Thursday, June 07, 2012

Devo in the HOUSE! {p. h. f. r.}


Can something be "awash" with peas?
If so, then our garden is simply AWASH with peas.  This is the what the kids picked just yesterday before they got hot and tired.  The flat young ones can be eaten pod and all (like snow peas) and the fatty older ones they shelled.

They are sooooooooo delicious.  And some of them are enormous, as evidenced by this fine photo shared yesterday.
One of my cousins is unabashedly vying for the place of "favorite aunt" in my children's hearts (we just say Aunt, because what?  Second cousins?  First cousins once removed?  No and super no.) and so she sent my kids this gift to end all gifts for no reason whatsoever except that she's a Cieslak, which automatically makes her awesome:

Ages 2-11, boy and girls, all played, and are still playing, with that thing for hours and hours and hours and hours.  And I know.  I can't pretend this happened this week, what with Cecilia in a turtleneck and Liz in a jacket.  Mea culpa!  As with everything else, I'm just gonna blame it on the baby...



The Ultra Devo-Lux Ltd. Edition - album cover

Who knew my son was so retro hip?

Also, he's super respectful and I'm really mean.  Here's a "conversation" we had as I was getting the two littles into the tub this morning:

Paul:  You're a poop
Me: No, YOU'RE a poop
Paul:  What about a turd?  You're a turd.
Me:  Well, you smell like a turd.
Paul:  I do?  Yep, you're right.  I do.

File:Connecticut Highway 174.svg
Yep.  That's how much I weigh right now.  Exactly 45 lbs. heavier than when we started this baby makin' adventure.  And I'm telling you this because once she comes and we get everything under control, this blog is gonna help me get back to where I need to be.  Unless I birth a 38 lb. child in which case: PAR-TAY TIME!

Oh, but the goody goody good news is that I've lost half a pound in the last two weeks (as is normal for me at the tail end of  pregnancy) so I totally did a jig about that this morning.  Yes, for real.

round button chicken

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  1. Girl add +10 and that's what I weight when I gave birth.

    It'll come off - I promise

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm at least 20 ahead of you. But I don't really know since the British medical system doesn't seem to believe in these things called "scales" or the idea of "weighing people". Or maybe it's just the pregnant ladies that they don't care about.

  3. I don't know how your small frame is holding up that many pounds. Don't worry. You'll be a mother of 5. Those pounds will come right off after one day of running around after them. And bite your tongue about the 38 lb baby. Ouch.

  4. Oh girl you're tiny. And I'm pretty sure you're taller than me! Not fair! ;-)
    That castle is SWEET!
    Hope you and that sweet baby are loving fresh veggies from the garden. What a huuuuge blessing!

  5. Add 20 pounds and you got my preggy weight! YUCK.

  6. I have 8 more to lose, gained about 24 this time ( I was always complaining about my weigh obsessed OB on twitter ). You are all baby, it will all right off!

    Fresh peas from the garden was such a highlight for me growing up. Never enough to cook, we ate them all as we picked them. Thanks for the great memory.

  7. your weight sounds about like mine with every pregnancy. It does get depressing no matter what the audience says! I hope you have great success in losing after the pregnancy. I also geared myself up for that too :-)


  8. Dwija, sweetheart... add 10lbs to that and you have my goal weight. (Like how much I want to weigh) I wish I had only weighed that at the end of any of my pregnancies!!!

  9. psssshht. Add 5 and you've got what my weight is first thing in the morning, buck naked. Please tell me you're, like, 5'2"?
    It's funny, because I was actually in the middle of writing an article about weight when I slacked off- er- came over here to do some research.

  10. I want to lose half a pound! I also want to use "awash" on the blog as soon as possible. Unfortunately. I think I've put on about a billion pounds this month...:(

  11. 174? Ha! Don't make me laugh at such a puny little number! ;-) And giving birth to a 30+ pound baby may seem great in weight loss but you'd still have to push that bambino out!! Ouch.

  12. You'll be glorious and skinny before you know it - FIVE kids dude. Five. You'll be running. With the baby on boob.

  13. Hi. Weighing in at 207 today. My starting weight was 172. I'm sure I'm having a 35lb baby :)

    Those castle things are awesome! A person could live in one... weather permitting ;)

  14. Oh my goodness those peas...they look amazing! How great your garden must be right now. I think I need to learn some important "green thumb" tips from you one of these days.

    As for the baby, I am just so excited to "meet" this little one. Pounds added be damned. You look beautiful! It'll all come off within a month or two, I am almost willing to bet. If not...let's get on a schedule together? Yes? Motivators unite?

    Did I really just type that? Must be the homemade wine talking...

  15. I lost twenty-ish pounds after giving birth to Henry so far, so there is hope! :-)

    Those peas look so good. They are my favorite veggie!

  16. It's always a sad, sad day when I pass my husband's weight, usually around 8 mos. or so. He refuses to gain sympathy weight, the big meanie.


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