Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look! We're Doing Things! {p.h.f.r.}

I don't know if I nest in the traditional manner.  At least not this early.  See, 'cause you gotta pick the stuff that won't get ruined overnight and do that first, amiright?  Get the most bang for your buck and all.  So yesterday was christened Yardwork Day, during which I turned this completely-wacked-out lilac bush...
 ...into this slightly-less-wacked-out lilac bush.  Can you even tell there are downspouts in the first pic?  I thought not.
Totally integral to having this baby, folks.  For realz.  Plus, I got to put the kids to work, which I love.

This is Lizzy.  This week she announced that she....wait for it....LOVES TO IRON.  

Somebody pinch me!

p.s. That's an old pillowcase she was ironing before she cut it up to make, I don't know, some piece of doll clothing probably.  Tres chic, yes?


Something tells me I should be more careful about letting them use spray paint in the future.  I mean....what is this?  I just don't know.

And finally, the piece de resistance:
a big ol' pile of generic magic erasers!  Every pregnant woman's dream.  Because you can't have a baby before you get every single smudge off the walls.  Otherwise what will all the visitors think, I ask you?!?!?!?!?

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  1. I love nesting, pregnant or not. I say you have yourself a little magic eraser party, girl! :)

  2. Oh goodness!! Magic Erasers are seriously like crack (or ok, better than pricey chocolate with almonds and sea salt in them!) to a nesting perggo Mama!! They are MAGIC (even the generic).

    My heart seriously did a little flip flop when I saw that pile: that would have been a dream come true 4.5 mos ago. :0) I wish I were exaggerating.

    1. Oh, I know you're serious, because I used one the second I pulled them out of the mailbox!

      Bought them off of Ebay, naturally :)

  3. Hey, FYI, there was some concern about little hands and magic erasers a while back. You could probably google it. I think the gist of it was that in the hands of a little person, it can be very abrasive on their skin. I usually make my kids wear gloves when using one. Me and my big ole' rawhide tough hands can handle them bare. Let us know if the generic work just as good!

  4. In the first bush pic, I almost couldn't tell there was a house back there! Really, though, our bushes were so overgrown that I ended up finding a literal bag of golf balls and some sort of bird-nest-ornament thing behind one of them...and it was a small bush. Further, what knucklehead throws a bag of golf balls and bird-nest-ornament thing into somebody's front yard? Lastly, go Lizzy! I love ironing, too. How much greater can life get than watching annoying wrinkles fade into nothingness under the hot steam from the iron?

  5. Ironing?? Send that girl over here!! ;-)

  6. Suffering from serious envy over the pile of magic erasers. Serio.

  7. Do you wanna come over with your iron-loving daughter and that pile of magic erasers?

  8. Oh yeah! I love Magic Erasers!! I use the generic kind and they work fine for me... of course it's been so long since I've used the name brand ones that I'm not sure anymore if there is a big difference. I LOVE your pile!! I usually just get one package at a time and cut them into quarters - they just seem to go further for me when I do that...

    And your lilac bush is going to be so beautiful when it begins to bloom! We had planted one at our old house but then moved before we were able to enjoy it. I can't wait to get one here!

  9. Gotta love the lilacs, no matter how whacked out they get.

    You know, I've never used a magic eraser. Suddenly I feel like I'm missing out.

  10. yeah, what's the magic eraser? They look like make-up sponges.

  11. where the heck are you peeps getting generic Magic Erasers??? I never knew there was such a thing.

    1. EBAY honey!

      p.s. I love that I'm replying to your comment and you're totally in labor right now. The internet is awesome!!!!! :D

  12. I just bought a double pack of magic erasers, LOL! I have to pace myself, I have 4 weeks to go! :)


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