Friday, September 05, 2014

3 Months; First Day; New House; Awesome Baby (7qt)

There's probably a really good German word for what my life is like right now.  I wouldn't call it stressful because I feel a river of peace running smoothly underneath this mountain.  But the mountain- the mountain is what I'm talkin' about.  The school year starting, prepping our own house to go on the market, trying to buy this other house, trying not to be surprised every four hours when people want to eat...again. 



How about some pictures?

Chombat the Wombat is three months old today!  I finally got some pictures of him smiling next to his A#1 Super Fan:

Non-traditional first day of school photos comin' atcha (in contrast to last year, which was much more formally formalish...)

You guys!  I'm not even embarrassed to post adorable pictures like this!  Bathroom.  Yay. 

This amazing baby, y'all.  He was playing on the play mat the other evening and then just decided, of his own accord, that he was feeling quite sleepy and he to sleep.  It was the bomb-dot-com if I've ever seen one.  Wow.  Amaze.
Oh!  Yesterday's inspection of the potential new house lasted for over four hours.  I had to leave even though it was super interesting because 5 children- no food.  Darn it.  Wanna see a couple of random shots I took while the inspector wasn't talking?

this is snatched off the mls listing, obvi

The deal is still not done because of course now we have a 40 page (literally) report of everything that should scare the pants off of us and we have to decide how afraid we really are.  Which is...not easy.  You know how it goes.

Tuna and egg salad on homemade rolls for dinnerz tonight.  Eat. It. UP.

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  1. Replies
    1. The pool was (is?) actually on our "con" list because of maintenance and safety concerns, but the property and price were too neat to pass up :)

    2. That smile!!! He's adorable.

      Pools for me are a "con" too. Can't handle the safety anxiety, but it looks like that one has been well maintained and is very secure.

    3. The fully fenced-ness of it was the only reason we even agreed to see it, Charlotte. It was a HUGE sticking point for both of us.

  2. Look at those boys' smiles! Adorable! And can't wait to see more of the house!

  3. eating every four hours! exaclty! every meal duty ends in...a new meal duty, all day long!!!

  4. Love Chombie's smile in the brother pics, and when did Mary's hair get so long? She looks so big now! Hope all the house stuff gets sorted out ASAP!

  5. That yard! Swoon!

    I can't believe Chombie is 3 months old. Wow! He has a great smile.

  6. I hear you on the pool. We purchased a home last year (4 days after birthing the 5th child is NOT ideal for moving day, but I digress) because the price was definitely right but the big "con" was the pool. No me gusta pool Y ninos. One or the other, please. But, alas, my husband would not let me fill it in with good soil and grow a garden. So....we got one of these. Brilliant because it can be removed when you're having a party or otherwise want complete access but when it's up, little ones can't get in. It was the first thing we did to the money spent.

  7. I have to tell you that after making your tuna egg salad, my daughter declared she wanted it as her birthday dinner. Her birthday is in June. So, next June I will be making this for her birthday dinner because she has declared it the best.thing.ever.

    I thought you might enjoy knowing how much your recipe has made one 6 year old the happiest child alive.

  8. I guess I'm a little juvenile for thinking this, but I would LOVE a house with a pool like that. In reality, I'd probably just freak the freak out all the time about safety, but it's still a fantasy of mine. Good luck with the house buying & selling!

  9. I love that house. Love it. It looks so peaceful and comfortable and happy and green. I suppose there's a lot of green in your area wherever you go ... bet you don't even remember how brown it is way out here in the Ol' West!
    The pool ... well, you can always go with that awesome garden idea of rjrmommy if you can't stand the anxiety. (Pools scare me, too. But swimming is awesome. But the anxiety. But the swimming. Ugh. I'm stressing myself out and it isn't anything to do with me!!!!)

  10. Three things...
    1) do you get to keep the bear skin on the wall behind you in the pic?
    2) Just think of all of the awesome sciency lessons you can do with the water in the pool. The kids can watch from behind the fence after they build the item or create the experiment. There's a chem lesson in the PH/chlorine side of life. There's wind currents on sailboats. There's physics in the construction of boats, flat bottom or not, equal weight distribution, etc...
    3) I love the door at the bottom of the stairs! I might just buy it for that.
    Hang in there.

    1. It's a bearskin? I was trying to figure that out and was guessing a cross between a gorilla and a starfish. Your idea makes way more sense. As much as a bearskin display ever makes sense.

  11. Having lived in Florida for five years now makes me feel mildly qualified to talk about kids and pools :) Humor me :)

    Fences are all very well and good, but I feel that is far far better to pool-proof the children, than to attempt to child-proof the pool. We moved into a pool home with a precocious nine-month-old who figured out how to push a chair to the site and open the dead bolts to the pool deck in the first month we lived here.

    If you settle on La Casa del pool, I recommend Infant Swim Rescue-- a course that teaches self-rescue techniques to children as young as six months. Fence it up, for sure, but double safe is better.

    On the up side, pools are SUPER awesome, and well woth the maintenance costs and effort. The exercise and skill it provides are kids are just about priceless.

    There. My two (hundred) cents worth. :)

  12. Two things: Eating every four hours had me laughing! It's like seriously, you're hungry AGAIN! I just fed you...looks at watch...oh shoot! Fine...grumble grumble(that's me grumbling, not them!)

    Also, my littlest (I only have two) when she was a wee-babe like yours, she would lay on the play mat and just fall asleep too! IT was AMAZING! Her older sister never fell asleep on her own until it was forced upon her and even then, heck even now at almost 4, she still kicks and screams and fusses til the bitter end. The little one, you lay her down and she's out!

    Thank God for easy babies. He knows just what to give us.

    New house looks great!

  13. Chombat is soo cute!! He's two months behind my littlest grandbaby. :)

    Love the yard at the new house. Love the POOL! But it would give me anxiety attacks with my little grands.

  14. Oh my goodness your wombat is delicious!! How do you get anything done? I would be so tempted just to sit and make googly faces at him all day.


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