Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thrift and Garden

Sometimes the weather cools off just a little and the rain falls from the sky and suddenly everyone is outdoors and people are happy and you go to the lake at the drop of a hat and you just can't bring yourself to sit down at a computer and tell everyone how glorious things are.  You just have to live the glorious.

But I have this blog, which I also love, that demands just a little attention every now then.  So I'm here and you're here and we'll talk about thrifting and the garden for just a quick minute, yes?

In the garden: happy jalapenos.  For stuffing and frying and slicing and dicing.

Thrifting fun: for just $3.99 this sturdy, solid wood table.  The top lifts open to hide all your hideables.
Love the quality and workmanship.  For now it's naked, but maybe some paint eventually.  What do you think?  Paint it or leave it?

In the garden: yellow squash, sweet and crispy.  Today on the counter, tonight in our bellies.

Thrifting fun: a small ceramic vase wedged between the plastic and the glass, the perfect little cousin to the bedroom pitcher from so many months ago. Just $0.75.

In the garden:


...the world's most enormous tomato EVER...  (I'm serious.  Look at that thing!)

....bell pepper.

And more!  Yumyumyum to my tumtumtum...

Now back to summertime fun.  Peace out, homeys.
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  1. Girl you know I love a thrifting post. That vase is awesome! What a deal!

    Holy shit that's a big tomato!

  2. That tomato is more like a green pumpkin!

  3. Definitely paint the table a fun color

  4. Love the table!! Paint it something fun, like turquoise, and then distress it a bit!

  5. Paint the table bright yellow! Or red!!

  6. Love that desk! I say paint it and show us how it turns out...:)Btw kudos to you for being able to grow things...I think I'd probably just kill them.

  7. Gotta vote for painting that table! And I thought your tomato was a pumpkin.

  8. Dude!! You're growing cantaloupe? Totally jealous right now!!
    Think I missed part 3 of the birth story


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