Sunday, September 14, 2014

Me and that baby and what we wore (wiws)

You know what I'm most excited about in the (potential) new house?  It has a full length mirror.  Already installed.  Somehow that particular task, the installation of a full length mirror somewhere in this house, has eluded me for over four years now, so clearly it's never going to happen.  So forever and ever, if we don't get the new house, whenever I decide to share what I wore or a belly or other mirror-requiring photo, you will have to endure terrible selfies like the following:

Wow.  Such artsy.  Many need to clean off the fingerprints. Much no lips.

Anyway, I pretty much love this sweater (Gap), which I got from Twice last fall when I was not yet hugely pregnant.  Unfortunately I got hugely huge instantaneously and so I've only worn it once since it made its appearance en nuestra closet.

The dress pants are heather grey from Express, also from Twice.  Maybe even the very same order?  Probably.  

chandeliers, from Clair's or similar

In my imagination, I wear my cream colored super-stacked heals with this, but in reality these Naturalizer flats from ThredUp result in me being much nicer to my kids.  So.  Obviously....

 Hey, how about a jamberry nails update? 
They sttill look almost EXACTLY like they did the minute I finished them (there is a tiny chip off the far right side of my left thumb.  No one would even be able to see it if I didn't show them).  After four days, that is basically a miracle for me.  My nails do NOT like to stay pretty.  I am rough, rough, rough on them.  Rough.

And this is what Carlos wore to Mass:

Okay fine.  I took those last night.  But he DID wear footie pajamas.  Just different footie pajamas.  Isn't his scandalized expression the most hilarious one ever?  Gosh I love that baby.

What I Wore Sunday linkup

p.s. What I really want to do is ramble on and on and on about getting ready to sell this house and stuff but gosh I know that's going to get boring for you.  So.  Clothes.  Still boring?  Sorry, friends.  Please forgive me.
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  1. so cute! I don't have a full length mirror also and it drives me nuts! I love the look on the baby :)

  2. You and me and the full length mirror problem...

  3. Not boring at all!! Love the color of that sweater btw!

  4. I would personally love to hear all about getting the house ready to sell! But hearing about clothes is good also, and I love the earrings.

    1. The readers have spoken! More about the house comin' riiiiiight up :)

  5. The owners of the house we moved into this past March had a full-length mirror installed. In the garage. Yes, mounted firmly to the wall, no easy way to move that one to a reasonable place like a bedroom or bathroom. So I can see exactly how my outfit looks if I were to wear it with a snowblower handle for a belt.

  6. So when I first saw the first photo on this post I was like holy moly, Dweej is pregnant! I hastily scanned the words because the title threw me off as well! LOL I had to reread (more than once) to realize my mind AND your pics and title had me going in a whole 'nuther direction ;)

    Love the look, especially the earrings!

  7. You look so great! And I love his shocked little face, especially right after the jamberry looks like he can't BELIEVE that your manicure is in such good condition still!

  8. Please tell me that's the expression he wore to Mass. :)

  9. Those flats are pretty darn cute if you ask me!


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