Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two of Us Might be Crying {p. h. f. r.}

 No filter on this beautiful photo.  Just another beautiful lake in Michigan on a gorgeous summer day.

Double Toddler Photo Bomb (capitalized because I think they've patented this move).

p.s. This could have gone in "real".  I mean, just look at that embarrassing collection of super useful stuff under my sofa...

"Uh oh.  Um...what do I do now?  Help!"




My tiniest baby, at a mere 4 weeks and 6 days, now has to wear 3-6 month sized clothes.  12 lbs 4 ounces, people!  That's nearly a pound a week that she's gained.  Did I mention *sob*?

round button chicken

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  1. Every one of your children are beautiful. And Cici's hair? Forgetaboutit. I want it. Can she come do something with my mop?

  2. Oh sweetie, I commiserate with the real - my barely 3 month old can fit into 9-12 month onesies. I tell myself that these baby clothes makers are just out to rip us off, hence the sizing is ALL WRONG because how can he already be so big. Sigh.

    1. It is a huge gimmick - hoping we will stock up on too-small clothes.

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  4. Carters runs WAY small so stop the sobbing! And I'm with Cari...CiCi's hair is AWESOME and now that you have the baby she looks so much older. Oh wait, sorry about that..STOP WITH THE SOBBING. :)

  5. my 11-week-old is in 12 mo. clothes. he is nearly 18 lbs. someone hand me a tissue.

  6. Loving how the lake looks! And soon you'll be able to come over to our house afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. I CANNOT relate.... well, except for the couch treasures....
    My two wee ones never charted during their first year... less than 5th percentile for weight. Makes one first time breastfeeding mamma very nervous.... But for the second, I was prepared... saved on disposable diapers, they never went past a size 3 before the pantspeeing stage. My first hit 16 lbs at her 1st birthday.... Now she is 7 yrs, 60lbs, 51".
    Hey!! My doula was super awesome too..... Back labor, 40hrs, and an almost divorce during first labor necessitated a doula for the second. SHE JUST KNEW... and my husband was happier too ;)

    Rebekah, WI
    not a city; my name and i'm 'cross the pond from you!!
    can't post with any identifier bc computer won't let me. not really trying to be anonymous....

  8. Hahaha!! She's in 6 month clothes already?! What the heck?!!


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