Friday, July 06, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Baby/Garden/Funny/Blahblahblah

Y'all.  I just downloaded the photos from the camera and there were 56 of them.  FIFTY-SIX!  98% were from Mary's first bath.  Who in their right mind would want to look at 54 pictures of a 10 day old baby wrapped in a towel?  Here, I'm sure one will do the trick just fine:

That girl is gonna like her some spa days, that's for sure.

Okay, fine.  Two.  I'll show you two pictures because oh my gosh...cutest pirate EVAH.

Argh, matey!

Okay, I guess I'm just gonna have to do it.  Go out in 103 degree weather to take a picture of our tomato plants.  Because yes, they are just that amazing.  Stand by...


In case you can't tell how tall these are (super tall, I tell you), I tried to do a little scale thing by putting my arm straight out at shoulder height.  I'm 5' 6" AND wearing sandals with 1.5" thick soles and THAT is how tall the plants are.  Check it:

And there are even real, live tomatoes growing on them!  Evidence:

I can promise you, with all the promising in my soul, that if I had tried to do this on my own, all of these plants would be dead, having died a slow, painful deadly death possible only at the hands of a black thumb like mine.  But these plants have Tommy the Master Gardener Dude taking care of them, so they have nothing to fear (but fear itself.  Sorry, another stream of consciousness moment.  It happens when I get too hot.)

Anyway, I was seriously considering launching summer school while this weather is so craptastic.  Usually summer is the outdoor season 'round these parts, but not this year, my friends. Not. This. Year.  So why not do some school now and then take the month of September off instead?  I'll tell you why not.  BECAUSE THERE ARE NO AIR CONDITIONER VENTS IN THE HOMESCHOOL ROOM.  So I refuse to go in there.  Listen I just birthed an entire baby in my very own bedroom and am wearing special girdles to try and fuse back together my separated abdominal muscles.  It'll be a day full of flying pork sightings before I'll spend any length of time in there voluntarily, I can promise you that.

Teeeheeeheeeheeeee!  I'm sure you all read Cari's blog already (because for the love of all that is holy I've told you to do so about eight bajillion times.  What are you waiting for?????) but mayhap you have not seen her lovely new blog header featuring her most beloved creature.  Clicky clicky for hahahahaha.

Really?  I'm not done yet?  Holy cow.  

Okay fine, here's a picture of my gorgeous little sassy-pants Cecilia, who decided to make the doll bunk bed (courtesy of Goodwill- $1.99, yo) her very own...

  I wuv her.

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  1. Ha! I just did a whole pictures post, too! YOU'RE LIVING IN MY HEAD!!!
    And thanks for the shoutout- I'm glad you thought the header was funny. Ken just snorted at me. Snorted.
    Now, for the important parts:
    Mary? Adorable.
    Tomatoes? Jealous.
    Ceci? My future daughter-in-law. Who can we marry her off to?

  2. Another beautiful Cecilia! I can say that as a Cecilia because I know another Cecilia (my cousin) who is quite lovely. :)

    This Cecilia is a first time commenter and I HAD to comment about your Cecilia. I love that she's a little sassy-pants! My boyfriend calls me Sassy Ceci every now and again! How my family went 30 some odd years without thinking of that one, I'll never know!

    Anyway, enjoyed your quick takes!

  3. Mary is so cute! ALL of your kidlets are cute. And yes, Mary definitely has an 'I love spas' look on her face. LOL

  4. We just had a chorus of awes here followed by some hysterical laughter. Mary is just precious. And Cecelia is such a doll! ;)

  5. Hi Dwija, It sure it hot, isn't it? Can't even just sit outside, it's so hot but the kids sure seem to do better than adults do. Also, just wanted to make sure a giftcard made it to you ok. Have a blessed day, love your family. You are good parents!

    1. Oh, sneaky sneaky Anonymous! Yes, we did get the giftcard and we are so very grateful. I put a thank-you on my facebook page in case you were on there, but here is even better. So THANK YOU!

  6. Those are definitely some epic tomato plants. I always forget that they start out green. And, you know, come from outside.

  7. SO super jealous of your garden, one day I will be a better homemaker!!

  8. The pirate look is a good look for her. What am I saying?! All looks are good looks for babies. More photos please. :)

  9. Dwija! Random comment, because I see you've mentioned this NOWHERE in your blog, but I just discovered your article in my MomSense magazine that I've been working my way through over the last week or so. This particular issue has already been working some pretty serious change in the way I look at life (when has a periodical ever covered Contentment??) and then I realize YOU are in here, too! Sweet! (And now I've suddenly got "It's a small world after all..." running through my head... Not because I know you, but because you're part of the reason I started blogging!)
    Enough rambling from me - Thank you!!

    1. Ooooooh, someone I "know" saw it! I haven't even seen it yet, but am glad to hear it's really there :)

      I'm happy to hear that their publication is so uplifting. Maybe I'll look into writing for them again...

  10. AW she's a sweetheart! Little pirate baby and little miss Celia. ;)

  11. Cutest baby evah!! (well, baby girl, since my Scrumplet is the cutest baby boy evah)

  12. oh my gosh the baby is beautiful! And I love the picture in the doll crib too. I have GOT to hit up Goodwill!!! We even have one close to our new place. :)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  13. Loving the kids! And the tomatoes. And tell me more about this girdle... after almost two years of yoga and crap I think my muscles are sorta-kinda back together, but I'm not entirely sure.

    1. I'll be sure to be more specific when I do my "postpartum exercises and junk" post, but basically it's one standard postpartum belly band for the middle, and then this weird 2-part one that covers the upper and lower portions. It is not comfortable and it is HOT, but I manage to wear them at least a little every day. More in the very beginning after delivery...

    2. Alright. When you get around to that post. WHEN you have the time!!!!! :)

  14. I almost woke the baby up (that I spent over an hour walking around with to rock to sleep) when I laughed at that photo over at Cari's blog. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

    Oh yeah, Mary is cute too :)

  15. Miss Mary looks so happy and content! What a sweetie!

  16. So much sweetness and goodness in one post. Luvin' it.

  17. Gorgeous kiddos and gorgeous tomatoes, Dweej!

  18. I have always enjoyed reading you blog so I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. You can check it out here.
    Have a great weekend.

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