Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy 2 Year Arrive-aversary

Two years ago today we pulled slowly into the driveway of this fixer-upper we had bought for $27K cash off the internet.  The fixer-upper we never saw in person before the day we arrived to live here, children in tow, hearts in our throats.

One year ago, I wrote this and said "I can't wait to see what the next 12 months holds!"

A whole new person, my friends!  In that next twelve months we made a whole new person.

In our second year in our house unseen, we got two goats and we finished our first year of homeschooling, and we made a whole new person.
(this has nothing to do with anything.  It just made me laugh)
I put my pregnant feet down and painted not one, not two, but THREE bedrooms in this fun house of fun...AND WE MADE A WHOLE NEW PERSON!
 I'm not sure which year was harder, which was more exciting, which was more memorable.  Because it seems, quite possibly, that Tommy and I may thrive a little on doing hard, exciting, memorable things.  Which means I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, day one of year three.  A little nervous and a lot happy.  A whole lot happy.

Year three!  I don't know if I've ever even lived at the same address for three whole years, folks.  Just that would be enough to write a whole post about, honestly.

So despite the challenges and the difficulties (yes, we still face them.  Frequently.) we are still so grateful that the Lord set us on this path and we were foolish courageous enough to say 'yes'.  Grateful for my family here in the beautiful Mitten.  Grateful for all the incredible friends we've met along the way.  And grateful for all of you, who I never could have known were it not for this ill-advised adventure.

Soon I will tell you all those things I promised I would tell you, but today I'm basking in the glory of another year of this dream lived.  

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  1. Happy arrivaversary!
    And that picture of the five of you? Straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

  2. Happy anniversary! By the way, I really like that color of green you have on the walls in the bedroom. What is it, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. Ooooh, I took a picture of the label once for someone else. I'll see if I can find it!

  3. I love this, love this so much! Congratulations, sweet girl! <3

  4. First Love that picture of everyone. LOL. and second congratulations :)

  5. Happy anniversary!!!! I loved that picture so much, you look fabulous!

  6. Wow your arrive-aversary is the same day as my wedding-aversary!! Plus 7 years, but still. Congrats!!

  7. Congratulations, Dwija! I am so happy that I found your blog and have been able to follow your journey/adventure! And you made a WHOLE NEW PERSON to boot! You are awesome! I haven't done any of the things I want to around my house and I don't have the excuse of pregnancy or five kids...

  8. Happy 2 years and may your third be even more awesome! (but how do you top making a whole new person?? Unless you er, make another)

  9. Awesome picture and happy anniversary! :)

  10. I totally love that photo of you all! Also...hey, you made a whole new person!!

  11. So if any of you want to recreate the Wes Anderson-ish photo, just go to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. Pay no attention to the other patrons! They won't mind, I promise... ;)

  12. My year 3 be full of happy challenging craziness as you seem to thrive on it!!! And that picture of the five of you is just way too awesome for words.

  13. Love this! Who says married folks with children are old farts without adventure?


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