Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes- It's Funny and I'm Grateful

You guys.

Everywhere that Tommy goes becomes the hottest place in America.

He left the desert for Michigan because he HATES the heat (well, among other reasons.  A dilapidated shanty house with no mortgage being one of them.  But I digress.) and now it has been one of the hottest, driest Junes ever recorded in the history of the Mitten AND IT IS EVIL AND NO GOOD AND VERY BAD.  And all of y'all in those southern states who are saying "100 degrees is nothing!" let me remind you that we ALSO have a real winter.

So seriously.  100 degrees in JUNE in MICHIGAN is really beyond the scope of what we should be expected to contend with.  I declare it to be true.

Oh yes I did just spend a whole take griping about the weather. Because guess what?  By dinner time yesterday it was 79 degrees in the house and we couldn't get it any cooler and I am a sweating postpartum blob of sweat and postpartumyness with my swollen face and legs and arms and water retaining eyeballs of swollen postpartum messiness AND IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY AND I WAS HOT.  That's why.

But do you know what made it all better?  This.  This delicious nugget of hilarity:
This was drawn by the talented Heather Cushman-Dowdee whose website you must visit HERE.  Gosh I truly laughed so hard I cried.  But that's maybe also the hormones talkin'.  I don't know....

Sometimes, if you're the 5th kid and you have 3 older sisters, you're gonna get a pink flower stuck on your head over a pink hat while wearing pink jammies that have a huge pink collar.

And your mom is not even gonna come to your rescue but will instead chirp from her perch on the glider "Hey, don't scratch the lens on the camera, dude."

But you know what's made this otherwise bumpy recovery (more deets on that during/after full birth story.  You've been warned) possible and even enjoyable, if you can imagine such a thing?  Generous, kind, fantastical friends.  

Like my friend V., who doesn't have a blog, but does have a 7 month pregnant belly.  And was she afraid to take all 4 of my big kids and her 2 exterior children for a day of fun when I had the baby?  And bring us back dinner?  And bring us fresh fruit 2 days later?  That would be a big fat n-o.  Lovely, brave, always smiling woman that she is.

Or my friend A. (I think she blogs anonymously, so you may not have the joy of knowing her real name.  Bwahahahahahaha!) who blogs at Simple Hidden Life, who came over countless times before and has come over countless times since to entertain my children with her children and make me tea and cook for me and tell me to sit down and put my feet up.  She and her family just moved to SW Michigan, and through the magical, mystical world of the Catholic mommy blogosphere, we have become great friends and now share a parish and an area code.

Or the Onderlindes, who own Forget me not Landscape in Kalamazoo.  Fellow homeschooling family, parish friends, generous, funny, all around good people.  They brought us food.  They brought us BEER.  If I called them right now, they'd bring us a car to borrow.  True story, friends.  True story.

Which is to say that I am so blessed and grateful and humbled and 3 years ago could never have imagined the incredible twists and turns our lives would take before the day I turned 32.

And tomorrow is our 12th wedding anniversary. 


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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Also: Your side bar says you still have 6 days to go before the baby is born. Can you have twins 2 weeks apart?

    1. Okay, I finally removed that thing. It started counting up after it was done counting down. Weird!

  2. You really like to pack all the celebrations together, dontcha? Smart, cuz then you're pigging out for one party instead of lots of them! And you should not be postpartum and breastfeeding and having a birthday and HOT. By wilickers, we need to send you some fans woman. Or just put those 4 big kids to use and have them fan you as you eat bon bons.

  3. Oh! And happy feast day to Paul!

  4. Thumbs up on the bonbons and child labor.

  5. Happy birthday! Happy anniversary! And I'm with you and Tommy - HEAT IS EVIL. EVIL. EVIL.

  6. you just turned 32? that means i'm older than you?!?!?!?!?

    *feels all old now because she turned 32 in may*

  7. Same Birthday, Same Age :) LOL Sorry it is so hot! ugh. I remember that after having my older daughter in the middle of August in So. FL. Not fun with all of the post partumness and heat. Happy Anniversary :)

  8. You know why you have such awesome friends? Because YOU are awesome.


    (gosh June is a busy month for you, eh?)

    And I'm sorry about the hot weather. I know it, sister. I live in year-round tropical weather and since I had the baby 7 1/2 weeks ago, I have not stopped sweating. I could live in an ice bath.

  9. BOOM!

    Happy everything to you, Dwij!

  10. Totally not the hormones- that graphic is hecka funny. I'm dying. Ok, well maybe it IS the hormones- I guess I'm not the most reliable gauge right now, lol.

    Happy birthday and anniversary and I hope the recovery improves!!!

  11. I guess this what we get for not having a real winter this year. Boo. Hiss!

    Happy belated birthday to you and Lizzy and happy anniversary!

  12. Happy baby, happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy EVERYTHING!

  13. I absolutely love that cartoon! If my ten-day old twins could read, they would love it too. I am laughing triple for all of us. Congratulations on your baby and your anniversary, and happy birthday!

  14. Happy birthday. Happy anniversary. And stay cool. If it's any consolation, it's hot at you know where here in Minnesota, too, with excessive heat warnings issued.


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