Sunday, July 01, 2012

Winner, winner! But no chicken dinner. Sorry.

Did you think I'd forgotten?  Because if you did, you were right!

Well, not totally, because here I am doing it (obviously).  But yes, I have had periodic moments of complete brain dump during which time I can barely remember when it was I last showered.  So it should come as no surprise that the idea of announcing the winner of this snazzy birthday-guessin' necklace:

has periodically slipped in and out of my mind for the last 8 days.

But right now it is in, and I'm ready to announce!
Jazz hands!

John, who represents 25% of my male readership, used his wedding anniversary as his guess AND will be giving the necklace as a gift to his lovely wife.  Do we love that or do we love that?  You can also check out his inspirational blog here, particularly if you're tired of all my dang exclamation points and bad dance moves.

Not so coincidentally, he also has four girls and one boy, which means clearly there's some kind of numerological significance goin' on up in here.

So John, you just message me your mailing address, okey dokey?  I'll get it sent off in as much of a jiffy as the mother of a 1.1 week old baby can!

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  1. Thanks, and once again congratulations on your baby! I might not have caught this, if it weren't for the fact that your link to my blog rung up so many hits. I hope your readers will come back to my blog for more.

    My wife will be thrilled with the funky necklace! Does the headless pink lady come with it?

    I am sure you have more than four male readers out there. I expect there are plenty of men who read this hilarious blog but never comment, because men (unless they are gregarious Italian Americans like me) don't like to comment much on stuff unless its POLITICS or something techno-nerdy. Men talk about themselves? Ha,ha! Not unless they are pondering existentialist types (see my blog). But men read a lot. They hide, but they're around.

    Okay, so maybe we don't read the posts about things like, hmmmm, "fabric," but overall your articulate and laugh-out-loud funny account of your family's odyssey is something that anyone can, and should appreciate. Especially if they have a crazy family of their own.

    God bless you all.

    1. Aw, thanks John! My husband says the same thing about male readers, so maybe you guys are on to something :)

    2. and p.s. I was going to tag you on fb if I didn't hear from you today, so no worries there :)

    3. Another male reader confirms his existence.

  2. Aw fun! Congrats John! Lucky wifey!


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