Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Mostly About Pee


I don't want to ruin it, so I refuse to tell you about how my 5 week old baby slept from 11:30 p.m. until 5 a.m. last night.  You'll just have to go around imagining me waking up every two hours and...

Oh wait, have you met my 2 year old?  The child is a piece of work.  Hilarious.  Smart.  Loving.  Incapable of sleeping through the night.  I swear to you, dear internetz, I can count on a single hand the number of times the child has gone all night without hollering for one of us.  I mean, how freaking hard is it to put your own blanket back on if you're cold?  Probably easier than opening the art tub and strewing the contents all of the dang floor WHICH SHE IS PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF DOING.  So despite the darling newborn being all darling and sleepy and full of sleep, the toddler, with her pants peeing and all that, still managed to interrupt my many straight hours of potential slumber.

I'm sorry, have I neglected  to mention the pants peeing?  The "potty training" as some are wont to call it?  Y'all know how I roll.  If I'm already knee deep in excrement, why not just dive right in head first, right?  So with a newborn who poops 7,000 times per day and piles of cloth diapers to clean (not really.  The machine does it.) I decided it was high time to potty train the toddler.

Hey, don't make that face at me.  Remember when we potty trained Paul?  Why ruin a good thing?  "Choosing the wrench" as Cari would say.

Anyway, she's actually doing really great overall.  I shouldn't complain.  I mean, I don't really even know where she is right now (Mom of the Year up in here!) and I'm not even worried about pee on a sofa or anything.  She doesn't wear pull-ups or anything.  But seriously?  Changing crib sheets in the middle of your infant's 5.5 hour sleeping streak is not so bueno my friends.

Oh my gosh.  That is totally a thing people should have to do in purgatory.  Changing pee-pee crib sheets in the middle of the night.  Amiright moms or am I right?

Holy cow.  The entire quick takes post about pee.  I didn't even mention poop once!  You're welcome.

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  1. Ah, two year olds. Currently slacking at potty training Rose as I am not feeling up to it this morning... she is pretty good at going in the potty except for when she is looking in the fridge for a snack and pees there instead. I mean, not IN the fridge, but right in front of it.

    Mary is adorable!

  2. So I'm not the only one with an almost 2 year old that doesn't sleep through the night? Do you think they will EVER sleep through the night? EVER? EVER????? :-)

  3. Hahahaha! Choose the wrench, Borobia! It's fun!

  4. 11:30 to 5 am? That's pretty good! My twins are five and a half weeks and we haven't gotten there yet. Sorry about the crib sheets - I think the only thing worse is reaching in and encountering an unknown mess in said crib in the dark.

  5. potty training -- one of the reasons I seriously seriously seriously discern whether it is time to be open to another little blessing from God in the form of a baby. Teething runs a close 2nd.

  6. I am starting a club called, "why I hate crib sheets and why you should too."

    Changing crib sheets in the middle of the night might be my least favorite thing about parenting next to brushing their teeth and having to feed them. (so, you know, basic hygiene, and keeping them I love poop compared to all that.

  7. Isn't life pretty much always about pee when you have multiple little ones?

    I think your potty training spread to my girl, because I gave up on her but she decided to do it on her own. She's been in undies for days by her own choosing and very minimal accidents! I even put a quick take about pee too, so you're not alone. lol

    My littlest one soaked through her diaper and her bed was all wet this morning too. But I'm thankful it wasn't the middle of the night!

    Mary is SO CUTE!!

  8. my 2yo rarely sleeps all night, as well. i think you're awfully brave for potty training w/ a noob...i am resigning myself to having two in diapers forever b/c it sounds easier than potty training my little wild card.

  9. We've been short on sheets before, and ended up laying down a thick towel over the pee, to be dealt with in the morning. Is that horrible?

    One Step Ahead makes a wearable blanket for kids, I think up to 5 years old. You could have a handy friend make something similar if the main reason she's waking up is kicking off blankets. We used one until Wolfie was 3.

  10. Yup, you're insane. I haven't potty trained the toddler yet BECAUSE I HAVE A 2.5 MONTH OLD BABY.

  11. I used to layer a sheet, a protector, another sheet, another protector and another sheet. Best thing ever at 2 am!

    1. Did the changing in the middle of the night once. It was fairly awful. Now I throw this waterproof mat over the bed - like the ones they have in the hospital. My mother-in-law gave it to me when I had my first baby. Not sure where she got it - the hospital, since her husband's a doctor? Anyway, I can pull that off the bed in the middle of the night and put the child back in it.

    2. I did the layering crib sheets with waterproof pads too -- just rip those suckers off in the middle of the night and stumble back to bed. :)

      And I have totally folded a beach towel over a nighttime potty accident for a 2 or 3 (or 4) year old, and stumbled back to bed . . . true confession.

    3. Oh yes, come all ye mothers longing to confess...for we have all covered pee in towels at night. Yes we have!

    4. . laughing out loud, because, of course, I did that last night! But I mean, sheesh! How much laundry can one woman handle? At least let me do it in the daytime. Stocking up on towels is a good thing! Also, cleaning up pee is another thing white vinegar is awesome for!

  12. My husband very rarely changed diapers (he's fairly unreconstructed). But he coped a whole lot better than I did at 2 am clearing up puke!! We both feel we got the better end of the bargain

  13. When my daughter was a baby, she had a "special blankie" handed down from a friend that she wouldn't sleep without. One time she got sick all over it, and screamed until it was washed and dried. At which point she did it again. The very next day I went all over town tracking down 3 more just like it. Major lifesaver for this lazy mommy. The things we do for sleep!

  14. Her baby cheeks are scrumptious! (I felt the need to be specific on what kind of cheeks, what with the potty talk and all!). And my 2 yo and 5 year yo wake up more than the baby, too. What?

  15. I have a 9 year old who rarely sleeps through the night. Seriously. Almost every single night he'll wake up, go potty, and then crawl in bed with hubby and me. So frustrating, but I'm too dang tired at 3a.m. to fight over it.


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