Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes: 5K, Onions, and Baby

Whew, I'm a dork.  Did you know that I went through the entirety of yesterday thinking it was the 13th?  And I even wrote our arrive-aversary post and patted myself on the back for being so "with it" and "organized" and "not at all in a postpartum daze"?  Opposite day, friends! Totally not with it or organized and so very much in a postpartum daze!

Anyway, so Tommy just pulled these out of our garden...

Gorgeous, right?  I took this photo with my phone, too.  I feel so hip and modern, what with my old school filters 'n' junk. Hip and modern people use the words "hip" and "modern" and "junk", right?  Sweet.

Oooooh, you know what else hip and modern and junky people do?  Virtual 5Ks!

I'm totally doing this.  Because even if I'm still shuffling by the end of September, I think I can put that in the "limp" category.  Winning!  Plus, does that crawling dude not just kill you?

Read the original post here and yesterday's update/faux link-up here and then you really must, must, have to, must, totally need to do it too.  Community!  Accountability! Being svelte!

Hah!  Svelte!  As if.  

I need to lose a minimum of 25 lbs still, but it's a whoppin' 34 in order for me to enter the svelte category.  Now y'all know I'm not super good at math, but I think I'd have to lose, like 10 lbs a day or something to manage to accomplish that by 9/29.  Super healthy, yes?

Earlier this week (see how I'm not even bothering to segue?  Just roll with it, y'all.) my cousin brought her mom and her kids to meet baby Mary.  So I didn't do the laundry that day.  One day.  I skipped the laundry for ONE DAY and just look at what happened:
That's a lot of frackin' clothing, my peeps.  And the big girls weren't home to yell out  the door if one of the littles started, I don't know, sticking a fork into an electrical socket or something, so I would hang a few pieces, scurry back inside to make sure newborn was still sleeping and toddlers were still alive, then scurry back out to hang 3 more pieces then scurry back in then scurry back out....lather. Rinse. Repeat.  

Also, I was wearing a wet blanket over my head.  True story.

So you wanna see another picture of my baby sleeping?  No?  Too bad.  Because you know when she's awake?  at 1 a.m.  And I just can't take pictures at 1 a.m.  So you get photos of her eyelids.  Enjoy!
three whole weeks old today...

(p.s. adorable boppy cover courtesy of sweet Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda)

And finally, in non-conclusiony conclusion, I think we might be gettin' a little school-a-want-y around here already.  I mean, just look at the snazzy new calendar we just put up today in anticipation of having our first kindergartner starting kindergarten at La Escuela de Borobia (we don't actually have a name for our school.  Can you tell?):

The kids were totally into it, which means they stopped watching Curious George for at least 18 whole minutes!  What about you guys?  Do you feel like summer's just getting started or are you ready for books and pencils and projects (ohmy)?

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  1. baby is 10 months old and I'm still in such a postpartum daze that I forgot I sent you that Boppy cover in the box with the blanket. Hah! Glad you like it.

  2. You don't have a clothes dryer? Is this some kind of "crunchy" thing? You probably don't have a microwave oven either. ;)

    I'll do the 5k. Is it okay if I drive?

  3. Soooooooo, Maribel didn't stick? My baby is turning one this month and I bet ya that you and Cari will lose your baby weight faster than I do :)

  4. Ha Colleen! I just took my kids to McDonalds for lunch today. The weight is just sliiiiiiiding right off.

    I am super ready for school to start, if only because I'm so tired of letting the kids watch a million hours of TV, but don't have the discipline to come up with a daily schedule like we have during the school year.

    What's the word for that? Oh yeah. Lazy.

  5. I just took a good look at my giant, getting gianter belly today in the mirror... It's gonna be at least 34#s! & I'm in a prego stuppor, cuz I sat for 5 minutes trying to remember what the heck I went upstairs for today in our new place#3. But we made it to Texas and laundry is totally not done. ;) happy friday the 13th girlie. I'll think about the 5k, k?

  6. I'm still in that haven't-looked-at-the-scale-and-I-don't-care postpartum category. Virtual 5K sounds good! :)

  7. All this weight losing thing postpartum is depressing me so I've decided to just not think about it and have named my belly Winnie the Pooch. How's that for acceptance (or denial?).

  8. Hmmm, so then we don't share an arrive-aversary and a wedding-aversary I guess. Oh well. Gardening question for you: how do you know when to pull up your onions????

  9. Why is that last picture not coming up? Should I stop using Safari already? Love the clothesline picture - Tommy must, too. Awesome. AND it looks like you're doing some retrospective piece on something profound. Genius.

  10. Your onions are pretty! We've been eating ours, too.

    PS - I can't believe you joined the smarter phone crowd. Now I'm the ONLY ONE with a non-internetting flip phone. THE ONLY ONE.

    More PS - I'll do the Virtual 5K. It will help with Operation MILF.

  11. LOVE seeing the clothes line!! I had to keep my happiness to myself when the hubby put up a second line for me~I asked him too!! Can you imagine the look on most women/society's face if I fessed up asking for a second line and loving it??? I let it slip in front of my mother (who is totally modernish and totally opposite of pretty much everything I believe and she looked at me as if I slapped her! LOL! She said, "What in the world would you do that for (hang clothes) your dryer not working??"...Although since the day about 2 weeks ago that hubby installed said second clothes line it has RAINED EVERY DAY!! Grrrr....although this morning when I realized it was sunny and I could hang clothes I was giddy as all get out....guess only those who are clothes line nerdish can relate!! LOL!

  12. Oh we cant wait for homeschooling to start! We are anxiously awaiting our things from Book Samaritian (hubby was out of work for a month and a we had to have a lil help) and cleaning, reorganizing our classroom. I have a problem controling myself when I see all the school supplies being put out!! There is something about 17cent notebooks that makes me giddy with excitement.......apparently it takes very little to make me happy...LOL. I am also gonna try to sew new curtains for the class room with some snazzy school pring material!!

  13. I would love to say "wow, I have that exact red dress thing" or something like that but, do you know how I relate to these pics??? My husband wears the same, errr *pants*..... We are trying virtual school for the one who would rather have teeth pulled than do math. my youngest will be learning KG and "How to read in 100 easy lessons"... and the summer has almost evaporated in front of me... (need rain here in WI) bet it goes faster with a newborn!!!

  14. she is worth the weight.
    my kids now all sleep through the night...and the teens would sleep forever if they could...hang in there!!!

  15. Just so you know, segues are for people who don't understand enumeration. Which is why 7QTs are so fantastical.

  16. I am in a prenatal haze and have ZERO desire to do anything school related. The back to school aisle at Target really ticks me off and I still want to buy swim suits and flip flops!
    Your baby's eyelids are very beautiful, though!


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