Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wherein I Tell You What I'm Going to Tell You

Think, brain.  Think!  Say something meaningful.  Tell the birth story or something.  Anything.  Just make it good.

Ew, did I brush my teeth this morning?  Ugh, I think not.  Nasty, dude.

Anyway, there are 7 zillion things I'm supposed to write about, or rather want to write about.  If I just tell you what they are, can that count as a post?  Sweet!

Okay, so I'm going to be doing a review of two different books: a children's book called Terrible Trevor written by my college friend Pia Pulido (you can gander at her fb fanpage here), and another called Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven , which is a Charlotte Mason style Catholic preschool curriculum.  Super stoked about both.  Can't wait!

Also, I'm going to be doing a giveaway (maybe more than one.  Maybe a bunch!) sponsored by Aquinas & More.  Yay for free goodies!  I heart winning and I adore free things.  If only *I* could enter.  Snap.

Then there's the birth story (of course.  I need my wits about me for that one though, so maybe after her two week birthday) and the results of my attempt at doing an at-home deep conditioning treatment on my hair in an effort to curb the desire to cut it myself: 
evidence of foolishness.  That's plastic wrap, in case you're wondering. And under-eye bags.
and my Homeschooling on a Budget part 2 and how...

Holy mackerel I am HUNGRY!

Hey, Tommy makes a super easy cheater Sangria.  It's really pretty before you mix it.  I should give you the "recipe" for that too.  You'd like that, right?

Clearly I just don't know where to start.

So yeah, I really need to brush my teeth.  

Edited at 4:58 p.m. to add: 

Cloth diapering!  I need to talk about that, too!  My very first week of cloth diapering.  And with no hot water at that.  Gosh, my brain is clearly a sieve.  Oh, and that my husband is a freaking genius in the garden and our tomato plants are probably at least 4 feet tall.  Maybe taller.  And though I'm predisposed to hyperbole (Surprised?  I thought not.) I am not making that up.

Also, no, I have not yet brushed my teeth.

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  1. I cut my own hair sometimes. It's a straight shot. It beats getting a babysitter, taking an hour and half out of my day and 30 bucks for a trim!

    Can't wait to hear about that birth story! Yeah for home births! Now if I could only woman-up and do one..

    1. Have you done a natural delivery at a hospital? I had 4 babies in hospital before I was ready for a homebirth, so I totally get the trepidation :)

    2. I (Inadvertently) gave birth naturally at the hospital with our second son. I tell you - the recovery was soooo much better without all the drugs in my system.

  2. Well, if we lived closer, I would cut and style your hair...just because I can!

    A good home conditioning treatment is a little honey and olive oil, warmed for a bit in the kitchen nuclear reactor. Work through hair, bag it, and then shampoo with a low-alkaline shampoo (Sulfate free is good). But, never, ever, put this mixture on your head and go outside to garden. Nonono. Been there, did that, and ran into bees and flies, all wanting a meaningful relationship with my tresses.

    Chilled Cucumber slices are nice for eye bags. When you finish with them, make a salad, lol.

  3. Congrats Dwija! I'm sort of amazed you're posting anything at all. But really glad because I missed my daily (oh, let's be honest, twice-thrice daily) fix.

  4. I love this post. My blog has been lifeless since I made it back State-side. Hoping to remedy that this weekend.

    Also, I MUST comment and tell you about how I just revived my favorite summer drink from when I lived in Spain. Have you ever had a Tinto de Verano? It is similar-tasting to sangria but cheap and easy to make. Had some yesterday for Fourth of July. Yammers.

    1. What the heck? Auto-correct doesn't understand "y-u-m-m-e-r-s"?

    2. Holy cow. I'm going to be forced to say "Yammers" for the rest of my life. And giggle every time!

  5. You blogged?? Amazing. Now, go brush your teeth!

  6. Ummm...I'm just impresses you're even blogging right now...heaven hel my blog posts when I have this baby...mainly because pain-killer induced posts may scare everyone away.

  7. You can blog AND deep condition your hair at this point postpartum? You're a rockstar! And rockstars don't have to brush their teeth on the regular!


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