to have to start exercising so early in the morning.

  14. Lounge if there is time is my new mission statement. Thanks, Borobia girls : )

  15. Why do I suspect that Lizzy is the one who tasked Katie with "Be a stinkbutt"? And my favorite part of the list? The fact that they used their last names!

  16. Hahaha funny list!!

    And in my first pregnancy, I spilled ice cream on my belly ALL. THE. TIME.

  17. Well, at least they brush their teeth and hair. Love the list.

  18. Oh my gosh. Your children must have picked up your ability to crack people up. I love it!!! hahahaha

  19. I like the "lounge if there is time" - it's a comprehensive list, you have to say that about it.

  20. that list is hilarious! I don't know which is my fave- smell armpits, lounge if there is time, or be a stink butt.


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