Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eating, Reading, Waiting {p. h. f. r.}


These banana nut muffins are the shizzle.  Do you have The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook?
If not, get it immediately.  Sooner, if possible.  Then make their banana bread but put the batter into a muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes instead of 55.  Boom.  Giddy children.  Fragrant house.  Feelings of homemakerishness.
Look what my friendly, neighborhood UPS driver brought me today!  A big thanks to MightyMighty, who blogs all anonymous-like at Letters to Us.  She knows cheap-skating is my favorite sport and very generously sent this to us for our penny saving enjoyment.  Yay!

{funny} {real}

The belly shelf is now so large that I can set the phone AND a drink on there at the very same time.  Family members regularly run into it.  I accidentally smash it against kitchen counters and screen doors.  Tell her to come out, will you?  Pretty please?

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  1. Oooooh. Tightwad Gazette. That sounds good!

    1. And it's, like, 4 inches thick too!

    2. Fierce loves to mock how many times I've read it, but it is so, so, so good! I hope you love it!

      Also, I pulled a tightwad when I bought this, and I bought a used hard cover copy, which is a fourth the price of a new soft cover edition. Hope you don't mind, but I prefer the hard cover.

  2. I was just thinking of that very book. My family had a copy when I was growing up and yesterday I spontaneously thought, hey, that Tightwad Gazette was a great read. I was thiiiis close to putting it in my amazon cart. Now I have to. It's a sign!

  3. Waiting is seriously overrated. Baby come out please. It's not a very good idea to start life disobeying your mother!

  4. Baby girl, COME NOW! Your mom's P.H.F.R. post next week needs to be about you!!

  5. We are waiting for our #5 too (Aug. 4 due date). Wifey feeling pretty darn uncomfortable! All the best and prayers to you Dwija for an easy, quick and safe delivery!

  6. Seriously, if I don't keep knocking the kids down with my belly, someone's gonna call social services.

  7. That book looks pretty neat-o And for some reason the instant I saw those muffins it made me want pumpkin muffins like wild. I think I've got my seasons mixed up, or my own little belly dweller already has plans of her own. Hope your little lady makes her appearance her soon!

  8. LOVE the Tightwad Gazette. Yeah!

    And I keep telling that baby to come out, but apparently she doesn't listen to authority.

  9. Totally random, but you're in my (last) MOPS magazine! I saw your name on the contents page and felt like, "hey! I know her! It's Dweej!". (because I am a dweeb....)

  10. I just reviewed the Tightwad Gazette on my blog yesterday! Are you going to have that baby today? I think you will. She should be ready today! It's Friday afterall...

  11. Come out, Baby!

    (I typed that in my teacher voice. That should help, right?)

  12. I'm already in search of the Tightwad Gazette. Thanks! Goodness knows we could stand to tighten our belt quite a bit around the Escovedo abode.

    Oh, and baby hurry up already!


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