Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mini Reno Pics and Rambling

Well, I'm totally still super pregnant.  Because DUH, it's Tuesday!

See, I've gone into labor on Friday with my last three babies.  And #1 was induced, so obviously if we had waited she would have started her debut on a Friday.  Obviously.

So Friday.  You'll see.

But my friend Nina is having her baby TODAY!  Hop on over to her blog and give her a little lovin', will ya?  So happy and excited and giddy and thrilled for her.  And for the record, I'm guessing girl for her.  And mostly always I'm right.  Except about myself, apparently. Embarrassing....

Ooooooh, and and and AND I'm totally getting stuff ready for New Nugget's arrival, just like any psycho normal mommy-to-be-does and I finished the mini spiffying of the tiny room for tiny people.  Here is the original before/after post for that room, when we made it from a den of disgusting to tolerable.

But then we moved Paul's toddler bed out (did I forget to tell you about what we decided to do there?  I'll come back to that on another day) and added in a few fun details.  Check it, yo:

Remember the impulse sea creature purchase from the thrift store?  Totally fun.

And of course, the world's easiest mirror makeover combined with diaper boxes for storage of cloth diapers (because I'm clever like that) which I covered all by myself with fabric that I sewed all by myself, because I can do things all by myself!  I'm a big girl, now!

Holy cow...can you tell I haven't been sleeping well?

Ramble ramble ramble ramble.  Exclamation point.  Question mark.  Ellipses.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

p.s. Are you on the twitter?  The clever Arwen Mosher came up with #babyunseen as my labor hashtag and I'm going to try and do a little bit of live tweetin' of baby time, plus updates leading up (which are already there for your time-wasting enjoyment).  Anyway, so you can follow me there if it tickles your fancy @HouseUnseen

Peace out, homeys.

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  1. I love those boxes! If the baby doesn't come could you post how you made those or a link. I've been looking for a pretty cheap way to organize homeschool and baby stuff and that would work, maybe. My sewing skills are slim.

  2. Ooh gorgeous room, you've been busy, lady!!!

  3. oh, the boxes look pretty! And you're forcing me into this twitter thing, aren't you? Ai, I can't seem to figure out why it's not just like Facebook but without the pictures...I'm sure I'm missing something.

  4. I love reading your posts...so totally out there and I so totally get it.

  5. Those boxes...how clever! I am in desperate need for some storage options for Baby #4...this is going on my to-do list :) I know I've got some insomnia-filled nights coming up!

  6. You get more accomplished while super pregnant than most folks do sans child in utero. And and and AND you do it using words like "homeys" and "yo," which totally makes it that much cooler. You go, girl!

  7. Hang in there -- not that you have much choice. Prayers for a great delivery.

  8. Super cute re-do of the room. Come on baby unseen. We're ready to meet you!

  9. The room looks adorable! Tell baby unseen that the whole world is anxiously awaiting her sweetness. Unless she is shy. In that case tell her none of us are looking... You get tons of rest for Friday.

    So super baby gender predictor, what do you think I am having? Sonogram is tomorrow but I think we are going to have them write it down and find out when the whole family is together.

  10. Praying for you during this "waiting" period. Come on baby!!

  11. I could have done without seeing, again, what that room used to look like. Egads! The wallpaper, the wood paneling...WHY?

    Yay for bright and sunny and uncluttered rooms, and organization, and being ready!

    Hope she comes Friday!

  12. Yay!! so exciting :) I will be stalking Twitter!

  13. FYI y'all- Nina had her baby and everything went great AND she is a girl, just like I said. Because I'm the gender predictor like that :)

  14. I haven't been blogging because ALL my posts are "Ramble ramble ramble ramble. Exclamation point. Question mark. Ellipses" plus a lot of misspellings and horrible grammar usage!

  15. Girl, you are everywhere! I'm sure you've seen the post this am on Ignitum Today. Is there a pool started yet for when Baby Unseen will arrive? The room looks great, I know you're ready! Praying for you.

  16. Live tweeting your delivery!?! You are so technologically awesome. Just sayin... ;)

  17. I'd love to see how you made those boxes too. Link please?

    1. Well, I didn't use any of the tutorials that I found because they were WAY too complicated. I did a totally easy, ghetto way. I'll see if I can come up with my own tutorial-ish post for you guys :)

  18. I love the diaper box idea! Look at you, being all crafty :)
    I'll be watching the twitter for you on FRIDAY...because wouldn't that be so cool if that new little bundle followed the others?!

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