Monday, July 30, 2012

What the Heck is Going on?

My house has a weekend hangover.  Do I say that every Monday?  I think so.

Well, it's Monday....and it's true.

Plus, I just did that thing with the baby where you take off the carrier without removing the  baby and place her ever so gently, still clad in the carrier, onto your bed and then walk very, very slowly backwards because sweetbabyjeezus you haven't used the bathroom in 9 hours.

And now she's awake.  Again.

You guys, what the heck???  For 5.5 weeks we did so well!  So well.  And now I can barely stand to walk on my carpets in bare feet and people are starting to have to dig through piles of laundry to find something to wear and there's a basket of wet clothes waiting to be hung on the line AND an additional load of wet laundry also in the machine.  The assembly line is totally backed up, yo.


I'm still wearing the clothes I wore yesterday.  Not pajamas, mind you, because I didn't have the energy to change into pajamas before I fell into bed last night and slept for 17.2 minutes at a time.

My face hurts.  You know that feeling?  When you're so tired that the skin on your face hurts?

Collage time!

Well, 40% of my children are crying right now.  Probably I should tend to them, yes?

Hey, the rosary giveaway ends tonight, so if you haven't entered, HOP TIGGITY-TO IT!

(They stopped crying.  Apparently I should ignore them more often.)

Last thing, last thing...I swear.  Snapshots from a Sunday is up over at Clan Donaldson and you should clicky clicky to gander.  Go!

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  1. I had that same "What the heck?!" when Thomas was about 5 or 6 weeks old. It got harder around then because he stopped sleeping... oh... CONSTANTLY and actually started to wake up to the world. Had a whole new adjustment phase with sleep schedule and everything because sleep was no longer the default state of being. :/ My idea of what he was thinking: "I gave you people a chance and clearly you cannot run this place without me. I see now that I must be awake at all times for supervisory purposes."

  2. OMG, I could have a done a twin post with this one this morning, fo reelz. Minus the new born baby never sleeping thing, replace it with feeling like I may be pregnant for all eternity... But seriously, relating tons.
    And your family is so beautiful, so that is a major plus!! I wish I would have waited like 2 hours to post so I could link to Cari's snapshots, heading over to see them now :)

  3. You are supermama, and it's going to be okay. It's so insanely hard when they are this little, and you are in my prayers every day and night. Hugs and kisses to you and the little ones. <3

    "Lady" - I figure since I gen. post anonymously that you'll know who this is if I say Lady instead of girl, sweet girl. ;D

  4. Man, isn't that walk away from laying down a sleeping baby the epitome of terror and suspense?!? It always feels to me like when they're about to diffuse a bomb in the movies and they pull the green wire and wait for something to happen! Except in real life the baby usually goes off.

  5. The more children I have, the less I know. But, I do know it'll pass. But I'm with you, Dwij! It's been a crazy month for me, and this was supposed to be a break!

  6. You're so funny when you're tired :)

    Oh and what is it about babies that they choose to wake up when you finally have time to a) make a cup of tea or b) sit down for a crap? (sorry, TMI?)

  7. cant. stop. laughing. just read this post out loud to my mother. and now my face hurts. life is crazy with kids+ small baby yo. agreeeeeed.

  8. What is this baby holder-seat thing in the pic? With the dangly toys? I like.

  9. I'll have to look at the brand name later, but we call it "the space orb". It's circular with legs and the two halves of the roof thing can zip together to keep out bugs or whatever...half is like a mosquito net material. I've got our boppy in there in that picture to prop her up a bit. It's great for outdoor stuff and stable even in the sand.

  10. Yep, I know that feeling of being so tired. Hope you aren't so tired anymore.


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