Saturday, June 09, 2012

Outfoxing God

I’m a thinker. Not “Hey, let me do your thinking for you because I’m just SO good at it” but “Hey, maybe if I just think super hard about all the facets of this situation and imagine all the possible outcomes, I can will it into working out the way I want it to.” Why yes, I do have control issues. Thanks for asking!

 So here I am, 38.3 weeks pregnant with baby number five, and I am doing my most very best, as usual, to outfox God. If you’ve never tried it, don’t. It’s really exhausting. And it NEVER works. But for some reason I can’t help myself. Something about those control issues or whatever, probably…

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  1. So now would not be a good time to tell you how my daughter was born at 44weeks, 5 days? I guess I should keep that to myself :) prayers for a happy, healthy baby, and soon!


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