Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pretending to be fun. And crunchy {p.h.f.r}

Pretty is the hardest category for me, which ought to tell me something about what I notice and photograph as I go through my days.  Shame on me and my lack of beauty hunting! (Not to be confused with "booty hunting" which is, like, totally different).

So let's pretend this photo is pretty and I'll tell you real quick about making my own reusable baby wipes.

Once upon a time I ran out of baby wipes.  And because we have just the one car and Tommy takes it to work, I couldn't go to the store to get more.  And I says to myself, I says "dweej, the pioneers didn't have disposal hiney wipes and I'm pretty sure their babies pooped.  Let's solve this problem like reasonable folk, shall we?"

And so we did.  By polling facebook.  And it turns out that, as with most things, it's only complicated if you make it complicated, which, of course, I did.

homemade reusable baby wipes
15 baby wash cloths
2 cups water
1 tsp liquid cleanser (any kind of baby friendly wash would probably do the trick.)
1 tsp oil (most crunchy folk use coconut, which I don't have, so I went with olive.)

Mix.  Wipe.  Enjoy!

Gorgeous weather lets me pretend I'm cool and fun by letting my kids paint.  With real paints!  Even the two year old!  There's a purple heart for that, right?

This child is a piece of work.  Her big sister took this picture a few days ago.

Katie:  Ceci!  Smile!
Cecilia: I'm gonna eat you!

And looky what I got!  Some good ol' uterus toning tea.  Yeah, I know...the baby will come when she's ready.  Blah, blah, blah.  Give me just a tiny illusion of control, will ya?

I'm making up my "Things to do before 37 weeks" and my "Things to do after 37 weeks" lists right now.  What would you put on your lists?  Gimme some ideas.

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  1. things to put on lists:



    1. Hahahahahaha! Ooooooh, that is too funny. Mary B, you are quite the jokester!

  2. Oh boy, I've got a list a mile long of whatwe need to get done before this baby gets here:
    -Buy new car so baby doesn't have to ride on the roof of the current one.
    -Clean out bedroom so baby doesn't have to sleep in storage bin in the garage with the cockroaches (child services frowns upon this)
    -Fix half of holes in the walls
    -Make nutritious frozen meals for family when I'm in a drug-induced state and think "dinner" is a custom they only keep in Hungary.
    -Buy one thousand diapers
    -Plot how to smuggle one thousand diapers out of the hospital

    1. Can I just steal this list? I did however manage to get the garage cleaned out last weekend though!

  3. Man... I have quite a few boxes of that tea that I could have sent you. I usually drink it in my last 2 weeks but never got that far with the cupcake.

  4. Go on a lot of walks. We did the "shake the baby out! shake the baby out!" hike several days a week those last few weeks...

    And I had two other tricks that actually did work in getting the baby out, but one can't put those online. *Ah-UUUUMMMMM*

  5. Mix. Wipe. Enjoy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I was going ot give you a very useful list here, but i decided to put it here:

    You're welcome!

  6. wish I could say walking worked for me - all it did was give me Braxton Hicks and wear me out. And as crunchy as I am I tried all the teas, the tinctures and tonics, can't say those worked for me either. My first was induced (not my choice) the second was 10 days late, and the third was not going to come out any other way except through my stomach. Good luck! I do believe in the herbal stuff but had no luck.

  7. Go polka dancing to induce labor. Crash a Czech wedding reception if you have to....

  8. Reusable baby wipes = so smart!

  9. My daughter was due thanksgiving. And was born new years day. Do the math, it's not pretty. I must've walked 10 miles a day during those last 4 weeks of my 44 week pregnancy. That baby will get here when she gets here. Although fingers crossed for very soon!

  10. Things to do for after 37 weeks - HAVE A BABY. Or clean a refrigerator. Or clean one THEN have a baby.

    Dude, if only I could find that tea here!

  11. WIPES! Yeeeessssss. I have been wanting a "recipe" for those. Thanks ever so much (my budget thanks you too). Also...praying for that sweet little baby to want some fresh air sometime soon. How exciting :)

  12. I love cloth wipes. That IS pretty!
    Also - letting kids paint = heroic. I am SO not one of those moms that allows a free for all with craft supplies. Thinking about it gives me hives.
    Ok, here's a sampling of things I did after my due date when that boy was SIXTEEN DAYS LATE: tried every tincture/herb/suggestion available to get him out (the only exceptions being dancing - because I don't dance, totally embarrassing, but I can see you dancing!! and a pedicure, because I lived in the boondocks), cleaned dumb stuff like baseboards, curtains, and the knobs on my washer and dryer, scrubbed my bathroom floor on hands and knees multiple times, sewed up a matching bedroom set for him (the blanket I made him is his favorite! it was made on his due date!), cried a lot, ranted on my blog and then took down the posts when I didn't like comments (hormonal much?), made lots and lots of food for the freezer, which turned out to be THE BOMB, cried more and had several temper tantrums.
    You are much more virtuous than I, so I imagine that if I were you, I'd just clean like crazy, eat ice cream, and take naps!

    1. Aw, I remember your boy's stubborn stubbornness! You give me so much hope, Andrea :)

  13. I know it's not PC or green or trendy, but in our house, diapers and wipes must go out with the trash. How do you wash poop filled wipes? Eeewwwww. I'll probably go to environmental purgatory and be stuck washing poopy cloth diapers until my hands bleed. That'll show me ;)

    1. Oh don't you worry- I'm doing solely for the cost saving aspects. No PC or trendy choices going on in here! :)

  14. My last few pregnancies I drank that tea like it was coffee--and that's a lot since I couldn't have coffee-- and I never went into labor early but I did notice one thing, my after pains were so much less than my first 2 labors where I didn't drink it. I drank 3-5 cups of the stuff a day, buying it from the Bulk Herb Store made me not see dollar signs every cup.

    1. That is awesome news. Because honestly I don't really want baby to come early...I just want to be as ready as possible when she does come.

  15. Fun post! And I see it was may, so I presume baby is here? But, as for wipes, I want to share what I figured out. It's got to be simple, it's got to be cheap, and of course, it has to actually work. Since this solution is going to be staying on baby's bottom, I think it's important to use something very gentle for the soap component. I have an empty bottle from Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castile soap (I think 1L, but that bottle is so covered in text, I'm not sure!) I add just a few drops of Dr Bronner's to the empty bottle, a drop or two of Tea Tree oil to fight bacteria, mold and yeast, and then just fill the bottle all the way up with hot tap water. I pour half of that over whatever little cloths I have in my wipie warmer. Ta da!


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