Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happiness is a dirt road in May

This day, this day, this glorious day...this glorious day in MAY!

As of just a few short hours ago, I can now say "next month" when someone asks me when this baby will make her debut.  Next month.  Oh yes sir, yes sirreee bob, it's true.  Say it with me friends...


Shall I regale you with a neurotic list of the things I plan to accomplish before 37 weeks?  Followed by a similarly alarming list of all the things I plan to do between weeks 37 and 40?  No.  Not today.  Soon, but not today.

Today I'll tell you about an impromptu walk down a country road.  Our country road.  Morel hunting and flower picking.  Finding the perfect stick.  A springtime breeze blowing from the west.  The sweet smell of jasmine.  Our neighbor's tractor.  Laundry hanging to dry.  A ring discovered in the dirt on the far side of the barn by an excited little girl.

It's a good day.  A very good day.

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  1. Awww, country living. It's the best. Hooray for baby being a mere month away!!

  2. I lived eight years in Michigan, May is such a great month there! Anywhere, actually!

  3. Hooray for happy days and buried treasures!

  4. Next month? how time flies... woohoo!

  5. Next month!? Wow! Already! What a beautiful road you live on! :)

  6. May is awesome. I get to say, yes, I'm having the baby this month.

    Oh yes, still pregnant.

    I cleaned the refrigerator yesterday - does that mean the time is close?

  7. Woo hoo! Next month!

    And I'm super jealous-it was already 90 at 9:30 here today.....

  8. Happy May day! All these babies! Spring brings new life. :)

  9. Love this!
    Oh my goodness I can't believe it's almost time for that sweet girl to show up!!!

  10. It's so green there already! I don't ever remember it being soooo green so early.
    It must mean it'll be a gorgeous June for the newest gorgeous Borobia to make her appearance.

  11. Wow, next month?!?!? Yippee!!!

  12. I love that you're a crazy nester, too :) So glad you had a good day! Happy May!

  13. Oh, I think that's my ring I lost by the barn. Whoops, guess not. That would have been in Minnesota.

    Great post. Always take time to simply savor the day.


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